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Best Chat Operator Jobs That Pay Well

Best Chat Operator Jobs That Pay Well

Are you currently looking to make some extra money?

Are you looking for an easy solution to the usual work routine?

Then, maybe finding a remote job as a chat operator is the best option for you! If you’re thinking of a new career step up and not sure where to start, then why not choose to work in the comfort of your own home as a chat operator. That’s not all… if you’re a recent mother or stay-at-home mother, then this article is especially for you!

This can be a rewarding and productive job to pursue. Not only is it convenient to work from home, but it can be particularly fulfilling to assist others during the day. Whether that be assisting others on the telephone or by helping your child at home.

So, let’s check out the Best Chat Operator Jobs That Pay Well and see what options you have to choose from!

best chat operator jobs that pay well

What Is A Chat Operator?

A chat operator is like a digital support agent that assists clients with their inquiries and helps resolve any issues. Chat operators are usually hired by a company to directly assist their customers with any problems related to their products or services. You’ll be the first point of call, and you must be on hand to pick up the phone and deal with any incoming calls.

Why Is A Chat Operator A Good Role?

Just like many remote work jobs, chat operator jobs are increasingly in high demand. The scope of remote work opportunities is a convenient way to make extra cash and, with this type of customer service role, you’ll always have something to do.

What’s the best thing yet? You can get hired from home using your laptop and don’t need much else to get started!

More on the specific job requirements later…

How Do You Become A Chat Operator?

To become a chat operator, you can apply directly on the companies website or search recruiting websites for open vacancies. There are many opportunities to become a part-time or full-time chat operator and, you can also choose different contract types with your employer. So, to narrow down your search and to save you precious time, we’ve compiled a list of the best opportunities for you to choose from, so that you don’t have to!

How Much Can a Chat Operator Earn in 2023?

The average salary for a chat operator is around $10-20 per hour. This is the expected amount to be paid as a chat operator, though the companies we listed have an average of $13 per hour. But, if you’re just starting and have limited experience, then expect to be paid the lower end. So, if you want to dig a bit deeper into other higher-paid roles, then search for other work-from-home jobs on websites such as theinterviewguys.com.

How Many Hours Do I Need to Work as a Chat Operator?

The number of hours you’ll be required to work as a chat operator varies. Depending on the company that hires you, there are many different types of full-time and part-time positions available.

Some companies request a minimum of ten hours per week, and others require 35 hours per week. So if finding a job that fits your work schedule is important, then check the job requirements before applying.

What Skills Do I Need?

So if you’re thinking of becoming a chat operator, then you should know what to expect before applying. Having the right skills for the job ensures you’ll be able to perform the job successfully. Here’s what skills you’ll need to be a good chat operator…

Customer Service and Communication

Having previous experience in the customer service industry is preferable and sometimes essential. Communicating effectively with customers is essential, and this is the main focus of your role.

You’ll also need to be detail-orientated with attention to grammar, spelling, and punctuation. As a chat operator, you could be working in a high-pressure environment, be dealing with customer complaints, and handling a high volume of calls. So, having the experience can help you feel prepared!

Computer Literate

Having competent computer literacy skills is useful because you may be required to help customers with technical issues. Sometimes inquiries aren’t always related to buying products and services but sometimes about how to complete technical tasks when purchasing things. If you know your way around basic computer software and technologies, this can save you time and hassle.


If you have experience working on the computer, then it’s likely you’ll have a headscarf with typing at a reasonable pace. Typing at a minimum speed of 40-80 words is a common requirement for some chat operator jobs, and this will make your job a lot easier. So, before you apply, get some practice in or test your typing speed using typingtest.com.

the best chat operator job that pay well


To be a chat operator, you’ll need at least a high school diploma or a general educational development certificate (GED). However, to make sure that you qualify for the role you’re applying to, review the details on the companies website and check the information below…

So, does this role sound good so far?

Chances are it does if you’re still reading! So, let’s find out more and stay with us to find the best-ranked chat operator jobs around.

The Best Chat Operator Jobs That Pay Well

So, if you’re determined to find the most legitimate and best-ranked jobs as a chat operator, then look no further; listed below are the top jobs and companies to be working for. Better yet, they are hiring right now, and you can apply immediately online.

If you’d like to find out what else is required for this role, you can check the job vacancy description or search for the top skills that chat operators need to be successful. Check out the list below to see what the best-ranked chat operator companies are offering and requiring.


Support is a company that specializes in providing customer and technical support solutions. They are popular in the technology industry and offer a host of work-from-home chat operator jobs. They offer benefits to their employees such as bonus schemes, paid referrals, life insurance cover, and paid training. That’s what makes this company one of the tops ranked for chat operator jobs.

  • Potential Earnings: Expect to be paid around $10-$12 per hour.
  • Employment Status: Full-time/Part-time.
  • Job requirements: You’ll have to pass a verification method first.

How to get started: You can search for career opportunities and apply directly as a chat operator and remote customer service role by visiting the Support.com Careers Page.


There are many remote work opportunities with Apple. They offer competitive pay, added benefits, and are one of the most popular companies you can work for. There are current home advisor positions available, and your job will be to assist customers with technical and troubleshooting issues.

You’ll also be handling any inquiries related to their technology products and services, such as iTunes and iPhones. Find out more by searching “Apple Work at Home Jobs as a Chat Agent.”

  • Employment Status: Full-time/Part-time.
  • Potential Earnings: Expect to be paid around $12-$15 per hour.
  • Job requirements: 18 years or older and a High school diploma or GED equivalent.

How to get started: You can search for career opportunities and apply directly as a Home Advisor with Apple by using this website.

the best chat operator jobs that pay well


TeleTech is a technology solutions company that offers worldwide work-from-home opportunities. This company offers a range of client, business, and support roles which include chat-operator style-like jobs such as customer service representatives and remote support work.

  • Employment Status: Full-time.
  • Potential Earnings: Expect to be paid $10- $20 per hour.
  • Job requirements: You’ll need six months minimum of customer service experience and a high school diploma or equivalent. It’s also desirable to have computer and technical skills.

How to get started: The application process is easy; just visit their careers homepage to start applying to remote chat operator and customer service agent roles with TTEC.

Best Buy

This huge technological company offers many roles in the US for technical support and chat agents. Best Buy collaborates with some of the top technology companies such as Microsoft and Apple, and you’ll be giving customer support for these products and services.

Employment benefits from working here include financial and health perks and shopping discounts.

  • Employment Status: Full-time.
  • Potential Earnings: Expect to be paid $10- $13 per hour.
  • Job requirements: It’s desirable to have some customer service experience as well as some knowledge of computers and providing tech support.

How to Get Started: You can search many career and job opportunities with Best Buy and find chat operator and customer service support roles here.


Arise is a technological solutions company that collaborates with other companies to provide customers with sales, technical, and product support services. There are many remote work opportunities for chat operators and customer representative roles with Arise. One of the added perks is that you’ll receive paid training and also offer internships.

  • Employment Status: Full-time.
  • Potential Earnings: Expect to be paid around $10 per hour.
  • Job Requirements: A high school diploma or GED equivalent as well as at least six months experience in customer service.

How to Get Started: You can apply for chat operator roles at Arise by visiting their carers page and finding the latest opportunities.

chat operator jobs that pay well


Site Staff are always hiring for worldwide remote roles and offer staff servicing solutions to smaller businesses. Roles on offer include telephone support, chat operator roles, and customer service agents. If you qualify, you will also undergo a paid training program.

  • Employment Status: Full-time.
  • Potential Earnings: Expect to be paid around $10 per hour. Though, the amount you’ll earn can range and depends on the contract type and experience.
  • Job Requirements: You’ll need excellent communication skills and have a typing speed of 70 minutes per word to make it through the application stage. Some customer service experience is desirable but not essential.

How to Get Started: You can search for the latest opportunities and apply directly for remote work roles using the SiteStaff Careers Page.

You can also send your CV and cover letter to their email address: salesapplicants@sitestaffchat.com.

Sutherland Global

Sutherland Global is a digital outsourcing company that offers staffing solutions to businesses in the technology sector. They provide many worldwide remote work opportunities for assistant and support operator roles and are always hiring.

  • Employment Status: Full-time/Part-time.
  • Potential Earnings: Expect to be paid around $12-$14 per hour.
  • Job requirements: Company requirements vary but, you should have a high school diploma or equivalent qualification to apply. You’ll need a criminal background check and maybe a credit check too.

How to get started: apply to the latest work-from-home customer service representative roles by visiting their careers page.

best chat operator job that pay well guide


Amazon offers many worldwide customer service roles and has work-from-home opportunities too. At this reputable company, typical roles range from technical support assistants to associate roles. These positions at Amazon involve the regular duties that you’d expect to do like a chat operator. Your job will be to assist Amazon with any inquiries related to its products or services.

  • Employment Status: Full-time
  • Potential Earnings: Expect to be paid around $13-$15 per hour.
  • Job requirements: A high school diploma or GED equivalent as well as at least six months experience in customer service.

How to get started: You can apply by directly visiting this Amazon page and searching for ‘Work from Home jobs in the ‘Customer Service’ category.

Improve Your Customer Service Skills!

As mentioned above, impeccable customer service skills are key. So, let’s check out a few positions first to see what they entail, such as my Customer Service Representative Job Description, and my Call Center Representative Job Description, as well as my Sales Representative Job Description and Inside Sales Representative Job Description.

Why not improve your techniques with the Call Centers For Dummies handbook, the Call Center Management on Fast Forward, or how about Mastering the Irate Caller, Call Center Fundamentals, or Advice from a Call Center Geek, along with The Call Center Handbook, all available online in 2023.

Lastly, we’ve also found some extraordinary books on customer service. So, check out the Surviving Customer Service, the Powerful Phrases for Effective Customer Service, or Customer Service Training 101, as well as the Customer Service Skills for Success, and finally Customer Service & Its Significance: Learn And Grow.

Final Thoughts

So… Is a Chat Operator Role Right For You? If you value your time spent at home and want a great remote work opportunity, then becoming a chat operator could be the best solution. You are offered a reasonable hourly rate, and some companies also provide excellent employment benefits.

The best thing yet… This guide offers a comprehensive list of the best chat operator companies currently hiring, so you don’t need to spend the time searching!

The very best of luck with your job search!

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