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Best Medical Jobs for Felons

Best Medical Jobs for Felons

The medical field has always been considered to be one of the most attractive when it comes to jobs. Considering certain positions in this sector is a good place to start. As a felon, it is always challenging when pursuing any type of career. This is especially true for a path within the health care system.

This is not to say that ex-offenders cannot work within the system. It may just prove to be quite difficult as there are certain regulations in place when it comes to it. When applying for a job there are certain aspects that need consideration.

The healthcare system is in constant change and it features unique possibilities. This may be a good thing as felons may join this sector. Job positions in this particular area of employment make it viable for some ex-offenders when considering a workplace. It now features a more open scenario. this proves to create a suitable area for hiring ex-convicts.

Good News

There is a Growing need for healthcare workers. The untapped potential needs consideration when referring to an individual with a criminal history.

With this in mind, government agencies are taking steps into eliminating obstacles. Certain areas of the healthcare system would benefit from more workers. These areas are where felons and ex-convicts are taken into consideration.

Finding the best man for the job is the idea. It will be made easier when shifting from a conventional approach.

1 The growing healthcare system has created a demand and individuals with a criminal record can provide the supply

2 Using new and improved screening methods on a country level

3 Taking out licensing by the federal and state government ensures an easier process

4 The health care system may improve with the right individuals as its workforce

How to Approach a Job Within The Medical System As a Felon?

An ex-convict should improve his or her status in order to have better chances at a medical job.

The following tips can be a start:

  • Expunge charges – Removing certain charges is enough time has passed. If a probation period has been completed and community service has also been done it may help.
  • References – As is true for all job applications references are a great way to start. Finding at least two people who may vouch for an upcoming application. A written statement can make a difference.

best medical jobs for felon

  • Attitude – The best way to maintain a job for any individual is to give it all in the workplace. This is especially true for a felon. The stigma still exists when it comes to hiring an ex-convict. Work hard and maintain integrity, these two will prove to be the best way to go about it.

The Screening Process, Background Check

Jobs provided by the healthcare system often have to do with people, a background check is imminent. There is no way going around this, there are some strict rules in place. An individual having a criminal record will not be automatically taken out of the possible candidate’s list.

Background checks will include but are not limited to arrests, misdemeanors, and other possible convictions. The way to go about this is to keep the employer informed. Providing information about prior convictions when asked is considered a good example.

Licensing and Validation

A convicted individual may have access to certain positions within the health care system. When it comes to jobs in this sector there are some different licensing requirements and certain policies. Each of these rules may come to apply when considering felons.

The difference is made when a specific medical area is involved. It also comes down to specific state and licensing board rules.

To give just one example, for a medical assistant you can address three different boards. These are AAMA – American Association of Medical Assistants, AMT – American Medical Technologists, and NHA – National Healthcare Association.

The complex nature of the medical system makes it hard for felons to get a job. Certain types of convictions make an individual ineligible if taken into consideration.

Will a Felon Have Success in Finding a Job in The Medical Field?

This is true to a degree as stated before, there are some challenges. The most striking one is the fact that medical professionals require certain credibility. This is not to say that an ex-convict will not have credibility. A criminal record is less desirable when considering a job. The healthcare system basis itself on people being responsible for the life of others.

medical jobs for felon

Work in this sector will focus on taking the best care of people. A felon might be kind and carrying but a criminal record is a stigma. It will prove difficult but not impossible for an individual who has been deemed as a criminal to secure a job.

In order to exclude some of the stigma related to hiring certain practices the EEOC recommends the following:

  • The specific offense, what crime has been committed
  • Elapsed time since the offense or completion of sentence
  • Nature of the position to be occupied

Jobs Provided by The Healthcare System

Certified Nursing Assistant

It is an entry-level position within the medical system. It has to do with taking care of people. An individual looking for such a position will need to be kind, empathic, and very attentive to details. The job requires things like bathing and dressing patients, helping patients eat, checking vital signs, and cleaning beds and rooms.

medical jobs for felons

To have access to this position an ex-convict would need to become certified. The Department of Health or State Board of Nursing issues this type of certification. Each state has its own rules and regulations. Treating each job application individually ensures a transparent process.

Billing and Coding Medical Records

Billing is a big part of the health care system. This position will make sure providers, insurance companies, and patients are kept in the loop. The codes used to describe a patient’s medical history and are already in place as a system.

The work needed implies analysis of the medical records, putting the right code alongside each record, and managing detailed information. The result is patient confidentiality while billing insurance providers.

Administration Assistants

A position as an administration assistant represents a viable option. This path helps the physicians and other medical staff. It requires clerical work, it is basically a desk job.

Among other responsibilities individuals that occupy this position will need to organize patient files, answering phones, and scheduling appointments. There are also tasks as submitting insurance forms, filling in medical records, and keeping the medical staff up to date on their schedule.

Home Care Aid

This area of the healthcare system is a great way to start for a felon. There are possibilities here that individuals can take advantage of. As it stands this particular position is an essential role within the system. There are many patients who need care and assistance.

medical job for felons

This job deals with patient monitoring, housekeeping, bathing, and dressing. Other responsibilities may include helping family members with the patient’s movements and teaching special techniques to improve the patient’s well-being.


Dealing with the health of individuals is achievable in various ways. Being part of the alternative medicine field is one way. By securing a position within this area ex-convicts unlock another rewarding area.

They may often be suited for such jobs as follows:

  • Homeopathy
  • Acupuncture
  • Regenerative medicine
  • Ayurvedic medicine

The completion of a licensing program is not a must and certifications are not mandatory but nice to have. Having a prior conviction is not so harmful when looking for a job in this area of the healthcare system.


As mention before, starting a new career path may look hard at any given time. It requires focus, determination, and a certain set of skills. The healthcare system is always growing, and it needs professionals to maintain its status.

Disregarding those individuals who might have a criminal record when it comes to job openings will become a thing of the past. There are a couple of openings that may suit ex-convicts. Taking into consideration the right attitude is also of help and other aspects like information is always handy.

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