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Best Jobs for Introverts

best jobs for introverts

Do you find most offices to be noisy and overwhelming?

Modern business strategies are designed with the needs and preferences of extroverts firmly in mind. This can make it rather difficult for introverts to adapt to them.

Fortunately, there are plenty of jobs that are ideal for introverts and allow them to thrive. These jobs often allow introverts to work alone and focus on different tasks while setting their own schedules.

Let’s take a look at some of the best jobs for introverts that can help you unlock your full potential.

best jobs for introverts

The Best Jobs for Introverts

Introverts typically prefer working alone or with just one other person in quiet environments. Generally speaking, introverts prefer focusing on a single task that they can do well. Let’s take a look at some of the jobs that introverts are likely to excel at.


Introverts thrive when they work on projects they are passionate about. If you are artistic and have a flair for marketing yourself, consider a career as a professional artist. Once you have a collection put together, you can hold an exhibition to introduce yourself to potential clients.

One of the great things about working as an artist is that you are generally able to set your own hours. All you need is access to a studio where you can allow your creativity to flow freely. It may take time and determination to find regular clients, but this career can be very rewarding for introverts.

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Graphic Designer

Although graphic designers are often employed by a company, they are usually allowed to work independently. It is also possible for successful graphic designers to work in a freelance capacity. However, it is necessary to put together a diverse and appealing portfolio to show to clients.

The initial meeting with new clients is usually conducted in person to discuss ideas and visions. After that, graphic designers usually work alone to make the vision come alive. Most communication can be done via email or Zoom, and the average salary is around $52,000 per year.

best job for introvert


Being an accountant requires concentrating hard on specific tasks, which is perfect for most introverts. While accountants may need to meet with clients occasionally, much of the work is done alone. In many cases, accountants are able to set their own hours and can even work remotely from a home office.

The constant changes in tax laws make the role of an accountant essential to most businesses. Many accountants start their career working for a company and eventually set up a freelance business. The average salary for a full-time accountant is $71,000 per year.

IT Specialist

People who have a love for technology and problem-solving should do well as an IT specialist. Many people start their careers working in the IT department of a single company. The IT departments are usually staffed by like-minded introverts who make the working environment temperate and productive.

IT specialists also have the option of working as freelance consultants if they wish, while remote work is also possible. The IT industry is constantly growing, and there are plenty of available jobs for skilled professionals. The average salary is around $54,000 per year.


Many introverts who have a love for design are drawn to a career in architecture. Although it is necessary to meet with industry professionals and clients, much of the actual work is done alone. Architects are charged with focusing on a single task, which can last for several weeks or even months.

This is a great career for people who have a creative flair and are very detail-oriented. Architects get to put their problem-solving skills to work to design aspects of a building and the surrounding area. On average, architects make around $80,000 per year.

best job for introverts


Engineers are usually in high demand, and there are lots of different types of engineer jobs to choose from. This includes electronics engineering, chemical engineering, agricultural engineering, industrial engineering, aerospace engineering, and civil engineering. The great thing about engineering is that both introverts and extroverts can thrive in this environment.

People who have a good understanding of science and strong math skills are likely to do well as an engineer. The main task involves finding the optimum solution to a range of technical problems. Engineers of all types often have the option of working independently or as part of a team.


People who have strong grammar skills and attention to detail are likely to enjoy working as an editor. This role traditionally involved working in a bustling newspaper or magazine office. However, modern editors usually have the option of working from home and simply conducting weekly staff meetings.

There are lots of different types of editing roles available, from working for publishing houses to editing online content. Editors need to have a passion for detail and the ability to make text flow well. Editors also need to be very well-read and have a passion for grammar and good writing.


Next, we have Scientists, who are usually provided with plenty of space to work in their laboratories and study certain things. This makes the role of a scientist ideal for introverts who are naturally curious and rational. While scientists often work as part of a small team, this team is usually composed of other introverts.

Scientists are expected to focus on particular tasks and have strong attention to detail. There are several different types of scientist roles for introverts to choose from. These include chemists, botanists, astronomers, geneticists, anthropologists, zoologists, physicists, archaeologists, oceanographers, meteorologists, and seismologists.

job for introvert


If you like to have peace and quiet while you work, working as a librarian could be the perfect career move. Introverts who have a passion for books and are detail-orientated are often drawn to this job. The main roles involve maintaining library shelves, checking in and out books, and helping visitors to the library.

For people who are passionate about reading, the opportunity to recommend books is sure to be a real treat. Librarians are also often available for helping to organize events like book reading clubs. Those who have an artistic streak can exercise it by designing and making event posters and other materials.


This role involves assisting an attorney and helping them to stay organized. This can include assisting with trials, conducting research, organizing case files, and preparing legal briefs. A large part of this job involves conducting deep research alone, which makes it perfect for introverts.

Psychologist or Psychiatrist

Introverts usually have strong listening skills and empathy, which drives them to help other people. Both psychologists and psychiatrists work with a single client, which is ideal for introverts. They also have the option of designing and controlling the atmosphere in their private office.

Most sessions with clients last around an hour, which is the perfect interaction threshold for most introverts. After client sessions, it is best for introverts to spend a few minutes reflecting before meeting the next client. This gives introverts the chance to recharge their batteries and catch up on paperwork.


There are lots of different writing jobs, from writing novels to crafting content for websites. One of the main things that all types of writing have in common is that writers usually work alone. They are usually allowed to set their own hours and design their own working styles, which are ideal for introverts.

Introverts usually find it fairly easy to motivate themselves, which is an essential skill for a writer. Many companies allow writers to work remotely or in a quite shared office with other writers. This allows writers to focus on their work and create smooth and compelling text that will appeal to readers.

best job for introverts guide


People who have a good head for numbers and enjoy working with computers are likely to take to this role. Actuaries usually work for insurance companies and assess risk. This is a low stress job that pays very well, and actuaries often have the chance to work remotely.


People who have plenty of vision and creativity can put it to work as a filmmaker. While this job involves collaborating with other people, filmmakers are usually in charge. This allows them to set the tone of the working environment so that they are comfortable.


Introverts usually have a unique way of looking at the world, which is a necessary skill for photographers. Many people start their career as an assistant in a professional photography studio. However, introverts are most likely to thrive when they work as freelance photographers.

job for introverts

Software Engineer

Building and testing software systems are tasks that many introverts take to like a duck to water. This job requires a lot of focus and attention to detail, while it comes with a high salary. As a result, software engineers are often allowed to set their own working environment to minimize stress.

Landscape Designer

If you have a green thumb and a flair for design, working as a landscape designer could be the perfect job. It is necessary to meet and liaise with clients in the initial stage to create plans for their available space. Landscape designers then get to work to make the vision of clients a reality.


Coming to the end of my list of Best Jobs for Introverts, and if you enjoy repairing and maintaining vehicles, working as a mechanic could be the perfect job. After meeting with customers and discussing their needs, mechanics are usually left to their own devices. Tasks can take just a few minutes or several hours and require a lot of concentration.

Many mechanics start as apprentices and pick up new skills as they go along. After several years, many mechanics decide to open their own garages. This gives them the freedom to set their own hours, work with music or in silence, and design other aspects of their work.


Many introverts have a love for animals as well as large doses of empathy and compassion. Those who can handle a little blood and gore can use their skills to help man’s best friend and more. Veterinarians need to undergo similar training to doctors and study the anatomies of a large number of animals.

 jobs for introverts

Social Media Marketing

People introverts have strong communication skills and are drawn to social media platforms. Those who have good writing skills and are creative are likely to find that social media marketing is a great career. While it may be necessary to work closely with other creators, collaboration often takes place by email.

Delivery or Uber Driver

If you have a love for driving and the open road, working as a professional driver could be ideal. The type of driving that you are best suited for will depend on your exact preferences. Many introverts enjoy meeting new people and interacting with them in short doses, making working as an Uber driver ideal.

Delivering parcels to customers can also be ideal for introverts and requires minimal interaction. People who really want to take to the open road and escape from people as much as possible should consider truck driving. This allows introverts to spend hours at a time behind the wheel, discovering the country, and listening to their favorite tunes.

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Back to today’s topic…

Final Thoughts

Whether or not you are an introvert, it is best to choose a career that you are passionate about. After all, most people spend decades in one career, and it takes up a large part of their life. Choosing a job that excites you will help to make the rest of your life more interesting and enjoyable.

It can take some people a while to find the type of job that they really enjoy. If you are still at college, taking part in an internship will help you to work out if your dream job is really suitable. For other people, temping roles allow them to try various different jobs before selecting one they truly enjoy.

All the very best with your career.

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