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Bank Teller Job Description

the bank teller job description

Bank tellers answer various queries of customers; they process different customer transactions. They assist banks in various bank-related duties. The tellers also perform administrative and clerical tasks for banks. Bank Teller needs to provide an excellent level of customer service and manage daily tasks. A bank teller works as a cashier or a customer care representative for the bank. They help in completing various account-related services, transactions being one of them. They should be good with accuracy to work in this role.

bank teller job description

Job Description – Bank Teller

A candidate who applies for the position of Bank Teller handles different tasks like payment processing, accepting deposits, and withdrawal of money. They respond to various customer queries and concerns. The tellers also recommend various products and services related to the bank. They maintain a proper cash supply and keep all bank records updated along with relevant financial information.

Skills Required – Bank Teller

  • Bank tellers should have excellent customer service skills.
  • They also require appropriate computer literacy.
  • A bank Teller should also organize their work well.
  • They also need problem-solving skills.
  • They also handle cash at the bank.
  • A bank Teller also focuses on processing payment transactions.
  • They should also pay attention to every detail.

Job Responsibilities – Bank Teller

  • Assist customers with cash transactions and processing payments, deposits, and withdrawal of cash.
  • Handle complaints about customers and also manage account discrepancies for the bank.
  • Educate customers about products and also the services offered by the bank.
  • Maintain a bank record accurately to assist customers, track transactions and other bank-related information.
  • To maintain a proper cash balance in the cash drawer of the bank.
  • Bank Tellers also reconcile different discrepancies for the bank.
  • Keep work stations clean and organized.
  • Maintain confidential information and also handle currency-related transactions.
  • Ensure bank complies with all rules and regulations to provide financial security to customers.
  • Maintain coins’ balance in the bank vault of the cash drawer.

Job Requirements – Bank Teller

  • A high school diploma is mandatory for this role.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Banking Industry is also preferred.
  • They also need proper cash handling experience and on-the-job training to excel as a Bank teller.
  • Bank Tellers must also pass the background verification check.
  • They should also have good time management skills.
  • Strong communication and customer service skills are also necessary to grow in this role.
  • Basic math and computer literacy are also important.
  • Accountability, efficiency, and accuracy are also the pillars of this role.
  • Sales skills are an added advantage for a bank teller.
  • Professional appearance and courtesy are necessary to succeed in this work profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 Who is a bank teller?

Ans. A bank teller is an employee who performs clerical and administrative duties for the bank. They assist customers in completing various accounting transactions and also provide services like payment of loans, issuing withdrawals from the savings account, and helping them with cash deposits.

2 What are the skills required by a Bank Teller?


  • They should have excellent customer service skills.
  • They should have good knowledge about computer literacy.
  • The tellers should also be well-versed with organizational skills.
  • Bank Teller requires excellent communication skills.
  • Bank Tellers process payments for customers.
  • They pay attention to detail.

3 What should a bank teller highlight in his Resume?

Ans. A bank teller must highlight relevant work experience in a similar role. He should also highlight core skills like mathematics and numeracy. They should demonstrate knowledge about finance and its procedures. They should also demonstrate knowledge about bank processes and banking standards.

4 What are the educational qualifications required to become a Bank Teller?

Ans. Bank tellers are generally the first point of contact for any customer. These are entry-level positions in a bank. Therefore, they require a high school diploma and a basic degree in the banking industry. They should develop relevant skills and knowledge to excel in this role in their on-the-job training provided by the bank.

5 Can a bank teller’s job be stressful?

Ans. Bank Teller’s handle various cash transactions which involve a large sum of money. Hence, this job role can be stressful for any bank teller who works in the bank and follows each process and procedure carefully and timely. They prevent fraudulent behavior in the banks.

6 How many years of banking experience is required for becoming a Bank Teller?

Ans. Bank Teller’s require 2 to 3 years of relevant banking experience in a similar profile to work efficiently as a Bank Teller. They must highlight real-life examples to crack their interview in a better manner. They should always be well prepared with banking concepts related to the field of bank tellers.

7 How will a bank teller handle a Co-worker who has stolen money from the bank?

Ans. This is a responsible position for the bank to ensure all procedures are followed and loyalty towards the bank is maintained. A bank teller must report these issues to their supervisors and maintain trustworthy relationships with customers. They should focus on avoiding conflict amongst other co-workers while dealing with this situation.

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