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Beauty Advisor Job Description

beauty advisor job description

Do you have a good understanding of beauty products and strong customer service skills?

If so, working as a beauty advisor could be the perfect career move for you. This role mainly involves assisting customers with choosing the perfect cosmetics and skincare products.

You will usually work for a particular company and be focused on selling their products. It is important to be very familiar with the different products and be able to explain their benefits convincingly.

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beauty advisor job description

Beauty Advisor Job Description

A job description for this role is likely to describe the company you would be working for. There should be an overview of their products and their typical customers. It should describe the working environment, including the type of contract, set hours, and base salary.

There should be an overview of the main duties you would be charged with regularly. The job description should outline the education and experience that candidates need to have. It may also include additional skills and knowledge the hiring manager is looking for in the ideal candidate.

Duties And Responsibilities

The daily duties you are charged with will largely depend on where you work and the customer base. However, certain core tasks typically go along with a job as a Beauty Advisor. So, here are the main duties and responsibilities that you are likely to be expected to perform.

Assessing Clients

One of the main duties in this role is meeting new clients and assessing their needs. You need to work out their skin type, hair type, and other specifics. This will help you work out the best products and treatments to recommend to them.

Selling Beauty Products

Once you have identified which products would be best for the customer, you need to set them. You will usually be provided with sales goals and targets. You need to establish and maintain customer relationships to gain repeat sales.

Giving Makeovers

You will often be asked to provide customers with makeovers to demonstrate different products. Be skilled at applying different types of cosmetics to customers of all ages. You will explain how the products work during the makeovers and present the best application techniques.

Offering Expert Beauty Advice

You will use your specialist knowledge to recommend effective skincare regimens to different customers. This will include informing them of the best cosmetic shades and types for their skin type. While doing this, you must always highlight products from the company’s product range.

Processing Sales Transactions

Once you have made a sale, you will need to process it for customers. This involves taking payment and operating the cash register. You will also wrap gifts for customers, provide them with trial products, and supply gift vouchers.

Managing Product Displays and Inventory

You need to make sure that the counter is always fully stocked with a range of company products. Take constant stock of inventory levels and replenish supplies when needed. You also need to make sure that new products are prominently displayed.

Skills And Attributes

This role combines knowledge of different products with a range of different personal skills. There are many soft skills that you need to develop to do this job well. So, here are the key skills and attributes a successful beauty advisor should possess.

Sales skills

You need to know how to promote products to customers in the best way. Use your knowledge and charm to persuade customers to purchase those products.

Makeup application

You need to have a good knowledge of different makeup techniques to provide makeovers. This includes matching products to the different skin tones of customers.

Customer service skills

It is important to warmly welcome customers and make them feel special. You need to remain polite, attentive, and courteous at all times. This will help you build strong and lasting relationships with different customers. You should always be willing to go the extra mile for customers and answer any questions they may have.

Physical fitness

You will usually spend your entire shift standing up while serving customers. On a busy day, you may have to make several trips to the stock room to pick up more products. You also need to be able to lift heavy boxes and climb step ladders to access stock room shelves.

Product knowledge

Customers need to feel confident that you know what you are talking about. You need to be able to explain each product in detail, including the benefits for specific customers.

Education And Training

This role is typically open to entry-level candidates and comes with full training. Applicants should have a high school diploma or GED and knowledge of beauty products. Here are the steps you can take to advance on this career path and boost your earning potential.


In some cases, you may need a certification from a cosmetology or makeup school to land this job. These programs typically run for between six months and two years. They combine hands-on training with classroom instruction.

Cosmetology license

Earning a cosmetology license will permit you to practice treatments on potential clients. The requirements for the license will depend on the state you live in. This typically involves completing a vocational certification program, passing written and practical tests, and logging experience hours.

Sales experience

Gaining sales experience will help you to do this job more effectively. Taking on a part-time job in a retail outlet is a great way to do this. You will learn how to operate a cash register, customer service skills, and basic sales techniques.

Company training

After securing a role, the company you work for will usually provide training. This is likely to include information about their products, company policies, and sales tactics. In many cases, this training is paid, while there may be additional voluntary training programs to take part in.

Professional development

Taking part in professional development seminars and workshops is a great way to make connections and learn new skills. This is particularly important if you are planning to start your own business in the future. There are numerous programs and events where you can learn about the latest developments in the beauty industry.

The Working Environment

This role typically takes place at the cosmetics sales counter of a department store, boutique, or other retail outlets. In this case, your working hours will be determined by the retail outlet’s opening hours. However, you can choose to take on part-time hours while completing certification and different types of training.

If you enjoy travel, it is also possible to work as a consultant at different types of trade fairs. Some beauty advisors are also charged with visiting the homes of clients and providing makeovers. Other roles take place at airport terminals, on cruise ships, and at similar venues.

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Final Thoughts

This role is ideal for entry-level candidates who are looking for a way into the beauty industry. The starting salary for this role is typically around $20,000 per year. If you are skilled at sales, your salary could also be boosted by the commission on different products.

After a few years, your salary could climb as high as $40,000 per year. Gaining special certification can help to advance your career and gain access to higher-paid positions.

If you have a head for business, you could move on to open your own boutique or a similar business.

All the very best with a career as a Beauty Advisor!

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