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Banquet Server Job Description in 2023

banquet server job description

Are you planning to apply for a role as a banquet server?

Also known as a banquet waiter, these catering professionals typically work at special events. It is necessary to have a good knowledge of food as well as strong customer service skills to do this job.

This can be a highly competitive industry, and there is likely to be a lot of competition for choice roles. Therefore, it is important to take the time to make your resume and application as appealing as possible. So, let’s take an in-depth look at a typical banquet server position and how to make your application shine.

Banquet Server Job Description

A typical job description for a banquet server role should begin with an overview of the company. This should include the types of functions that the company caters to and the typical menus. It should also be clear what type of contract is being offered, the work schedule, and the base salary.

If applicants need to have prior work experience, this should be made clear in the job description. There should be an overview of the duties that typically go with this role. There should also be details of the skills and other attributes that candidates need to have. 

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The Working Environment

The Working Environment

Banquet servers usually work for a catering company and can work either part-time or full-time. It is necessary to travel to a range of different venues to deliver and serve food. You need to be prepared to spend several hours at a time on your feet, standing and walking around venues.

The job often involves working a range of different shift patterns, especially on weekends and in the evening. Many banquet servers are also on call and may be expected to attend events on short notice. You are also likely to need to have your own transportation to travel to different event venues. 

Typical Duties And Responsibilities

There is a set of key duties and responsibilities that go with this type of role. Highlighting experience with certain duties will help show that you are suitable for the role. Here are some of the main duties for a banquet server that you should refer to on your resume. 

Setting up 

You are likely to be charged with making sure the food arrives safely at the venue and is properly displayed. You need to have a good understanding of the event planner’s vision of the food area. This includes setting up tables, using the correct table linens, and placing food on serving trays. 

Greeting guests

Greeting guests

It is important to provide guests with a warm welcome and be available to answer their questions. This is likely to include taking guests on a tour of the venue on request and presenting features and services. This includes showing guests where the cloakrooms and bathrooms are and providing additional assistance. 


You need to be focused on providing a smooth, fast, efficient, and courteous service at all times. This includes circulating trays of food and beverages and taking orders for special requests. Foodservice is one of the most important duties of this role, and you should highlight any former experience you have. 

Ensuring guest satisfaction

Ensuring guest satisfaction

You need to be willing to go the extra mile to make sure that guests have an enjoyable experience. You will interact with guests throughout the event and make sure they have everything they need. If guests have issues for any reason, you need to be able to handle those issues quickly and smoothly. 

Interacting with kitchen staff

Interacting with kitchen staff

If guests have special dietary requirements, you need to make sure that the kitchen staff are informed. You will also relay accurate order information to the kitchen staff and oversee food preparation. If you are unsure about the ingredients of certain dishes, you may need to ask the kitchen staff for clarification. 


Once the event is over, you will be charged with helping with the cleanup. This includes properly disposing of any leftover food and packing away tables. You will also help to make sure that the venue is clean and tidy at the end of the event. 

Banquet Server Job Description – Valuable Skills And Attributes

Banquet servers need to have a range of both hard and soft skills to perform their duties well. When the hiring manager checks out your resume, they are sure to appreciate seeing certain skills. Here are some of the skills and attributes that will help you secure the role you have set your sights on. 

Customer service skills

Customer service skills

This is one of the most important skills that anyone who works in the hospitality industry needs to have. Hiring managers are sure to expect to see this skill on your resume and application. Make sure you can illustrate this skill with a couple of solid examples of how you have used it in the past. 

Active listening skills

You need to be able to listen closely to instructions and requests from guests when you are serving them. You need to know when to ask questions when you need more information. This is an important skill to highlight and will show your professionalism. 

Attention to detail

Attention to detail

Even the tiniest details can make a big difference when it comes to presenting and serving food. You need to make sure that any special dietary needs of guests are adhered to. Paying closely to details like garnish will also help elevate you to the top of your profession. 

Time management

There are several chores that you will need to complete during your shift. It is important to be able to prioritize tasks so that everything is completed. While the needs of guests come first, you also need to make sure you complete your other duties on time. 

Problem-solving skills

Part of this role involves making sure events run as smoothly as possible at all times. When an issue arises, you need to be able to assess the situation and decide what action to take. Highlighting problem-solving skills on your application is sure to score you points with the hiring manager. 


Catering events can be very busy, and there are lots of tasks to juggle at the same time. It is essential to be able to focus on your duties without becoming too distracted. While you need to give guests your attention, you cannot become engaged in long conversations with them. 



You need to be able to work closely with other banquet servers and members of your team. When conflicts arise, you need to be able to find ways to resolve them quickly. Identifying yourself as a team player will show that you are a true professional. 

Education And Experience

No formal education or qualifications are necessary to gain an entry-level banquet server position. However, most employers prefer to hire candidates who have food service experience. It is also necessary to have strong customer service skills. 

If you are applying for an entry-level role, you will usually receive on-the-job training. In this case, you should emphasize the fact that you can learn quickly. Most states also require banquet servers to hold a food handler certification. You may also need an additional certification if the role involves handling alcohol and/or cash. 

Valuable Banquet Server Certifications

Valuable Banquet Server Certifications

It is necessary to have a good understanding of food hygiene, health, and safety to work in the food industry. Gaining a special certification will demonstrate your knowledge and skills and can give you access to advanced roles. Here are some of the special certifications that can help take your career to the next level. 

Certified Professional – Food Safety 

This basic certification is accredited by the National Environmental Health Association and shows that you can handle food safely. While no work experience is needed to gain certification, you need to pass a written examination. Once you have gained the Certified Professional – Food Safety certification, you need to renew it every two years. 

ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification

This nationally recognized and accredited certification is available to people who have at least two years of foodservice experience. Earning this certification is the perfect way to show employers that you have experience and advanced skills. It is necessary to pass an oral and written examination and renew the certification every five years. 

Food Safety Manager Certification 

This certification is accredited by the American National Standards Institute and involves a written exam. The exam is created using the standards that are set by the Conference for Food Protection. Once you pass the exam, you need to remember to renew the certification every five years. 

Certified Food Manager 

This advanced certification is offered by the International Food Service Executives Association to professionals who have extensive experience. The oral and written exams test knowledge of food preparation, menu design, basic cooking, and management. Once you have gained the certification, you need to retake the exams every three years.

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Banquet Server Job Description – Final Thoughts

The first step to landing your dream job is finding out as much about the company as possible. You should focus on the types of events the company caters to and the menus they offer. If you have previous experience in the foodservice industry, make sure it is clearly highlighted.

It is also important to show that you have the necessary skills to do the job well. Carefully review the job description and highlight elements that match your own attributes. Directly referring to these elements in your application will show that you understand the demands of the job.

All the very best in your new job as a Banquet Server!

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