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Best Jobs for Pregnant Women

Best Job for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy can be a time of immense joy and anticipation. But it can also raise the question of how you will continue to provide for your growing family. Thankfully, there are plenty of jobs out there that offer flexibility, accommodating hours, or other benefits that make them suitable for pregnant women.

From working from home to taking on freelance projects, I’m going to take an in-depth look at some of the best jobs for pregnant women. As well as discuss how to maintain a happy work life as a pregnant person.

Challenges in the Workplace for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy can bring about a range of physical and emotional challenges. And these can be exacerbated by the demands of a job. Pregnant mothers may experience fatigue, nausea, back pain, and other health issues that can make it difficult to perform certain job duties or work long hours.

Additionally, they may face challenges in finding appropriate clothing and footwear that can accommodate their changing bodies. They may also require frequent breaks to rest or attend medical appointments.

Challenges in the Workplace for Pregnant Women

And even in this day and age…

Unfortunately, pregnancy discrimination in the workplace is still common. Pregnant people may face discrimination in the form of being passed over for job opportunities. They may be denied promotions or raises, or even terminated from their jobs. This discrimination can have lasting effects, both financially and emotionally, on pregnant people and their families.

Pregnancy-related workplace policies, such as maternity leave and accommodations, have improved in recent years. But there is still progress to be made. Pregnant people may struggle to access these policies or may not be granted the accommodations they need, even if they are legally entitled to them. This can lead to increased stress and anxiety and can even have negative impacts on the health of the pregnant person and their developing baby.

The bottom line…

Finding a job that can accommodate the unique needs of a pregnant person can be challenging. But it can be crucial for maintaining financial stability and ensuring a successful pregnancy.

Therefore, pregnant people must consider factors such as the physical demands of the job, access to accommodations and leave, as well as the company culture and attitude towards pregnancy and family needs. It’s important for employers to create inclusive workplaces that prioritize the needs of pregnant employees. And provide them with the support and inclusivity they need to succeed in their jobs.

The following is a list of ideal jobs for pregnant women, considering the above.

The Best Jobs for Pregnant Women

Remote work

One of the biggest advantages of remote work for pregnant people is the ability to control their own schedule. With remote work, you can decide when you want to work and how much you want to work. Allowing you to focus on your health and well-being while still meeting job expectations.

Additionally, many remote jobs offer flexible or part-time hours, allowing pregnant people to take on fewer hours or complete tasks in their own time.

Best Remote Jobs for Pregnant Women

Online Tutoring

Tutoring online is an excellent option for pregnant women looking to work from home. With the increasing number of homeschooled students, online tutoring has become a popular way to supplement traditional schooling.

As an online tutor, you can set your own schedule and teach students from all over the world. Moreover, pregnant women may find comfort in the flexible hours and the convenience of working from home.

For more info, check out our guide on How to Become a Tutor.

Online Tutoring

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants (VA) are in high demand, and it’s easy to see why. VAs perform a variety of administrative tasks for businesses or entrepreneurs remotely. These tasks may include social media management, email correspondence, scheduling, and general administrative duties. For pregnant women, VA jobs allow flexibility in terms of scheduling, and the opportunity to work from home, which may be more suitable than commuting to an office.

Sounds like something you’d like to do? Well then, find out How to Become a Virtual Assistant.

Freelance Writer/Editor

Freelance writing and editing jobs are perfect for creative people who enjoy writing and have solid writing or editing skills. Freelancers can write and edit a variety of content, including blog posts, eBooks, and white papers, among others.

Freelance writers and editors can also set their own schedules and have the flexibility to work remotely. Making these roles attractive to pregnant women. So, why not find out How to Become a Writer or check out our Copy Editor Job Description?

Freelance Writer/Editor


A transcriptionist listens to audio recordings and converts them into written documents. The demand for transcriptionists is high, particularly in the medical, legal, and corporate sectors. For pregnant people, a transcriptionist job can provide a comfortable work environment as you can work from home, set your schedule, and take frequent breaks as needed.

Social Media Manager

Social media managers are responsible for creating and implementing social media strategies for businesses of all sizes.

With almost every business seeking a social media presence, the need for social media managers is increasing. Pregnant women may find a social media manager job suitable because it can offer flexible work schedules and remote work options.

Find out more in our comprehensive look at How to Become a Social Media Manager.

Customer Service Representative

A Customer service representative (CSR) is responsible for guiding customers through various aspects of a business, including purchase inquiries, returns, or complaints. As a CSR, pregnant women can work remotely or on-site, and flexible hours or part-time jobs may be more accommodating for those experiencing pregnancy.

Customer Service Representative

Web Developer and Designer

Web developers and designers create websites and other digital content for businesses. This job often requires coding and graphic design skills. This work can be done remotely, and pregnant women may find it a good option for work-from-home opportunities.

Find out more in our in-depth Web Developer Job Description.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers create graphic design elements such as logos, brochures, or illustrations for businesses. This work is often done remotely. Therefore, pregnant women with graphic design skills may find it a good option to work from home with a flexible schedule.

So, why not find out How to Become a Graphic Designer?

Data Entry Specialist

Data entry specialists work on data management systems by entering data from sources like physical paperwork or other electronic documents into a database. This job does not usually require prior experience and offers flexible schedules and telecommuting options.

Online Researcher 

As an online researcher, you can provide research services to businesses, entrepreneurs, or students in schools. The job often involves sifting through information to find data specific to the client’s needs. 

Online Researcher

How to Find And Successfully Work In A Remote Job During Pregnancy?

Finding a job and successfully working during pregnancy, whether remote or not, can be difficult due to the additional physical demands that come with being pregnant. However, there are many useful tips available on how to make the process easier. 

Know Your Rights

Have a comprehensive understanding of your rights as an employee. Pregnant women have certain legal protections with regard to their employment. Such as the right to time off for doctor’s appointments and the right to flexible work schedules. Knowing what your rights are as a pregnant individual in the workplace will help ensure that you get the most out of your job. 

Social Networking

Take advantage of technology and social media resources available when looking for a remote job. Utilize platforms like LinkedIn and job boards to search for the right role for you. You can also use social media accounts like Twitter or Facebook to network with potential employers and make them aware of your skills. 

Seek Professional Assistance

It’s important to remember that you don’t have to go it alone when looking for a remote job while pregnant. Consider working with recruiters or career coaches who specialize in helping pregnant women find the right job. These professionals can provide invaluable advice and guidance to help you make an informed decision about any remote position you may be considering.

Seek Professional Assistance 

In-person Jobs for Pregnant Women

While remote work is ideal for many who wish for the flexibility and comfort of working from home during pregnancy, it can also be a little isolating. So, consider looking into on-site positions if you want to be around colleagues and other employees or are looking for a more hands-on approach to your job.

You will have to check first that your employer is flexible and accommodates pregnant women and mothers. But many companies have become more progressive in this regard in recent years. 

Best On-site Jobs for Pregnant Women


As the first point of contact for customers, visitors, and employees, receptionists need to have excellent communication and organization skills. This job is usually done at a desk or computer, which can be a comfortable setting for pregnant women who need to take breaks and avoid strenuous activities.

However, one downside could be the need to deal with difficult or demanding customers. This could be overly stressful for pregnant women.


House sitters

Homesitters care for homes and pets while the owners are away. This includes tasks like watering plants, feeding pets, and keeping the house secure. Some may also perform other household duties such as cooking or laundry.

Pros for pregnant people include a flexible schedule, no strenuous physical activity, and reduced stress. Cons may include exposure to allergens if pets are involved, limited job availability, and limited income.


Cashiers process payments and help customers in retail stores and restaurants. This job is often fast-paced and requires good diligence. While it may involve standing for prolonged periods of time, pregnant women can still find this job manageable if they take breaks and wear comfortable shoes.

Cashiers may also be offered flexible schedules and the option to work remotely for some tasks.

Personal Shopper

As a professional personal shopper, you will assist customers with selecting products and provide advice on what items to buy. This job can be done in person or online. This offers flexibility for pregnant women who may need to work from home or take breaks as needed. However, it’s important to check with clients about any heavy lifting or strenuous activities required during the job.


Housekeepers are responsible for cleaning and organizing homes. This job can be done on a self-employed basis, which offers even more flexibility for pregnant women. However, it’s advised to avoid using cleaning products that could be harmful to pregnancy. And to take regular breaks as needed to avoid physical strain.


Event Coordinator

Event coordinators manage the planning and execution of events, which can be a fast-paced and demanding job. However, pregnant women can still find this job manageable if they take breaks and communicate their needs with clients and colleagues.

Working as a freelance event coordinator also offers more flexibility in terms of scheduling and the option to work remotely for many tasks.

For more info, check out our guide on How to become an Event Planner and our Event Coordinator Job Description.


Bookkeepers help businesses and individuals manage their finances. This can be done from home and offers flexibility in terms of scheduling, which, again, can be beneficial for pregnant women. However, it’s essential to be aware of the need to sit for extended periods of time. This can be uncomfortable for pregnant women. But taking breaks and doing some stretching exercises can help alleviate any discomfort.

Travel Agent

As a pregnant woman with first-hand knowledge of the unique needs and challenges that come with pregnancy, becoming a travel agent can be a great fit. As a travel agent, you can use your own experience and expertise to advise pregnant people and young families on safe and enjoyable places to travel to.

A highly flexible position…

This job can be done both on-site or remotely, which allows for more flexibility and control over your schedule. However, it’s crucial to be aware of any travel restrictions or regulations related to pregnancy. Moreover, to ensure that you are up to date on the latest safety information and resources for pregnant travelers.

But with your unique perspective and understanding, you can provide valuable insights and guidance to help other expectant parents plan the perfect trip.

Sound interesting? Then find out How to Become a Travel Agent as well as the Companies that Hire for Remote Travel Agent and Hospitality Jobs.

Travel Agent

Makeup or Hair Stylist

The beauty industry, particularly makeup and hair styling, is largely dominated by women. As a result, it is generally a supportive and understanding field for pregnant people who may need to make adjustments to their work routine. 

Freelancing as a make-up or hair stylist can provide both flexibility in terms of scheduling and the option to work from home. Making it an ideal choice for pregnant individuals. However, it’s important to be aware of any chemicals in the products used that could be harmful during your pregnancy. 

Find out more in our informative Makeup Artist Job Description.


Interpreters help people communicate with each other in different languages. This job can be done from home and offers fair flexibility in terms of scheduling. However, one must take breaks and avoid standing for extended periods of time to avoid physical strain. Interpreters also need to be prepared for unexpected or tricky situations that could be emotionally challenging.

How to Find And Successfully Work In An In-person Job During Pregnancy?

Finding and successfully working in an in-person job during pregnancy can be a challenging experience, but it is possible.

When considering the best jobs for pregnant women that include on-site availability, here is what you should keep in mind.


The first step is to communicate with potential employers about your pregnancy. Including any accommodations or leave that you may require. Once again, it’s important to know your rights and the legal protections available to pregnant employees.

Consider Your Role Carefully

When searching for a job, consider the physical demands and schedule required for the position. Jobs that require long periods of standing or heavy lifting may not be suitable for pregnant women. Therefore, look for jobs that offer flexible hours, the ability to take breaks, and other accommodations such as a comfortable place to sit or access to water.

Self-Care on the Job

It’s also important to prioritize self-care while working during pregnancy. Take breaks when needed, stay hydrated, and avoid heavy lifting or other strenuous activities. Always wear comfortable shoes and clothing that accommodate your growing belly. Also, make sure to discuss any concerns or symptoms with your healthcare provider.

Self-Care on the Job

Seek Support

Finding a supportive workplace is key to having a successful pregnancy while working. Consider reaching out to other pregnant employees or talking to a human resources representative about available accommodations. Specifically, seek out workplace policies that support pregnant employees, such as flexible work hours, access to lactation rooms, and parental leave.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends, family, or coworkers. Pregnancy can be a challenging time, and having a supportive network can make all the difference. But by taking care of yourself and seeking out supportive work environments, you can successfully navigate working during your pregnancy.

How Can You Support a Pregnant Partner During Their Job Search?

If you are in a relationship with a pregnant person who is job searching, there are several ways you can support them. First, you can offer to help with the research process. This can include researching potential job opportunities and employers who may be more accommodating to pregnant workers or those with families

For instance, you could help them look for companies that offer flexible work arrangements, parental leave, or childcare benefits.

Another way to support your partner is to provide emotional support. Job searching can be stressful, and pregnancy can add another layer of anxiety. So, take the time to check in with them regularly and ask how they are feeling. Listen to their concerns and provide encouragement. Offer to help them practice interview skills or review their resume.

Managing hormone fluctuations…

It’s important to remember that pregnancy is not just a physical experience, but a mental and emotional one as well. Hormonal changes can impact mood and energy levels, so it’s essential to be patient and understanding. Help your partner prioritize self-care and encourage them to take breaks when needed. You can also offer to help with household chores or errands to ease their workload and reduce stress.

Overall, being supportive and understanding during the job search process can go a long way in helping your partner feel more confident and empowered during this exciting yet challenging time.

How To Cope With Workload Stress During Pregnancy?

Working as a pregnant woman can be stressful, especially if you are in a job that is demanding or has long hours. To help cope with the stress that comes with even the best jobs for pregnant women, here are some top tips:

Take Breaks

It’s essential to take frequent breaks to rest and stretch your legs. And this is even more important if you’re sitting at a desk for long periods. So, take a walk, stretch, or do some light exercise to keep your blood flowing and avoid stiffness.

Take Breaks

Stay Hydrated

Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay well hydrated. This will help you maintain your energy levels and reduce the risk of dehydration, which can cause fatigue and other health problems.

Eat Well

A healthy diet is vital during pregnancy. So make sure to eat well-balanced meals and snacks throughout the day. Focus on nutrient-dense foods that provide plenty of protein, fiber, and vitamins.

Communicate with Your Employer

Talk to your employer about your pregnancy and any accommodations you may need, such as more frequent breaks, a more comfortable chair, or a quieter workspace.

Prioritize Your Workload

Identify your most important tasks and focus on completing them first. Try to avoid taking on too much work or taking unnecessary risks, such as lifting heavy objects.

Manage Stress

Pregnancy can be stressful, so it’s essential to find ways to manage stress at work. Take deep breaths, meditate, or practice yoga or other relaxation techniques to help you stay calm and focused.

Get Enough Sleep

Always make sure that you get enough sleep each night to help you stay refreshed and alert during the day. If you’re struggling to sleep, talk to your doctor or a sleep specialist for advice.

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Ok, back to…

Final Thoughts

Finding a job during pregnancy can be challenging. But there are options available in both the traditional and freelance worlds that offer appropriate flexibility and safety.

With some research and preparation, expectant parents can find the perfect job for their needs. It’s also important to remember that pregnancy is not just a physical experience and to provide plenty of emotional support for your pregnant partner.

Finally, make sure to prioritize your workload and manage stress in order to maintain your energy and avoid fatigue. With these tips in mind, you can stay happy and healthy parents-to-be!

Wishing you a happy pregnancy and all te best with getting a perfect job that fits around it!

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