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Best LinkedIn Recommendation Examples

best linkedin recommendation examples

Are you trying to make your LinkedIn profile as attractive and compelling as possible?

More than 250 million people use LinkedIn, and this is an important tool for business professionals. Especially since employers often look at the LinkedIn profiles of applicants to determine if they have the necessary skills.

The recommendation section is one of the most important parts of your LinkedIn profile. It presents who you are and your most important skills from another person’s perspective.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best LinkedIn recommendation examples and how to make sure that your profile stands out.

best linkedin recommendation examples

What is a LinkedIn Recommendation?

The recommendations section of your LinkedIn profile takes the place of the references section on a traditional resume. It allows potential employers and other professionals to see that you have the necessary skills for the job.

Your professional recommendations are visible to anyone who views your profile. It saves employers the hassle of having to contact your references. Instead of having to send the reference to several people, your references only have to write a recommendation once.

In order to receive professional recommendations, you also need to be prepared to write them for others. Offering to write recommendations for other people can improve your networking relationships. It is a good idea to work out the best time to add content to LinkedIn so that you reach more people.

Who to Ask for a LinkedIn Recommendation?

Unlike traditional references on a resume, LinkedIn recommendations reflect on the people who write them. When a hiring manager reads a recommendation on your profile, they see full details of the person who wrote it. They will then have the option of clicking on the author’s profile and reading all about them.

Therefore, it is important to choose the people who you ask for recommendations carefully. Avoid choosing close family friends or relatives unless you have actually worked together. It is best to choose managers and other professionals who have strong LinkedIn profiles.

How to Post a Recommendation on LinkedIn?

Once one of your professional contacts sends you a recommendation, you can add it to your LinkedIn profile. Fortunately, this is a very quick and easy process. First, click on the More button on your profile and select recommend from the dropdown menu.

In the new pop-up window, choose your relationship to the person you are writing the recommendation for. You also need to select your position in the company when you were working together. You also need to select the position in the company of the person you are writing the recommendation for.

Write the recommendation, review and edit it if necessary, and then click on the Send button. It is a good idea to send a message to the person you have written the recommendation for. You can offer to edit or amend the recommendation slightly if they want.

linkedin recommendation example

The Best Way to Ask For a LinkedIn Recommendation

Asking people for favors can be tricky, especially in the professional world. Fortunately, LinkedIn offers a default message that you can use to contact people who you do not know well. However, adding a personalized message can dramatically increase your chances of receiving a response.

To utilize the default message, click on the ‘ask for a recommendation’ button in the recommendation section. You then need to select the name of the person you want to contact. You also need to choose the position and relationship at the time when you worked together.

If you prefer, you can write your own recommendation request. It is best to keep it as short and simple as possible. Try to limit your message to a single paragraph.

Tips for Creating a Great LinkedIn Testimonial

When you are asked to write a recommendation, you need to craft it carefully for maximum impact. After all, a large number of professionals are likely to view your recommendation and will judge your writing skills. Here are some tips on how to write an impressive LinkedIn recommendation.

Make it personal

It is important to make sure you explain your relationship to the person you are recommending. Perhaps you worked closely with them for several years or worked as their manager. The person who is reading the recommendation needs to know how you know that the recipient has certain skills.

While you need to make sure that the recommendation is positive, it also needs to be believable. Avoid making statements about the person that you do not really believe. When highlighting certain skills, give a personal example from a time when you worked together.

the linkedin recommendation example

Think about the recipient’s goal

Before writing a recommendation, check in with the person and find out which skills they want to highlight. You should also read the summary of their work experience and skills on their profile. This will help guide you towards the elements to include in your recommendation.

Be professional

All elements of your LinkedIn profile and interactions should be as professional as possible. Even if you know the person outside of work, you should only refer to their work and professional skills. Make sure that you avoid providing feedback or reviewing the person and keep the recommendation to the point.

Keep it as short and to the point

While you have up to three thousand characters at your disposal, there is no need to use all of them. Break your recommendation up into short paragraphs to make it easier to read. It is best to limit your recommendation to three paragraphs that are easy to scan.

Grab the reader’s attention

The recommendation should start by stating something that the person does well. You can then go on to give an example of a time when they used this special skill at work.

End with a strong statement

Finish the recommendation on a high note, letting the reader know that they are a strong candidate. Your recommendation may be the very thing that convinces an employer to make a job offer. You should find a natural way to state that the person would be a valuable asset to the company.

Creating the Perfect LinkedIn Profile

While the recommendation section is important, you also need to make sure the rest of your profile is impressive. You need to start by adding a professional profile photo.

It is important to spend time crafting your profile summary so that it paints you in the best possible light. The summary should highlight your key skills while also showing a little of your personality.

Next, it is time to complete or update the experience section of your profile. Make sure that you use the LinkedIn Best Practices as a guide of what to include. All of your accomplishments should be clearly outlined as well as everything you have done in your career.

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Back to today’s topic…

Final Thoughts

In the past, employers would usually ask applicants for letters of recommendation. However, in today’s digital world, these have mainly been replaced by LinkedIn recommendations. These recommendations can make all the difference and can help you to get hired.

It is important to choose the people you ask for a reference carefully. Some people are better than others at expressing themselves and writing recommendations. You also need to be prepared to return the favor by writing strong recommendations for other people.

All the best with your recommendations.

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