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BB&T Application: Jobs & Career Info

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BBT ideally comes from Branch Banking & Trust, and it is also referred to as BBT Scott and String fellow. The company is one of the most successful financial firms holding organizations in the United States. The company’s assets are estimated to 184.7 billion dollars, and in 2014 the market capitalization was 28.9 billion dollars. The company has its headquarters in Winston-Salem.

Additionally, BBT is one of the most significant finance, investments, and insurance organizations in the United States, having at least 1.824 financial centers in more than 12 states, including Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Alabama, Indiana, North & South Carolina, Maryland, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Virginia.

The patrons mainly appreciate the best quality services that the company offers. The Branch Banking and Trust provides a wide range of services like asset management, house mortgage, insurance, commercial and consumer banking, securities brokerage, and other services.

Additional Information

Currently, BBT also tends to be a part of the fortune 500. It is one of the most respectable companies, thanks to its fantastic customer service and security that the company claims to offer and delivers. Hence all these reasons make BB&T careers ideal for job seekers who wish to make their careers in the finance industry. The company was established in 1872.

This year, there was a merger between Alpheus Banch& Thomas Jefferson “Branch and Hadley” in Wilson, North Carolina. For several years, the small businesses handled the transactions on behalf of the local farmers. In 2014 the company had bought 41 Citigroup branches and the Bank of Kentucky for at least 363 million dollars.

Growing Job Requirements

The company is ever-growing, so they have several job openings regularly. The work environment is quite dynamic besides rewarding and competitive pay. If you are willing to build a career in the finance industry, BB&T is your best bet.

the bbt application

Important Information To Know about BB&T Before Applying

Minimum age required of the candidate: The candidate needs to be a minimum of 18 years of age to apply at BB&T.

Working hours: The working hours at BB&T are as follows:

  • A: Monday to Thursday: The working hours are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • B: Friday: The working hours are from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • C: Saturday: The working hours are from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
  • D: Sunday: The company is closed on Sunday

Employment Opportunities at BB&T

The company offers a wide array of products and services, and the professional lender mainly accommodates the patron’s requests and satisfies their financial needs. The company also provides consumer and commercial banking besides securities brokerage.

The prospective applicants can apply for various jobs, including tellers, mortgage loan officers, investment counselors, branch bankers, and business services officers. The company also maintains an insurance division career regarding sales and customer service claims besides payment processing.

Types Of Jobs

The employer has at least 33,400 employees, and it also has full-time and part-time openings available regularly. The company makes the world a good place by allowing patrons to achieve success economically and security financially. The company aims to expand by investing in various communities through its educational drives. It also supports diversity in the workplace and hires employees from the surrounding communities.

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The workplace environment fosters and also embraces the applicant’s differences that allow better customer loyalty. Both business experiences and varied life allows improved service and helps to build long-lasting customer relationships. Here the employees can get better networking opportunities that lead to better career advancements.

Career Opportunities at BB&T

The company mainly requests the potential candidates to possess the basic skill sets to perform the essential duties. Ideally, the candidates should include some basic high school qualifications, but they can get higher-paying jobs and advanced job positions if they have a college education. As the nature of banking, the applicants should possess organizational and interpretive skills.


By offering the best quality service, tellers tend to follow corporate regulatory and audit rules to complete the regular tasks. The candidates need to maintain proper records through accurate money handling. The company mainly encourages employees to engage in sales and also refer patrons.

the bbt application tips

They can earn $10 to $16 per hour. The experienced tellers can also make $19 per hour. The qualified applicants need to attend the paid training sessions within a given deadline. The applicants must be able to read and follow the instructions besides offering accurate reports.

Remittance Processing Associate

These employees mainly work under the direction or supervision of the production supervisors; applicants need to prepare some deposits and perform data entry besides using the image capturing tool for commercial lockbox patrons. The employee sorts, preps, and completes the scanning part on lockbox payments per the patron’s instructions.

The employees need to use some image scanners to capture and also check the remittance documents. The associates should also be aware of the alpha and data numeric skills. They should be able to communicate perfectly. They can earn $27000 per year.

Junior Mortgage Loan Officer

They can earn $25000 per year. The employees have to sell and market BB&T mortgage loan products as per the bank’s policies. They also have to build long-lasting relationships with the clients besides seeking referrals.

Tips for Applying at BB&T

The company has a dedicated career portal which they make use of. The interested candidates can refer to the company website and navigate to the portal. As per their desire, they can apply from the different roles based on locations and categories. Candidates can also follow up with the managers if they don’t hear on time.

Perks of Working at BB&T

The employees can get products and services at little cost like retail deposits, related deposit services, credit cards, retail loans, mortgages, besides guarantees.

Miscellaneous Information about BB&T

Thanks to its power of influence, it motivates students, friends, and neighbors with various educational drives. They also provide local communities with different resources.


BB&T is one of the leading companies to work in, which provides its employees a great experience and perks. In the article, we have covered background information of BB&T, the different job roles they offer, and the tips for applying as this will help them build a successful career here.

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