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Bass Pro Shops Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

bass pro shops application

Bass Pro Sports began as a small local provider of fishing tackle supplied out of a liquor store and has now grown into a nationwide company of sporting goods stores with a wide range of outdoor equipment and gear. The national retailer has over 60 store locations and wants to expand further, for which it consistently recruits individuals.

Please check the article below to know the employment procedure and application process of Bass Pro Shops.

Operational Hours and Work Schedule at Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops extends candidature to 18-years-old individuals. The duty and working hours of Bass Pro Shops is as follows:

  • Monday to Saturday: 09:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • Sunday: 10:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m.

Job Prospects at Bass Pro Shops

Because each Bass Pro Sports store is usually relatively large, it requires many entry-level employees to keep up with the daily labor demands that such a vast retail location unavoidably creates. For example, cashiers get hired to process the merchandise that customers want to buy, and stock associates get hired to undertake the activities associated with receiving inventory shipments.

In addition, with different areas for outdoor cooking, hunting, fishing, camping, and boating, each site requires additionally engaging sales staff who can sell specific types of products and maintain the store’s relevant portion.

The Job Positions Available at Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops offers various job positions, including Warehouse Associate, Snack Shop Associate, Stocking Associate, Camouflage Sales Associate, and Special Events Associate. It also provides Detailer, ATV Technician, Camping Department Sales Associate, Hunting Department Firearms Specialist, and Warranty Clerk positions.

In addition, it seeks Footwear Department Sales Associate, Gunsmith, Fly Fishing Sales Associate, P.A.C.E. Associate, Maintenance Associate, Human Resources Manager, and Maintenance Manager.

Career Opportunities

The candidates can apply as Receiving Manager, Merchandise Manager, Group Sales Manager, Rigger, Service Technician, and Boat Sales Consultant. Besides, Marine Department Sales Associate, Hunting Department Sales Associate, Archery Associate, Merchandise Specialist, Gift Department Sales Associate, and Service Manager also exist.

the bass pro shops application

In addition, you can find Credit Card Sales Representative, Customer Service Associate, Operations Support Associate, Apparel Department, and Store Manager roles. Assistant Store Manager, Team Leader, Sales Associate, Cashier, and Administrative Clerk positions are also available. The recurring roles are accessible and ready to apply for at Bass Pro Shops.


  • They need to process the purchases from their customers, operate cash registers, and greet the customers.
  • The need to maintain the vicinity and cleanliness of their working areas, and also it needs to get organized.
  • The candidate can earn around $8.00 to $9.00 per hour from this job.

Sales Associate

  • They need to manage multiple store departments.
  • They are generally offered assignments from a particular department, like apparel, camping gear, or footwear.
  • The candidate has an option to earn around $9.00 to $10.00 per hour.

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Stock Clerk

  • They need to unload the new merchandise and also prepare them for floor displays.
  • They must be able to lift heavyweight and can earn around $11.00 per hour.

The Online Job Application Process of Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops’ online application process is as follows:

  • Visit the official online platform to find out a suitable job role.
  • Tap on the job posting you want to apply for at Bass Pro Shops.
  • View its job summary and tap on the “Apply” tab.
  • Fill up the personal details in the fields that appeared here and tap on the “Next” tab to fill up the experience details.
  • Tap on the “Next” tab to answer a few vital details and review the application to submit it to Bass Pro Shops.

Checking Job Application Status for Bass Pro Shops

According to Bass Pro Shops, job applicants should call the appropriate shop location to inquire about a previously submitted application status. Calling or visiting the Bass Pro Shops and asking to speak with the recruiting staff, verifying the present openings of the job roles, and briefly presenting a cause for the job are all part of adequately following up with the possible employer.

In addition, job aspirants who choose to know the application status should do so, not just inquire about the quality of their application.

But also indicate their continued interest in the position at Bass Pro Shops by stating their reasons for seeking to work for the sporting products shops.

bass pro shops application tips

Benefits of Working at Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops allows candidates to enjoy the following employee benefits:

  • The employees assisted with the company also have access to multiple additional benefits offered for a safe future and career growth.
  • They have mentioned that their only motive is to satisfy their employees and to build their trust.
  • The company provides merchandise discounts, competitive salary pays, and other career advancement opportunities to the employees assisted with them.
  • Eligible workers also have the benefits of some additional work benefits.
  • Access to the benefits provided by the company further depends on locations, status, and job titles.
  • The qualified employees working for the company also enjoy retirement plans, healthcare coverage plans, and paid vacations.
  • Along with this, the wages provided to their workers also include some additional perks.

Additional Details of Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops is dedicated to the countrywide conservation of resources and natural habitats and provides specialized equipment and gear to outdoor passionate. It partners with various organizations, including the U.S.D.A.

Forest Service, the International Game Fish Association, and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. In addition, Bass Pro Shops attempts to preserve and manage natural resources available outdoors. Customers are also invited to donate hunting mementos and associated personal items, which the Bass Pro Shops’ retail network utilizes to beautify local stores and promoting outdoor enjoyment.


Entry-level individuals should submit for Bass Pro Shops job application online through the company’s Career Centers’ webpage. The job application forms contain various sections. This includes areas of interests, skills, previous employment, education, and general information that candidates need to fill up.

This section also includes secure employment consideration, flexible work schedules, and many more details required by Bass Pro Shops. Job applicants can also improve their chances of getting a job by identifying areas of interest. This can be related to sports products and outdoor recreation and it should be done with attention and honesty.

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