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Best Healthcare Companies

best healthcare companies

Thinking of working in a profession that is fulfilling and meaningful?

If so, then you might consider a role in healthcare. You’ll have the possibility of making a difference, working with like-minded individuals that strive to support their local communities and provide caring services for others.

Considering the tensions of the pandemic that affected populations across the globe, pursuing a role in healthcare can come at no better time. There are many worthwhile reasons to work in this industry with many areas to specialize in, meaning there are a variety of career opportunities to choose from.

So, in this guide, I’ll be taking an in-depth look at the Best Healthcare Companies to work for, as well as providing some much-needed guidance to help you along the way.

Let’s get started!

best healthcare companies

Why Work In The Healthcare Field?

If you’re not sure whether pursuing a role in healthcare is for you, then we have it covered. Listed below are a few reasons why we believe the healthcare field is a valuable profession to pursue. We’ll be highlighting the reasons why we think most healthcare workers enjoy their roles. Stick around to find out what makes the majority of workers tick in this field…

Prosperous and Stable Future

There’s no doubt that due to unforeseeable events from the pandemic, a general increase in physical health problems, an undesirable spike in mental health issues concerned the majority of populations worldwide in recent years. The demand, therefore, is extremely high for healthcare workers meaning this field is likely to grow, according to recent statistics, by a staggering 14% from 2018 to 2028.

Make a difference

A manifold of reasons motivates individuals to work in the healthcare field. Depending on your background and experience, the majority of these positions are accessible and can be worked toward. What matters in this industry is showing a willingness to make a genuine difference.

Studies report high levels of job satisfaction from helping others in their job, such as nursing. So feeling like you are making a difference goes a long way and contributes to your overall happiness, health, and productivity rates too.

Great Pay and Flexible Working

Arguably the healthcare field can be a physically demanding job, and many people view this industry to consist of a fast-paced and hectic work environment. Though this assumption may be true, some companies, especially hospitals, have pledged a better quality of work-life.

Better pay and working hours, and additional benefits to reward healthcare professions, like bonus pay, pension schemes, and access to the best healthcare insurance. Moreover, workers are now being paid better and have satisfactorily flexible schedules to choose from that best meet their needs.

The right fit for you…

A better work-life balance, remote work opportunities, and higher-paid salaries are therefore promising options in this industry. Discuss these areas with your future company to make sure the requirements and demands are the right fit for you.

The Best Healthcare Providers and Healthcare Insurance

This is music to many people’s ears. Some healthcare companies offer the most reasonable advice about healthcare insurance plans if you work for them. Though not all healthcare companies offer recommendations on this, it’s worth looking into and asking your future employer for more information.

Types Of Healthcare Companies

There are many types of healthcare companies that specialize in distinct industries and provide specific services. It’s therefore practical to know which company you wish to apply to beforehand so you can ensure you’re on the right career path.

Pharmaceutical Companies

A Pharmaceutical company is a licensed business that can research, market, sell, and manufacture drugs. This type of healthcare service produces a wide variety of healthcare products. These range from generic products used to treat minor illnesses to vaccination products used to treat more severe and major health concerns.


Hospitals are health institutions that are used as in-patient facilities such as surgeries, emergency care, and treatment for chronic illnesses and diseases. They comprise various institutions, too, such as district, mental health hospitals, child hospitals, acute hospitals, and more.

Hospitals can also be distinguished as private and public. Privately owned hospitals refer to health institutions that are not funded by the government and are therefore viable to different costs and treatment services.

Healthcare Insurance Providers

These healthcare companies differ from the ones above and are services, not institutions. Their role is to provide health insurance coverage plans to protect individuals. These providers offer medical treatment plans and access to private healthcare in hospitals.

Healthcare insurance providers, in effect, can help prevent US citizens from incurring unexpected and high costs due to the expensive healthcare system. Insurance providers, therefore, provide personalized plans to help relieve the unexpected or accidental occurrence of medical bills.

the best healthcare company

How To Get A Job?

The healthcare field can be a competitive process to get hired because of the highly liable and sensitive nature of the job. Therefore, only the most suitable candidates are likely to get hired.

Some positions require you to have the relevant training, experience, or qualifications to work in some fields. Jobs may therefore be limited depending on your situation. So, let’s go through the steps to work toward a healthcare career.

Complete Intensive Training

Some health professions do not require a doctorate, for example, a nurse practitioner, as well as medical or physical therapy assistants. However, you do need to complete intensive training or internships on the job. This method is practical because you get to experience hands-on learning while earning a living, and no prior experience is needed to get started.

Though, every position differs, so make sure you read up on the latest requirements if you have no qualifications or experience.


You can train to become a qualified healthcare professional and obtain a relevant degree from university for some medical professions. Depending on which role you pursue, becoming a nurse, specialist or surgeon requires you to complete several years in education before you can work.

Commonly you must earn your bachelor’s degree and pass admission tests (MCAT). The process to qualify for certain medical professional roles is usually quite competitive and strict.

Obtain a Medical Licence

To become a medical practitioner, you’ll first need to obtain a license. This ensures you have met the legal requirements before you can qualify and start work. You’ll need to undergo examinations, assessments, training, and pay fees to qualify.

To begin training, you’ll also need to prove to the medical licensing board that you have met the right undergraduate and graduate criteria.

Earn Experience and Volunteer

It may not be an obvious route for most, but volunteering opportunities can boost your resume and get you the experience required for permanent positions in the healthcare profession.

You should look for volunteer work that is related to your field of interest, or if you have a relevant qualification, make sure it’s similar. It’s also proven that students who have graduated can find work much quicker than those who have no practical experience.

Network and Connect

Broaden your horizons and network with professionals in this field. Connecting and communicating with healthcare workers in any industry can help you find work and gain knowledge about what to do. If you’re stuck and thinking of the best way to move forward, ask someone who has had direct experience doing it.

Perfect your resume, apply for healthcare job boards, reach out on LinkedIn and start messaging recruiters. If you’re a recent graduate, then ask your careers board or head of the faculty in medicine and health. Networking with others could point you in the direction, so give it a try!

The Best Healthcare Companies

The health care sector consists of various roles and industries that you can specialize in. This section will highlight the main advantages of the top healthcare companies and what they can offer. I’ll be narrowing them down to the best options to save you time. Plus, if you are interested and want to kickstart your career in healthcare, start with the most prestigious companies.

CVS Health

CVS Health is a healthcare provider that offers services to help others access personal healthcare such as pharmacy services, prescription drugs, and health plans. They are considered the top healthcare company in the US with over 300,000 employees. CVS has served US communities for over 50 years and has expanded to over 49 states.

Why Is It a Good Place to Work?

There are many great career opportunities at CVS; according to recent reviews, 80% of people would recommend CVS to a friend, and many workers vouch that there is a strong outlook on career progression. At CVS Health, the overall average salary is nearly $19 per hour, according to recent reviews.

The vast scope of providers across the country means there are many work positions available, and it’s highly accessible. To get started and apply for roles, you can directly visit their website at CVS Health Jobs. Simply choose the area you want to specialize in and search for the latest vacancies.

UnitedHealth Group

The UnitedHealth Group is a healthcare company that has over 340,000 employees and offers more affordable health services, insurance plans, and products. As the second-largest healthcare company in the US, UHG pride itself on the best quality services and have served over 149 million people.

Why Is It a Good Place to Work?

With an average salary of $41 per hour, they are a financially rewarding public company to work for in this industry. Workers have reviewed this company to offer great compensation benefits and high paid salaries. There is a positive prospect of achieving career growth and progressing with the UnitedHealth Group.

Therefore this company is a fantastic company to work for as a healthcare professional. You can search the latest vacancies and apply directly to their website for more information on careers.

healthcare company

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson and Johnson is the world’s largest pharmaceutical company that develops and offers a broad range of healthcare goods, services, and products. They have been named the Fortune World’s Most Admired Company and Ranked first on the Pharmaceutical Industry List. They have worked in this industry for over 135 years and boast top-quality services worldwide.

Why Is It a Good Place to Work?

As the top-ranked pharmaceutical company, it’s difficult to ignore that Johnson and Johnson have vast career opportunities and the potential to harness your professional growth. They have an admirable reputation and would be a fantastic company to work for; with allegedly an average hourly rate of $93, they offer an unbeatable wage to the top healthcare professional. Although, I personally think that someone has got their math mixed up a bit there?

Regardless, browse the best career choices directly on their website here.


McKesson specializes as a wholesale medical supplier and pharmaceutical distribution chain. This pharmaceutical company has worked closely alongside care providers, governments, and health industries since 1833. With over 76,000 employees nationwide, they boast top-quality healthcare services, medical supplies and remain one of the top healthcare companies in the US.

Why Is It a Good Place to Work?

Search the latest opportunities on their website and find out more about their hiring process. They offer a range of jobs for student opportunities, corporate jobs, and even military or veteran opportunities. Due to its vast nationwide influence, Johnson and Johnson have diverse work prospects across the globe from Europe and Canada.

They are a fantastic place to work and host a range of benefits such as paid time off, top training programs, financial planning support, and community involvement projects. Working at McKesson reviewed this company to achieve a great work-life balance and top salaries.

Anthem, Inc

Anthem is a leading healthcare insurance provider in the US that offers tailor plans for individuals, families, and businesses to improve treatment services and treatments. Serving over 118 million people and with 1 in 8 people receiving healthcare from Anthem, they are considered a reliable company in the industry.

Why Is It a Good Place to Work?

Anthem offers a broad range of career opportunities in health care, and you can search the latest jobs online at their website or their partners Anthem Careers. An appeal to working at Anthem is that they have different specialized areas that are unique to an average healthcare company.

Positions range from in-office and remote work roles in customer care, digital and technology, financial, medical, and clinical care roles. Workers highly review this company to be rewarding for professional growth, their high-quality training schemes, and flexible working positions.

the best healthcare company guide


AmerisourceBergen is a large distributor of medical products and supplies, and offers healthcare solutions to both individuals and animals. Established in 2001, this medical drug wholesaler company also provides consulting services to medical businesses.

Why Is It a Good Place to Work?

With an hourly average of $25, workers have reviewed Americsource Bergen to be a great place to work because of their highly paid salaries, great benefits, and compensation schemes.

With over 41,000 employees, their company comprises many family companies and has a long-standing reputation for providing many with secure professions. There are many ideal roles to choose from, and you can search the latest roles at Careers | AmerisourceBergen.


Pfizer is one of the world’s most premium biopharmaceutical companies and one of the largest pharmaceutical companies. As of recently, it has the world’s fastest increasing healthcare stocks in 2023. It remains a top company in the health industry. The company was founded in 1848, has over 78,000 employees, and remains a global manufacturing seller nationwide.

Why Is It a Good Place to Work?

Pfizer has been highly reviewed for its quality work environment, managerial guidance, and adequate work-life balance. With an average hourly salary of nearly $40 and several locations across the US, Pfizer appeals to many nationwide.

They host a range of career opportunities that you can apply to directly on their page. Their website also refers to individual development plans that aim to help their employees achieve their career goals.

Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health is a healthcare multinational solutions company that manufactures and sells pharmaceutical and medical products nationwide. Their focus is to also offer healthcare solutions to individuals to reduce costs to patient care.

Their business has expanded to over 700 locations in the US and over 100,000 locations worldwide. Cardinal Health is ranked the 14h highest revenue generating company in the US and is the largest network of radio pharmacies in the U.S.

Why Is It Good to Work There?

Cardinal Health has a range of unique opportunities for students, such as providing training schemes, internships, and graduate programs. Their website mentions countless areas that you can specialize in as a healthcare worker.

You can browse the roles by function in the company here; positions vary from clinical operations, customer service, engineers, and even data analytics. Cardinal Health has vast prospects available, which also explains its highly reviewed praises from workers about career development opportunities with this company.

the best healthcare companies

FAQ About Working In Healthcare

Is It Hard to Get a Job in the Healthcare Field?

As discussed earlier, it can be difficult to acquire a higher-paid role in the healthcare industry. This depends on your desired position because this determines the amount of time you’ll be spending on training and obtaining relevant qualifications.

So, ultimately it’s up to you to accomplish the right mindset, resilience, and motivations for the job. Your attitude will determine whether you’ll be up to the job regardless of how complex it is.

Should You Work in the Healthcare Field?

If you’re interested in working in healthcare, but you’re not sure whether this profession is for you, make sure you do more research and think about your decision carefully. Working in the healthcare field can be extremely rewarding, but it demands commitment and a strong work ethic.

Many workers that are passionate about making a difference in people’s lives in the local community reap the benefits of this honorable profession.

Is It Difficult to Maintain a Job in the Healthcare Field?

Let’s be honest… working in this field can be difficult. But due to the nature of the job, it’s to be expected to some extent. Let’s face it, any job can be difficult to maintain for numerous reasons, and that’s just the reality.

Especially since the recent upheaval of the pandemic, healthcare professionals are highly requested, and some healthcare companies worldwide have experienced a sudden shortage of staff, meaning others are overworked.

Is It Demanding to Work in Healthcare?

Here’s the truth, yes it is. Sometimes meeting the conditions of any job can be tough. With the right company, work-life balance, and adequate support from your managerial and training team, the work should be easier to maintain.

The most crucial thing to remember is whether you end up working for a reputable healthcare company like the ones I’ve listed or find yourself working elsewhere, the challenges of the job in this industry are likely to be the same.

Why Not Try Remote Healthcare?

Firstly, we’ve got our Healthcare Administrator Job Description to explain what the position entails, as well as our Companies That Hire For Remote Work From Home Healthcare Jobs, or even Healthcare Jobs That Require No Experience, and our Molina Healthcare Application or UnitedHealthcare Insurance Application for you to apply to today!

Remote work is becoming the norm these days, and healthcare is no different. So, to adapt and learn, take a look at Telemedicine Technologies: Big Data, Deep Learning, Robotics, Mobile and Remote Applications for Global Healthcare, and the Systems Design for Remote Healthcare, or perhaps Statistics for Healthcare Professionals: An Introduction to begin with.

In addition, we recommend reading the IoT-enabled Smart Healthcare Systems, Services and Applications, and the Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing & Healthcare, along with the informative Remote Medicine: A Textbook for Trainee and Established Remote Healthcare Practitioners or even the Medical Cannabis Handbook for Healthcare Professionals, all available online in 2023.

Final Thoughts

The healthcare industry has significantly expanded over recent years. It has the highest growing occupations compared to any other employment. Therefore, applying to become a healthcare professional proves to be a satisfying and eclectic role.

Furthermore, this guide has outlined the best healthcare companies to work for. Moreover, I’ve detailed the reasons to pursue a career in healthcare. Along with some additional tips and advice to help you prepare for your ideal role.

All the very best with your new career in Healthcare!

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