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Best Buy Employee Discount (2023 Updated)

best buy employee discount

Best Buy is a $40 billion company selling appliances and tech goods and services, with the slogan “Expert service. Unbeatable price.” 

The company has made huge strides in its endeavors to promote environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and corporate governance. Of course, a company’s employees are supposed to be ambassadors of the brand. The best way to do so is to turn them into happy customers! This is achieved by company perks and benefits, including employee discounts. 

So, if you were wondering what you could expect as a Best Buy employee, such as what is the Best Buy Employee Discount, then it’s time to find out…

How Much Discount Do Best Buy Employees Get?

How Much Discount Do Best Buy Employees Get?

Employee discounts at Best Buy are a steal! As an employee, you pay the cost price, plus 10%. For example, a product may be sold at a retail price of $400 but costs the company $200 to obtain. This means that instead of paying $400, you only pay $220 for the item. 

This means that employees have their very own special “sale” all year round, with discounts between 20%-60%. These discounts may also apply to tech services provided by the Geek Squad.

Discount T’s and C’s

  • Apple products are not included in employee discounts at all.
  • You can only buy products at a discount from the branch you work at (anti-impersonation security measurement).
  • You have to be a Best Buy employee for at least three months before you qualify for discounts.
  • Both part-time and full-time employees are allowed to get employee discounts.
  • You have to select your purchase via an employee portal system login and present your employee ID.
  • If you are shopping online, you have to use your employee account.

Additional Employee Benefits

Employee stocks

Employee stocks

Employees of Best Buy are able to take part in an employee stock ownership plan. This means that employees get interest ownership in the company over time. Usually, these stocks are then sold at retirement or when they leave the company, which means that long-term employees can build up a nice nest egg.


Employees are often awarded bonus inceptive pay for high performance during a specific period. This could be monthly, quarterly, or annually. This practice motivates employees to meet certain goals and targets for them to qualify for incentives. 

Pension plan

Best Buy has a 401(k)-retirement savings plan that offers a tax break on the money contributed towards it. This means that employees are able to save some money when they pay towards their retirement funds in the long run.

Disability and life insurance

Best Buy offers insurance benefits to their employees to cover dismemberment, disability, accidental death, and overall life insurance benefits to beneficiaries. 

Health and wellness

Health and wellness

Aside from disability and dismemberment coverage, Best Buy also ensures that employees have access to healthcare, counseling services, prescription drug coverage, maternity leave, etc., to ensure that they can stay mentally and physically well enough to work and return to work after illness.

Bonus benefits

Bonus benefits

Bonus benefits are the odd ones that are above and beyond the usual. Best buy has a variety which includes commuter benefits, an incentive that will enable employees to use certain travel expenses as tax-deductible.

In addition, employees are also entitled to legal services, pet insurance, and “caregiver pay” to be used for family care. Employees may also receive assistance on their tuition if they are actively studying to further their qualifications. 

T’s and C’s For Additional Employee Benefits

The additional benefits of employee stocks, incentives, retirement savings, life and disability cover, healthcare, and bonus benefits, are not all available to every employee. These benefits are given to employees based on their position, how long they have been with the company, and their employment contract negotiations. 

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Best Buy Employee Discount – Final Thoughts

Working at Best Buy is worth it if you can stick with it for long enough and possibly turn it into a career. 

Not only will you qualify for wonderful employee discounts, but you can gain access to many other benefits that will make it worth your while as well!

All the best in your new job at Best Buy!

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