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Best Degrees For Felons

Best Degrees For Felons

Most companies or firms refrain from hiring felons due to their records. Sustaining a regular life can be hard for a felon after getting released from prison. Felons generally don’t get opportunities to work in restaurants, shops, or public businesses where they might have to interact with customers.

These days, all companies and firms perform in-depth background checks before hiring employees. Having a record of a serious crime eliminates several job opportunities for a felon.

These crimes include:

  • Murder
  • Sex offenses
  • Kidnapping
  • DUI
  • Burglary

There are however multiple career opportunities for felons through which they can earn money for survival. A felon should look at pursuing a career or job where the employers won’t go through their criminal records. They will instead judge him by his capabilities and expertise. Most companies hire felons for lesser interactive positions.

Your career is not at the end just because you’re a felon. You still have some opportunities to earn a lot of money through your regular job. In this article, you’ll find out the best careers that felons can pursue.

1 Environmental Sciences

This one can be a great path to drive your career as an ex-con. The scopes and job opportunities in this sector are increasing at an astonishing rate. The best about this career is that you get a chance to refresh your mind by studying environmental sciences and environmental reformations.

Best Degrees For Felon

After spending a long time behind bars, environmental studies can help you a lot to get back to the normal flow of life. As you become an environmental expert, you stand a chance to serve mankind by working on environmental projects.

2 Mechanics

You can undergo a professional training program to become a mechanic as well. No matter whether you become a car mechanic or you manufacture machines, you can ensure a regular income from this career. If you have a zeal for dealing with machines and creating new machines, being a mechanic will be a suitable option for you.

Several garages, car companies, and multinational companies hire felons as in-house mechanics because an in-house mechanic doesn’t need to socialize with people. You can get such a chance and manage to secure a stable income every month. You can also enroll yourself for an online mechanical engineering degree if you’re ambitious enough.

3 Paralegal

After serving your term as a felon, you might develop an interest in law and legal aspects. This can be another career option for you as an ex-felon. You can complete a law degree and become an attorney. Even if you don’t, you still have a chance to get recruited as an assistant to an attorney.

Best Degree For Felon

According to the latest surveys, most criminals and felons become enthusiastic about criminal laws after spending long durations in prison.

Being an assistant to an attorney can be considered a paralegal position, and you won’t have to work too hard to secure such a position. If law and order attract you a lot, this can be a great career choice for you as a felon.

4 App Or Website Development

Being an app or web developer has tons of benefits for felons. This is a position where a felon’s quality is completely judged by the brilliance of his work.

If you’re keen on software and programs, an app or web developer is something that may interest you. Several global universities offer affordable web and app development courses to felons.

All you need to do is to enroll your name in such a course, and you can get your dream job easily. The global web development industry is always seeking more high-quality developers, and thousands of companies are hiring in-house and freelance developers. An app development course from a recognized university can change your life within seconds.

5 Data Scientist

The demand for data scientists is increasing by the day. There are chances of ample growth in this particular sector. As technology is evolving with time, the value of data scientists is increasing dramatically. As an ex-con, you can choose your career path as a data scientist.

Best Degrees For the Felon

This is another sector where you don’t need to face clients directly or interact with them. That’s why global multinational companies hire thousands of ex-cons as data scientists every year. The remunerations of data scientists are also pretty impressive as per current industry standards.

6 Electrician Or Welder

A majority of felons opt to be electricians or welders in their post-conviction lives. The demand for welders or electricians has always been the same in different industries. A felon can pursue a vocational training program to become a certified electrician or welder.

If you’re an ex-con, you can work in different factories and companies. Most companies avoid background checks before hiring people for these positions.

7 Graphic Designer

If you’re fond of art and artistries and you want to convert your passion into your profession, you can learn graphic design. Multiple renowned digital marketing agencies, publishing houses, and other companies hire felons as digital illustrators and graphic designers.

Best the Degree For the Felon

You can also become a freelancer and work for different companies so that you can avoid background checks. Some felons possess an immense fascination for arts, and graphic designing is a career that suits them the most. Besides the innovative side of this career, there are high chances of getting jaw-dropping salary packages as well.

8 Chef

This is an ideal position for a felon who is looking to change his life. Multiple universities offer cooking courses. You can take admission in such a course when trying to become a good chef. You can get job opportunities in:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Hotels
  • Resorts

Being a chef means your job will be inside the kitchen and not outside. That’s why there are no chances of social interactions. Most five-star hotels and restaurants hire felons as chefs for this particular reason. You can earn handsome amounts as a chef of an eminent restaurant or a bar.

9 Language Translator

This is an excellent job profile for felons. While in prison, you can attempt to learn different foreign languages efficiently. After getting released, you can start working as a language translator. No matter if you work as a freelancer or as an employee, you can achieve a good lifestyle.

Degree For the Felon

You can also apply for government jobs as a language translator based on the criminal charges you had in the past. Not too many felons show interest in this particular position. The competition in this field is lesser than in other fields. Some of the languages in demand are:

  • Korean
  • Chinese
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French

10 Computer Sciences

You can go opt for a graduate or post-graduate degree in computer sciences or computer engineering. At present, every individual in the world is familiar with the demand and craze of computer sciences.

Naturally, the requirements of computer experts and computer engineers are going upwards as well.

Both hardware engineering and software engineering are trendy courses to pursue if you are a felon. Various new companies are launching themselves into the market and hiring computer experts and computer engineers. You can remain assured that you will never run out of job opportunities if you choose the stream of computer sciences as your career.

11 Psychology

The latest statistics show that criminals or individuals with criminal charges can be excellent counselors and psychologists. You can enroll yourself for a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology if you’re interested in knowing more about human psychology.

Degrees For the Felons

According to the current state of the world, millions are suffering from mental and psychological issues. As you’ve passed through the hardest phase of your life as an offender, you can become a motivation, and help people deal with their mental issues.

To be specific, felons do well in terms of substance abuse counseling. Psychologists have an increasing demand everywhere in the world in the current situation. That’s why it will be a wise choice for an ex-con to choose the role of a psychologist as a career path.

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12 Literature

Evidence shows that several ex-prisoners and felons become enthusiasts about literature. If you’re someone who has developed a passion for writing and reading, establish your career as a writer. You can undergo a literature course from an authorized university to learn literature closely.

Though it’s a bit challenging as a career, you can be a writer if you want. Apart from creating literature, you can work as a freelance writer to earn money for your regular expenses.

13 Entrepreneurship

Despite the risk factors in this career, this is something that most felons look for. You can complete an entrepreneurship course from a reputed university to start up your dream business after your imprisonment.

If your business idea clicks, you can become a successful person even after going through the worst phase of life. An entrepreneurship course also motivates you to become more successful in your future.

These are the top courses for felons who are interested in studying after their felony. If you’ve been a felon, there is nothing to be disappointed about. You still have these career options to try and become successful in life. Choose your favorite degree from the degrees mentioned above and make your life flourish.

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