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Best Jobs For Right-Brained People (2023 Guide)

Best Jobs For Right-Brained People

Financial Analyst. Lawyer. Engineer. Do these job titles sound enticing? No? Well, these careers tend to be favored by those that are predominately left-brained thinkers. 

Author. Psychologist. Fashion Designer. Public Speaker. What about these? Being more creative and having less autonomy in your day-to-day work is said to be more appealing to right-brain thinkers.

So, which one are you?

Let us explore The Best Jobs For Right-Brained People as well as the characteristics and advantages of right brain dominance.

The Great Hemisphere Debat

Each side of our brain is constantly lit up with activity no matter what we are doing, even when we are sleeping. There have long been debates on the differences in personality traits between left and right assertive people. With personality types and characteristics dependant on which side of your brain is more dominant when it comes to certain activities.

That being said, our two hemispheres are certainly very different from each other. They house contrasting components for activating and controlling movement and bodily functions. 

Right controls Left and vice versa?

Most interestingly, the right side of the brain controls the left-hand side of the body and vice versa. We are talking about the movement of arms and legs, fingers, toes, elbows, and knees! Even our sight and hearing are controlled by the opposite side of our brain to our body.  

The right hemisphere of our brain enables our emotional intelligence, reasoning, and musical rhythm, to name but a few of the many functions. While the left is more aligned with mathematical skills, information processing, reading, and writing, learning new languages, and excelling at strategic scenarios!

Main Workings of the Right Side Of The Brain

The right side of our brain is fascinating and always working in over time. It is responsible for memory, visual awareness, spatial awareness, and face recognition. It is also in charge of problem solving and reasoning, our imagination, processing of our emotions, and interpreting social cues. As well as music awareness plus the control of the left-hand side of our bodies!

Right Side Thinker Characteristics

Right Side Thinker Characteristics

For those of us who are considered to be leading with the right half of our brain. You might be better at learning by being shown how to do something rather than being told or reading instructions from a book.

  • You prefer to pick up and hold things. To get a good feel for an object from the weight and texture, rather than simply looking at them.
  • You would rather pull out your watercolor pencils and paper or do chalk drawings on the sidewalk. Or set up your paints and easel, as opposed to having to write about it.
  • Passionately discussing topics openly amongst your peers excites you far more than writing your opinion down in essay-style forms. Plus, you are great at answering open-ended questions. The kind that allows your creative thoughts to flow rather than being stifled with multiple choice answers.
  • You are intuitive and can pick up on feelings and moods, know how to read the room, and can empathize with others. You’ll probably have a natural affinity with animals and kids. However, you are often disorganized! 
  • You are in tune with your emotions. Which at times can result in vibrant reactions when you are really passionate about something, whether you mean to or not. 
  • Finally, you are great at problem-solving, can think out of the box, and focus on the big picture in a varying array of scenarios.

What Industries Are Best Suited?

If even only some of the above sounds like you, then you might benefit from exploring a career path better suited to right-brained thinkers.

There is a tonne of careers to research, from psychologists to school teachers, which focus on your emotional and intuitive traits. There are all forms of media artists, and the visual arts, as well as designing thoughtful fashion items for a living. These speak more to your creative and imaginative out-of-the-box thinking attributes. 

Do performance-based arts excite you?

Careers like professional dancing and choreography. Perhaps you have a natural ability to express yourself through music composition or writing lyrics, and you are destined for a career in the music industry. With rhythm and spatial awareness being predominant for right-brained people, these paths might be a perfect choice if you have the drive!

The Best Jobs For Right-Brained People

Let’s take a closer look at some of these jobs which are ideal for right-brainers.



Most right-brained folks are indeed advanced when it comes to things like theatrical drama, acting, writing, drawing, and media art. 

Being able to express feelings and thoughts and translate them to the canvas through your creativity, or to create a character on stage with passion and imagination is a great gift! Also, being an artist affords you an irregular working schedule, so you can enjoy your creative freedom as well as a flexible timetable suited to your needs.

Sounds interesting, well depending on your age, find out How to Become a Teen Artist, or for the more flamboyant, our guide to becoming a Makeup Artist.

Graphic Designer 

A graphic designer is another creative career, and instead of using classic paint and pencils to create works of art. You’ll be using a modern version via a computer to create the vision your client holds in their mind for their business logo or sign. Using different fonts and colors, you’ll use your creativity and communication skills along with a good level of technical skills to succeed in this field.  

Learn more by checking out our look at How to Become a Graphic Designer or our in-depth Graphic Designer Job Description and Senior Graphic Designer Job Description.


Let your imagination run wild as a writer! Delving deep into the mind and using your creativity to imagine, plot, research, plan and write amazing and interesting stories for the rest of us to get lost in. 

There is no limit to genres of stories, styles of writing, length of books, etc. And as a right-brainer, you’ll call upon your intuition and wild imagination, and emotions to deliver an engaging story. Interestingly, the language side of being an author lies with the left brain. So this great career choice is a humble mix of the brain’s left and right sides.

Our How to Become a Writer Guide will tell you everything you need to know.

Interior Designer 

Interior Designer 

 As an interior designer, your spatial awareness will really come into play along with your creative and artistic sides, plus strong communicative skills. 

This career path fuses the artistic side of combining colors, lighting, and textures along with spatial awareness with furniture and decorative items placed within the space. All the while understanding your client’s vision and bringing it to fruition. Spaces in a client’s home, office, or brick-and-mortar business require the help of an interior designer.

Interested? Then find out How To Become An Interior Designer?


Management roles involve a strong grasp of people skills and the ability to lead and inspire others. As well as managing others, establishing routines, order, and schedules and making sure the work is getting done! Right brainers are naturally born leaders, can be authoritative as well as nurturing at the same time, thrive in chaos, can see the bigger picture, and deliver results!

With so many management positions available, it’s best to use our search tool and type ‘manager.’ But, as an example, you might be interested in our Media Manager Job Description, our Event Manager Job Description, our Sales and Marketing Manager Job Description, or our Procurement Manager Job Description.

School Teacher 

Being a school teacher calls upon your emotional and people skills as you’ll be working with children who are still learning how to harness and control all of their skills! You’ll need lots of patience and intuition, and be very good at communicating and understanding, all the while calling on your empathy.

 It also requires technical skills to teach fundamental academics at the same time as everything else. Being a school teacher allows you to use many right-brained skills. And in doing so, nurture young minds and help bring out their best qualities and teach them everything that they can do. 

Check out our Teacher Job Description and our Teacher Assistant Job Description for more info. Or perhaps, if you prefer teaching younger kids, then our Pre-K Teacher Job Description, and Childcare Teacher Job Description, will come in handy!

National Park Services 

Many right-brained people love nature and the great outdoors, and want to care about the environment too. So landing a job where you are responsible for maintaining animals in their natural habitats or preserving wildlife etc., is right up your way! Righties prefer to be outdoors, and what better way to tap into your empathy and emotions than being a park ranger?

If you’re ready for the challenge, check out our Park Ranger Job Description.


Having an affinity with animals and wanting the best for them would make the choice of becoming a vet a very rewarding one indeed. 

You don’t need to be only taking care of the neighborhood’s beloved cats and dogs; you can take this profession and travel with it! There are countless organizations around the world supporting indigenous animals, animal rescues, wildlife parks, and sanctuaries that need qualified help. Your love of the great outdoors and empathy when it comes to animals and others will be a great asset in this role.

Ready to help animals in need? Then find out How To Become A Veterinarian or How To Become A Veterinary Technician. Plus, take a look at our Veterinary Assistant Job Description

Camp Facilitator/Councilor

 Having an affinity for children and the great outdoors makes a camp counselor a perfect choice for many right-brainers! They can utilize their leadership skills and people skills to help keep the camp organized, and their creativity comes into play when playing and simply hanging out with the kids. 

Also, your emotional skills are incredibly important when looking after a group of kids 24/7! Getting to spend your days hiking in the woods or canoeing the rivers, camp cooking, and doing art and crafts classes is great for creative, right-brained people. 

Find out more in our Camp Counselor Job Description.

Best Highest Paying Jobs For Right-Brained People


Psychologists are very well paid, and with highly developed emotional intelligence along with great education, right-brained people excel at positions like this. Being able to help people is hugely rewarding and requires empathy, science, and people skills, all of which you’ll have in abundance.

Start your career by checking out How to Become a Psychologist.



An architect is an extension of drawing and media arts, just a well-educated one! With the ability to visualize and create new ideas and mix them with your formal training, working alongside engineers to create amazing structural features sounds like a dream! You’ll create blueprints with detailed designs of buildings, rooms, roads, and bridges. 

Want to know more? Well, all the information you need can be found in our Architect Job Description.

Fashion Designer 

As a fashion designer, you’ll be clothing the nations! Use your creativity and forward-thinking abilities to design fashion accessories, items of clothing, and even entire seasonal lines! There are so many innovative ideas in the fashion world. Your love of the environment and animals might come into good use here. Being able to create more environmentally friendly fabrics and garment-making procedures. 

You might work as an individual or as a part of a team and see your long-term planning, forward-thinking, and even leadership skills married to your creativity for this type of role. 

So check out our Fashion Designer Job Description and the most common Fashion Designer Interview Questions, as well as How To Become A Fashion Designer.

Let Our In-Depth Career Guides Help You Decide!

There are so many careers that are perfect for right-brained people. So, to finish off, for the animal lovers, you may well be interested in our Pet Sitter Job Description or How to Become a Teen Dag Walker if you’re a teenager and looking for part-time work in 2023.

The Best Jobs For Right-Brained People – Final Thoughts

Right-brain-dominant people are great at exploring new ideas and uniquely solving problems. 

Right-brainers naturally visualize the whole picture. They enjoy motivating other people, thinking outside the box, having empathy and emotions come into play with most decisions, and excel at visionary planning.

Good luck in finding the perfect career for you!

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