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10 Best Neighborhoods In Manhattan

Upper West Side

Ah, Manhattan. This iconic island in New York City is well-known for its vibrant cultural scene, towering skyscrapers, and diverse neighborhoods. From bustling Times Square to serene Central Park, it truly is a mosaic of societies, lifestyles, and people.

With over 40 distinct neighborhoods, each with its own personality and vibe, choosing where to live in Manhattan is a daunting task. So, how do you decide?

Here, you’ll find the 10 best neighborhoods in Manhattan to help make that decision a little easier.

Upper West Side

Running between Central Park and The Hudson River, The Upper West Side is a fascinating neighborhood. Filled with leafy streets, elegant brownstones, and cultural landmarks, it’s a charming area to while away the days. It’s also home to some of the city’s best schools, including the world-renowned Colombia University.

The Upper West Side also happens to contain several famous cultural institutions. Why not spend an educational afternoon at The American Museum of Natural History? And, in the evening, follow that up with a night of culture and entertainment at either The Lincoln Center or The Beacon Theatre.

Upper West Side

Fabulous for foodies…

If you’re something of a gourmet, The Upper West Side is the place to be. It’s a haven for foodies, with an enormous array of restaurants and bars serving every type of cuisine imaginable. Plus, it has awesome public transport links, with multiple subway and bus lines running through.

Greenwich Village

Affectionately known as ‘The Village’ by its residents, Greenwich Village is a bohemian neighborhood in lower Manhattan. It’s known for its artistic spirit and energetic nightlife. The Village tends to attract the lovers, dreamers, and creators of the world. As far back as the 50s, it was a magnet for people of the beat generation and continues to exude that vibe today.

An architects dream

With its historic buildings and quaint brownstones, The Village is legendary for its picturesque streets and cobblestoned alleys. The culinary scene is pretty awesome here, too, boasting a whole host of trendy coffee shops, pop-up restaurants, and vegan cafes. And, of course, it’s home to many classic landmarks, such as Washington Square Park and The Stonewall Inn.


Tribeca is shorthand for ‘triangle below Canal Street.’ It’s a chic neighborhood known for its upscale lofts, designer boutiques, and impressive art galleries. Once known as a hub of industry, it’s since been transformed into a fashionable enclave for the city’s elite.


Money, Money, Money…

Money talks in Tribeca. With luxurious living spaces and stunning waterfront views, it’s a desirable place to live for many wealthy citizens. And it’s a great place to live, too, housing the Michelin-starred Eleven Madison Park, and the hip place to be seen, Locanda Verde.

O.K. It’s not for those on a budget. But hey, you get what you pay for! Tribeca is the ultimate location for those who can afford a life of luxury.


In the past, Chelsea was famously home to artists and musicians such as Andy Warhol, Patti Smith, and Leonard Cohen. The latter even sang about it in his 1974 ‘Chelsea Hotel No. 2’. Since then, however, its gritty streets have undergone something of a transformation.

Though it has undergone significant regeneration since the 70s, it remains a center of art and culture. It boasts awesome galleries, including the remarkable Gagosian. It’s perfect for commuters too, with fantastic transport links.

The place to be…

But Chelsea’s crowning jewel has to be the High Line. This 1.5-mile public park was built on an old, elevated railway track. Popular with both locals and tourists alike, it offers incredible views of both the city skyline and the Hudson River.


SoHo stands for South of Huston Street. And much like its London counterpart, it’s one of the trendiest neighborhoods around. SoHo is ideal for the fashion enthusiasts out there, thanks to its fancy boutiques and hip watering holes.

A landmark neighborhood…

Its cobblestoned streets are lined with cast-iron buildings that house stores and galleries. This led to it being crowned an NYC landmark called SoHo cast iron historic district. It’s also home to the New York City Fire Museum, with its collection of vintage fire-fighting equipment.

But it’s shopping where SoHo really shines. Here, you can find designer stores selling everything from Chanel to Versace. If you want to splash the cash, SoHo is the place to do it.


Lower East Side

Ney York’s Lower East Side is an area with a rich and vibrant history. Once a working-class neighborhood, it’s since become a haven for hipsters. People flock here to be seen in its numerous bars, restaurants, and pop-ups.

Living history…

The Lower East Side’s blue-collar roots haven’t been totally lost, though. You can learn all about them at the Tenement Museum. Here, visitors have the chance to discover all about the neighborhood’s immigrant past.

And the food is another major draw for this neighborhood. Thanks to its immigrant roots, it plays host to a huge array of restaurants selling cuisines from all over the world. Be sure to try a giant pastrami sandwich at the infamous Katz Deli!

Hell’s Kitchen

This neighborhood was named for the notorious Hell’s Kitchen gang, which roamed the streets during the late 19th and early 20th century. At the time, it was known for its high crime rate, poverty, and somewhat unsavory reputation. But happily, that’s no longer the case today.

These days, Hell’s Kitchen boasts a vibrant and diverse community. Despite its transformation into an upscale neighborhood, it still has a strong sense of self and belonging. Residents and tourists alike can often be found strolling its tree-lining streets or relaxing at one of its many public parks.

Foodie fantasy…

But the food scene is where Hell’s Kitchen really stands out. Many of the world’s top chefs have opened restaurants in the area, drawing food lovers from all over the globe. These restaurants can indeed be on the pricey side, but they offer an unforgettable culinary experience that’s worth the cost.

East Village

Next, on my rundown of the 10 Best Neighborhoods In Manhattan, the East Village is a neighborhood with a rich history and eclectic vibe. Once known as the center of the counterculture movement, it’s evolved into a community filled with artists, musicians, students, and young professionals. It also boasts a huge range of things to do, from historical landmarks and cultural attractions to hip bars and restaurants.

Punk never dies…

The East Village contains the world-famous music venue CBGBs. This iconic venue was once the home of the punk movement, hosting bands like The New York Dolls, Iggy and The Stooges, and The Ramones. While it closed down in 2006, the neighborhood continues to hold hundreds of live music events in its numerous venues, such as The Bowery Ballroom and The Mercury Lounge.

But it’s not all about the music. The East Village has other things to offer as well. Not only is it a thriving arts community, but it’s also known for its nightlife, with an enormous range of bars and clubs to suit anyone’s taste.

East Village


Whether you’re interested in exploring its cultural heritage or just want to try some of its delicious cuisine, Harlem is the place to be! With strong roots in African American culture, it’s an awesome place to find a richly diverse community. Despite facing racial discrimination and economic hardship in the past, Harlem has grown to become one of the most popular areas in Manhattan for both tourists and people looking to settle down.

Take in a show…

One of the most famous landmarks in Harlem has to be the Apollo Theatre. This beacon of American culture was a hub for African American performers during the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s and 30s. Today it continues to host concerts, comedy shows, and various other events.

Harlem is also home to many cafes and restaurants serving authentic African American dishes. Take Sylvia’s restaurant, for example, a Harlem institution since 1962 selling delicious southern soul food. Other notable watering holes include Red Rooster, Melba’s, and Amy Ruth’s.

Meatpacking District

Thanks to its name, the Meatpacking District can sound pretty unappealing to many people. The truth of the matter is, though, that this is one of Manhattan’s most sought-after neighborhoods! It’s a shopper’s paradise due to its many high-end clothing stores.

Meatpacking District

And that’s not all…

But it’s not only a place for splashing the cash. The Meatpacking District is also known for its incredible architecture. Those stores are hidden inside beautiful historic buildings that have been repurposed for modern use.

Despite its transformation into an upscale neighborhood, the Meatpacking District has not forgotten its roots. The area’s cobblestone streets and old buildings are a reminder of its pasts. And many of the local businesses work to preserve the neighborhood’s unique character.

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Final Thoughts

Manhattan has something for everyone. It’s a plethora of distinct neighborhoods, each with something to offer. Whether you’re seeking a bustling urban environment or a quiet residential area, Manhattan has a neighborhood for you.

And each of these neighborhoods has a unique charm and character that helps it stand out. But ultimately, the best Manhattan neighborhood for you will depend on your preferences and lifestyle. However, with so many awesome neighborhoods to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect home in this amazing city.

Enjoy your move or visit to Manhatten!

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