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Best Online Jobs for Students

best online jobs for students

Are you a student interested in earning some extra money whilst studying?

Or have you recently considered working online from home?

Well… you’re not alone. You might not be surprised to learn that a large majority of students are also motivated to work online during their free time if given the opportunity. That’s right! The job market is flourishing with like-minded job seekers that want to balance working and studying.

So, let’s take a look at the Best Online Jobs for Students and see what amazing opportunities are waiting for you!

best online jobs for students

Students Want To Learn And Earn!

Despite students having a busy schedule, chances are it’s possible to fit in some extra time to work. Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2019, younger people are willing to consider the unique work and study-at-home lifestyle.

The best part about online work is that it’s accessible and in high demand. Because of the vast opportunities at stake online, it’s worth taking advantage of this new work environment and exploring your options. So, in this guide, I’d like to share some inspirational ways to make money online as a student.

Why Choose To Work Online?

To put it simply, why not make the extra cash if you have the time. The best part about temporary or part-time work during the summer break is that it’s easier to balance school commitments and make money simultaneously.

With the online market becoming increasingly widespread, it’s much easier to find a stable income in the comfort of your own home. Students, therefore, are pursuing online possibilities and relishing them! So, whether you’re in school or university, online work could be the perfect solution to make some cash.

Save and Spend More

The broad diversity of work prospects on the internet means it’s easier to land an attractive job from home. So, why not be productive and earn some extra pocket money when you can? There are many ways to save money, and why not start now before you graduate?

Or, if you prefer, you can use the cash for your much-needed summer holiday expenses too. Whichever way you prefer to save and spend your money, there’s an ideal job waiting for you.

Best Online Jobs for Students To Work From Home

Accomplish online work fast and easily as a student…

Listed below are the most professional and highly paid ways to earn money as a student without having to jump through too many hoops in the process. You can also use these jobs on your resume, which promotes your chances of getting noticed by recruiters after you graduate.

You’ll be surprised to learn how effortless and fast it can be to earn online as a student. Whether you’re in school, college, or university- we’ve gathered the best jobs that can motivate and encourage you to try something new. Online work is prevalent and certainly differs from the typical work routine.

Freelance Work

By far, becoming a freelancer in this digital age is becoming a favored trend. Many online jobs can fall under the umbrella term ‘freelance,’ which represents multifarious jobs. Sometimes, no specific qualifications or previous experience is necessary.

Although some companies may prefer a school diploma, degree, or some sort of qualification. Though, usually, what’s required is excellent communication skills, a computer, fast internet connection, and the competence to work well. If you’re a student, then let’s face it, you’re already ticking these boxes, right?…

Why We Like It?

Becoming a freelancer is convenient because you can ultimately set your schedule and charge whatever you want. Though, if you initiate a work agreement with a client, you’ll be subject to their contract terms. So make sure your working hours do not clash with your studies. Nevertheless, this job is perfect for students that also need to balance schoolwork or want free time to do other things.

best online job for students

How to Apply?

Top jobs as a Freelancer include Content Writer, Online Tutor, Blogger, Virtual Assistant, Website Editors and Designer, and Graphic Designers. You can learn more about The Best Freelance Jobs For College Students on Fiverr or UpWork, which are online marketplaces for freelance work. Simply sign up to their websites, start building a profile, and apply for roles immediately.

Online Tutor Jobs

Without a shadow of a doubt, working as an online tutor has become an on-trend and rewarding role to pursue. You get the excellent opportunity to work with people worldwide and teach them online. Assuming you are proficient in your language, this job is an easy role because speaking your language comes naturally.

Furthermore, it doesn’t require any fancy knowledge or qualifications to get started, unless you intend to pursue teaching as a career when you graduate, in which case, you should develop your teaching skills. The main responsibilities will be to simply have conversations and support others to develop their language capabilities and overcome mistakes in the process. Sounds great, right?

Why We Like It?

Working as an online tutor in a similar way to other freelance work, enables you to charge your rates and choose a schedule that fits your school routine. You’ll be earning money whilst helping children or adults develop their language skills, and the best thing yet… it’s all from the comfort of your own home.

Online tutoring can therefore be a fun experience, and speaking with others will certainly break the days up if you are studying in between.

How to Apply?

You can take a look at The 7 Best Online Tutoring Jobs of 2023, and you’ll find some more options to apply and work as a language tutor. Simply choose from any of these top-rated online tutoring jobs and register with the website of your choice. Start to build your profile, and before you know it, you could be attracting students and making money.


Another type of freelance work is offering proofreading services online. Becoming a proofreader is in high demand. If you have an eye for detail and you’re attentive to grammar mistakes, then this online work could be for you.

There are countless amounts of published documents, data, and information circulating on the internet every waking second, and these are more ways for you to make cash! Many clients and companies need dedicated students just like you to be their proofreaders and editors.

Why We Like It?

Proofreading and editing content is relatively manageable to do, especially if you have an eye for detail. If you’re careful with your work, then it could be leisurely! Again, proofreading doesn’t require much thought, just your ability to detect errors and make slight improvements. There are many opportunities to earn as a proofreader and a number of websites that will enable you to do the work.

best online job for student

How To Apply?

Search for ‘Proofreading Jobs for Beginners’ and then start applying for proofreading and editing roles. Similar to language tutoring, you’ll need to be fluent and attentive to detect errors and make corrections.

Freelance Writing

Do you have a flair or passion for writing? Maybe you have a specific interest in an area that can be sold or marketed online. If so, then why not try and see if you can write about something professionally. In the freelance industry, there’s an abundance of different writing roles that you can specialize in.

You can choose to become an editor, a blogger for websites, a copywriter, a creative writer, or a ghostwriter. The options are limitless in the freelance writing market, and you can find an ideal writing role that suits you. To find out more about the types of writing services you could offer, check out The Top 10 Freelance Writers That You Can Become and find your niche!

Why We Like It?

Just like other specialties of freelance work, becoming a writer can be a straightforward online job if you enjoy it. Clients may give generous amounts of money for professional and skilled writers, and the industry is typically quite lucrative.

As a student, you’ll be able to choose your schedule and write content for clients on a weekly or monthly basis. Each contract differs. Just make sure you can complete the work reliably and on time, as some clients demand a certain amount of content to be written regularly. So make sure you can stick to the contractual agreements and that the working hours fit well with your study schedule.

A fun and creative outlet…

Depending on the area you specialize in, writing can be a creative and fun outlet, especially if you can choose what to write about. Also, once you can gain more experience, then naturally your skills will improve. This means that you’ll be able to write more content at a prompt pace and increase your rates.

Freelance writing is particularly interesting because it unleashes several different types of subjects or projects to write about, so there’s always new content to create every time. This also means you’re less likely to get bored with your work.

How To Apply?

To apply to become a freelance writer, you can sign up to a freelance website and look for jobs instantly. To prepare well for this role, you could also start building a suitable work profile or online portfolio to attract recruiters.

If you don’t have any experience writing, then it’s worth doing some research online and learning the latest techniques. Familiarize yourself with the necessary skills required to be an effective writer, and how to best produce content that stands out from the crowd.

You’ve got to stand out…

Many freelance websites enable you to apply to job boards and make proposals to a job listing. This process can be competitive, so you’ll also need to learn how to make a long-lasting proposal and get noticed.


Working as a transcriber is a simple task and doesn’t require any forward-thinking skills. So if you’re a student that wants to earn some quick and easy cash without having to use your creativity in the process, then transcribing could be for you.

It’s not to say that transcribing doesn’t require any intelligence, but it’s far easier to do than the other roles. You simply have to write what you hear. Though, it does require a fast typing speed, good listening abilities, and an attentive mindset to get the job done.

Why We Like It?

Transcribing is an accessible money earner for most and usually does not require previous experience, and it’s an online job that you can start immediately without learning how to do it. It’s not too over-complicated either, and most people can do it.

The job requirements are therefore precise, and that’s what makes it attractive to many freelancers. So, if you are working under a strict schedule at school or college and want to find an easy and quick solution to make extra cash, then transcribing could be the perfect online role for you.

How To Apply?

It’s best to apply directly on companies’ websites and register your profile. You’ll then have the option to browse related jobs and update your profile whenever you need to. Before you apply, make sure you make a note of the salary expectations.

Most transcribing websites pay per minute, or per hour of audio transcribed, so you must envision how long it will take you to transcribe this amount. Here’s the catch, don’t get confused and expect to be paid for a minute or hour of your time spent.

Test Websites

Testing websites can be a simple and entertaining alternative to researching, writing, and reading content. The other roles listed above involve working with most of these aspects. On the other hand, testing websites just requires you to visit, evaluate and review services for companies.

If you have a passion for shopping in the consumer market and feel like making the internet a better place for customers, then this is for you. Some transcribing websites require you to video/screen share your review and speak about it.

Doesn’t pay too badly…

The pay is relatively decent for the work, and you don’t have to think too much or research to be successful at testing websites. Although, it does require some logic, and you have to evaluate and construct your viewpoint with the testing website. So, becoming a website tester could make a refreshing change and switch up your study or work routine at home.

online job for student

Why We Like It?

Unlike other freelance work, some testing websites only require you to evaluate for up to 30 minutes before earning. Therefore, it’s less of a time-consuming activity compared to other online work. The best part yet is that you only need to give your opinion about global services, products, and brands to get paid.

All you need to be an effective web tester is some knowledge on how to work computers and how to navigate pages on the internet. You also need to be confident enough to freely give your thoughts and express what you think about the services or websites. Remember, you’re getting paid to be critical and give honest feedback!

How To Apply?

Check out the most highly related test website, such as User Testing. To get started, all you need to do is register on the website and finish an assessment that comprises several tasks before continuing.

The registration assessment will determine whether you’re the right fit for the company and whether you understand the instructions before taking on real work. If you carefully follow the directions, instructional video, and other tips, then you should have a fair chance of getting hired.

Feeling Inspired And Finding A Job

Bustling with opportunity

Finding a job as a student suddenly feels a lot easier, doesn’t it? And it is a straightforward process once you put your mind to it. There is something out there for every student. The beauty of the freelance world is that there are so many industries to specialize in. Working online opens many doors to new possibilities to earn enough money.

Healthy and productive work-study balance

Maintaining a healthy work-study balance as a student is the priority So, the best part?… This can easily be achieved with online work. Take advantage of working from home. It’s much easier to find the right work-study balance and create your schedule when you have an online job.

Choosing your hours is convenient because your daily routine will always be structured according to you. No plans and errands will overlap, making it easier to manage what you need to do! Finding the right balance between work, leisure, and studying is the prerogative, and you can make it happen!

Freelance Work Is The Way To Go!

Well, let’s first give you a few work alternatives from our website with the Best Jobs For College Students and the Best Summer Job Ideas For High School College Students in 2023.

Freelance writing means freedom in your work, and what a great way to do it! So, check out Make Money As A Freelance Writer: 7 Simple Steps to Start Your Freelance Writing Business & Earn Your First $1,000, and How Writers Make Money – Find Freelance Writing Jobs & Make A Full-Time Living, Freelance Writing: How to Make Money and much much more!

We also recommend reading Freelance Writing: 66 Proven Websites That Will Pay You To Write & Immediately Increase Your Income! to get searching online, as well as How To Make Money As A Freelance Writer, or perhaps Make Money Selling Freelance Writing Articles and finally The Freelance Content Marketing Writer: Find your perfect clients, Make tons of money and build a business you love all available online in 2023.

Final Thoughts

So, what are you waiting for?… Browse the various online jobs listed in this guide and start applying today to earn.

If you require further guidance about any of the freelance roles listed above, then just search the internet for more tips. Once you have the desired job in mind, remember that you can make it happen! Remember, after you experience the appeal of working online, you might never turn back.

The very best of luck finding an Online Student Job that suits you!

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