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Best Buy Open Box Return Policy

best buy open box return policy

Best Buy, one of the biggest electronic stores in the U.S., allows consumers to return most products they are unsatisfied with. However, many shoppers are unaware of their return policy for open boxes.

So, let’s find out more about the Best Buy Open Box Return Policy. 

What Is Best Buy’s Open Box Return Policy?

This policy allows customers to request a return via mail or at a physical store. When returning an open box item, you must produce proof of purchase. Original receipts, gift receipts, packing slips, or credit card bills are accepted.

Customers can return almost any open box item to Best Buy as long as they do so within the return and exchange window. This also includes refurbished, new, clearance, or discounted items. 

What membership do you have?

For standard membership clients, returns must be made within 14 days after purchase. Members of Elite and Elite Plus have 30 and 45 days, respectively. Furthermore, when making a return request, Best Buy prefers that you produce the original packaging and accessories.

It’s also important to know that Best Buy can reject your request for a return. This usually happens if you have no valid identification or proof of purchase, or if the item has been tampered with. 

But it doesn’t end there…

Do You Need the Original Packaging to Return Items?

Fortunately, Best Buy will accept returns of products without the packaging or original box! Best Buy states that if something is missing, they can process your return with a non-refundable deduction from your refund. They do this to replace any missing parts in the package.

However, they will need a receipt or other proof of purchase for a refund to be processed without packaging. Furthermore, returns without packaging must be made within 14-45 days of purchase.

Are Best Buy Open Box Items Worth It?

Open Box products are well worth buying if the price of the item is taken into consideration. They are cheaper than new products and can save you money but at the risk of lower quality.

If an item is labeled ‘open box,’ it indicates that the package was opened and returned. It does not necessarily mean the product is faulty or damaged. For example, someone might return an open-box smartphone because they didn’t like the model or color. However, take caution and consider testing the product before buying to avoid any problems.

Are Best Buy Open Box Items Worth It

Do Open Box Items Have a Warranty?

The Best Buy Outlet Guide states that open-box items have a warranty, depending on the product category. An open-box MacBook Pro, for example, should come with a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. While most open-box items have a warranty, exclusions may apply. If an open box product’s manufacturer’s warranty has expired, however, Best Buy offers repairs and services for the product.

What is Best Buy Open Box Excellent?

An item’s Open Box Excellent tag specifies the item’s working condition. When a product is returned to Best Buy, it is examined and tested to ensure that it is in good physical and working order.

Open-box products can be labeled as “Excellent-Certified,” “Excellent,” “Satisfactory,” or “Fair,” depending on their working condition. Most open-box products also come with all parts and accessories, with exceptions noted on the product’s specifications.

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Final Thoughts

In short, Best Buy’s open-box return policy is thorough and inclusive. Customers that are dissatisfied with an open-box product should not hesitate to return the item within the return period.

If you’ve lost the original packaging and extras when making a return, don’t worry. Best Buy will still refund you, but might take a portion of your reimbursement to replace missing parts. Before buying an open-box product, remember to check its warranty and its condition to ensure you get value for your money.

 Happy bargain hunting at Best Buy!

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