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Best Free Resume Builders

best free resume builders

Are you looking to perfect your resume and stand out from the crowd?

Are you applying for jobs, but you’re just not having much luck?

Well, you might be surprised to learn that even if you have tons of work experience, your resume is what you should be counting on.

Many job seekers, just like you, find themselves wondering how to boost their employability. And it may well be more simple than you think could just be related to the quality of your resume.

So, let’s take an in-depth look at the best free resume builders to greatly improve your chances of getting hired.

best free resume builders

What Is A Resume Builder?

Resume builders are website tools designed to help you create and edit your resume online. It’s an interactive platform, and many are free and straightforward to use. These websites work by adding your details and then building a professional resume.

This is handy when applying for jobs online and submitting your information to potential employees. Resume builders are an impressive alternative to writing a resume yourself and can save you time.

best free resume builder

Why Use A Resume Builder?

Did you know that it takes less than ten seconds for a recruiter to scan your resume to decide whether you’re suitable for the role? This staggering statistic means it’s likely you are part of the 80% of candidates whose resumes never get shortlisted.

So, using a resume builder can save you the disappointment of getting overlooked amidst the talent pool of competitive candidates.

Is a resume builder for me?

It may be worth thinking about your job search and how frequently recruiters message you. If you have the right experience and you’re fit for the role, then what else should stand in your way? To put it simply, it’s your resume! Let’s face it; the average job search can leave you feeling burned out, so why spend too much time writing your resume?

How To Upload And Edit?

You’re thinking about editing your resume, and for good reason! You now know that the likelihood of a recruiter shortlisting your resume is a competitive 10-20%. So make it count.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to walk you through building your resume as well as your confidence in the job market…

1 First, find a resume builder that catches your eye from the list below. Click on the website and then input your details to complete your work profile/resume.

2 Have some documents at hand, such as any certificates, qualifications, and details of your previous work experience. Make sure you also refer to the job description of the role you’re applying for. For ease, you can copy your details from your previous resume onto the resume builder to save time.

3 Follow the prompts on the website when inputting your information. Using these prompts is an effective way to help you structure or style your resume. Refer to the ‘simplicity’ ratings listed below next to the website to help you decide which websites are easier to use.

4 Did you know when you have finished putting your information in the resume builder, you can scan your resume using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)? This technology optimizes your resume in search results, so recruiters are more likely to take notice. Impressive, right? If you’re interested, read more about ATS here.

The Top Websites

Listed below are top-rated and effective online resume builders. Use these practical websites to enhance your work profiles, and you’ll be thanking me later. So, here are the best online resume builders that are free to use…


Simplicity Rating: Extremely easy

Value Rating: 9

Why We Like It:

If the name wasn’t a big giveaway already, Resume’s website builder offers an unbeatable and top-notch professional resume builder. ‘Resume’ is one of the most popular websites to use because of the great range of templates available and offers an unbeatable way to customize resumes based on your job title.

I especially like the ‘general tips’ and ‘manage’ sections which walk you through the process. An added perk of using ‘Resume’ is they are partnered with ‘Indeed,’ meaning they use relevant strategies that are proven and tested to attract recruiters in the job market.

Import your LinkedIn profile…

Better yet, you can opt to import your Linkedin profile to your Resume and upload your information hassle-free. Another valuable function of this resume builder is the opportunity to apply for jobs directly to Indeed – which is also voted one of the most popular job markets on the internet worldwide. Perfect!

How To Use It For Free:

‘Resume’ is free to use; just choose one of the templates, input your information and download the document to your PC or laptop with ease. Unlike other resume builders, Resume is a top-notch website that doesn’t charge money for extra features or templates. There are no hidden fees, so it’s easily accessible to use.

Resume Genius

Simplicity Rating: Extremely easy

Value Rating: 9

Why We Like It:

Resume Genius is a highly rated and professional resume builder and has many reviews from satisfied job seekers displayed on their website. It offers a competitive amount of templates that specifically incorporate the latest ATS.

Better yet, resume builder uses the power of AI to improve your chances of getting viewed. Resume Genius also has enhancing features like pre-written bullet points based on your job title or work preferences. This resume builder not only offers unique, customizable tools but also offers expert tips and advice about applying for jobs on their website.

How To Use It For Free:

So, at first, it appears that Resume Genius is not free. But don’t worry; once you have finished building your resume, you’ll be prompted to pay for a subscription. Ignore this prompt, and instead of continuing with the option to opt for a paid plan, click on the page that doesn’t request payment by credit card. You’ll then be transferred to a separate page where you can download a PDF version of your resume for free!

free resume builder guide

Cake Resume

Simplicity Rating: Extremely easy

Value Rating: 8

Why We Like It:

CakeResume is a highly rated resume builder, and judging from the countless positive reviews from job seekers – it’s fair to say that many people love using it. You can choose from a great range of templates, and they are customizable too.

This resume builder has a unique ‘drag and drops’ editing tool, which allows you to structure your resume, and you can readily make changes and preview any time. CakeResume also lets you build a work profile and use your information directly from LinkedIn, making it easier to apply for jobs. This builder also offers proven templates that are guaranteed to attract recruiters’ attention.

How To Use It For Free:

CakeResume is free to use if you only plan to create one resume. You can also download your first and free resume as a PDF. But, you are limited by using a basic layout for your free resume.

If you opt to create more than one resume and have more available templates and features, then it’s best to upgrade to a paid plan. You can search the tiers on the website, these range from ‘basic (free), advanced, and pro, which stretches to $15 per month.

CV Maker

Simplicity Rating: Easy

Value Rating: 7

Why We Like It:

Using CV Maker to build your resume is a straightforward process, and with over 24 million downloads, it’s no wonder this website remains a top-hit for users. Though the layout of this website seems less visually appealing than the others, it’s still quick and easy to follow the instructions and navigate the sections on the homepage.

Just simply input your details, and afterward, you’ll be prompted to download using a standard template. This website also offers tips to boost your resume and includes information on how to write a clear and concise resume to attract recruiters.

How To Use It For Free:

You can opt to pay $16 a month for a premium plan which gives you the option to use premium styles, fonts, templates and include other sections in your resume. Though, you can use the standard plan, which is free and still enables you to customize the sections of your resume without paying.


Simplicity Rating: Medium

Value Rating: 7

Why We Like It:

This resume builder is basic but simple to use. The website provides step-by-step instructions to help you build your CV in no time. One of the top perks is that you can apply directly to jobs once you have created your CV. Recruiters will also be able to see your resume online once you have completed it.

Once you build a profile on Reed, you can edit it as you go along, and this convenient tool regularly updates your resume to suit your job preferences. It’s therefore quick to apply for roles and simple to use. Though, unlike the other websites on offer, you are limited to basic layouts and structures.

How To Use It For Free:

Reed is free for everyone to use. Unlike other resume builder websites, Reed offers a straightforward service without expecting anything from your wallet. Just input your details and save your resume as a PDF, download it straight to your laptop, and you’re good to go!

the free resume builder guide


Simplicity Rating: Medium

Value Rating: 8

Why We Like It:

Indeed is best known for its brilliant availability of jobs. It boasts a popular job networking website that connects many recruiters and job seekers worldwide. You can simply use their resume builder by filling out your details to create a basic and simply formatted resume. Choose to either download to a PDF on your PC, or use this resume to directly apply for jobs on the website.

Indeed poses a multi-purpose and convenient website that allows you to build a resume, surf jobs, and easily apply from the comfort of one page. Better yet, Indeed has a tool that can format an existing resume too, so this website is highly accessible, making it one of the top-rated resume builders to use.

How To Use It For Free:

Indeed does not charge any additional plans for its users and remains free to use. You can create your resume, download it, and apply directly to jobs, all with a few clicks. No hassle or money out of your pocket is needed. Very simple, Indeed!

Linkedin Resume

Simplicity Rating: Medium

Value Rating: 7

Why We Like It:

If you have a Linkedin profile, then the process of making a resume is efficient without the need for any fancy features. You can edit your details and the sections without any hassle. Though, there is less guidance when it comes to designing and structuring your resume with this building tool.

Unfortunately, there are no other templates or styles to choose from, which makes the overall design of the resumes a bit generic. Despite a lack of customization for your resume, Linkedin is super convenient and simple to use for anyone on this professional networking site.

Directly apply for jobs from your profile!

You can also apply for jobs directly from your profile page or use the resume coupled with a cover letter. Linkedin, therefore, brags a multi-purpose website that comes in handy for job seekers and also has a job board page and premium functions to message recruiters.

How To Use It For Free:

Building a resume with Linkedin remains free to use. You can also apply to jobs for free, and no subscription is required. Though, there is a Premium feature that is convenient for messaging recruiters directly, a function that is only available on Linkedin Mail. Otherwise, all of the functions are free to use; just make sure you structure your resume and condense the material before applying for jobs.

More About Your LinkedIn Profile!

LinkedIn is known as one of the most world-renown recruiting websites, so we’ve decided to do some additional research for you!

Let’s start with how to Ignite Your LinkedIn Profile, or perhaps How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile, and don’t forget the ever-popular LinkedIn For Dummies, and LinkedIn Profile Optimization For Dummies, as well as LinkedIn Riches: How To Use LinkedIn For Business, Sales and Marketing! if you’re hunting in that particular field.

Of course, our website boasts numerous articles such as our Best Linkedin Profile Tips, or How to Use LinkedIn To Find A Job, along with our How To Upload A Resume On LinkedIn, our Best Linkedin Recommendation Examples, and most importantly, our look at How To Let Recruiters Know You’re Open On LinkedIn.

But that’s not all; we also found Optimize Your Resume: DOs and DON’Ts the SamNova Way, the Resume Formats book, or the informative Resume Writing: 10 Ridiculously Simple Tips, and the English for Academic CVs, Resumes, and Online Profiles all available online in 2023.

Final Thoughts

Impress any recruiter and build a resume that stands out. And don’t miss out on landing your dream job because of it. Choosing from these free resume builders can enhance and re-create your work profile in no time.

Not to mention how much you can drastically transform your chances of getting shortlisted for a job just from simply editing your resume that could take as little as 30 minutes. Using an online resume builder is an easy way to enhance your opportunity to get noticed amidst the competition.

So, don’t settle for less and avoid getting overlooked by recruiters. If you want more job offers, then use a resume builder to boost your chances of getting hired.

The very best of luck with your job search!

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