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Best Part-time Jobs for Felons

Best Part-time Jobs for Felons

Adjusting to life after prison might be an issue for felons. Some of their rights will be taken away. In some cases, they will face discrimination. Finding a job won’t be easy. Most people aren’t willing to hire felons at a go. As a result, it’s possible for felons to be jobless for a while. While they wait for better options, they should look into part-time jobs.

A part-time job is any job that runs for less than 35 hours per week. Part-time workers constitute about 17% of the workforce in America. Part-time time jobs pay fairly well. For felons, they could serve as a good source of income. For a while, at least.

The good thing is, most part-time jobs are felon-friendly. Yes, employers might run a formal background check. It’s good for felons to be honest about their background while applying. Still, employers are more concerned with their employee’s delivery.

Where To Find Part-time Jobs As A Felon?

 Part-time jobs can be found easily. There are quite a number of places felons can go to. Here are a few:

  • Local Shops/Stores: Many businesses offer part-time jobs. Ideally, felons can walk into any business establishment and check for vacancies. They could apply directly as a food server, package delivery man, etc. It’s advisable to be on the lookout for any job offers. Keeping one’s ears to the ground also helps. Friends and family might have useful information. They might know of spots open for part-time work. Plus, they can put in a good word.

best part time jobs for felon

  • Craigslist.com: If the first option isn’t forthcoming, Craigslist.com is the next best thing. Many ex-convicts have touted praises about Craigslist. They’ve expressed success in getting jobs from this site. Here, many small businesses post vacancies for applicants. And, it’s easier for felons to get such jobs. Another advantage is variety. There are multiple listings. They are also diverse. So, felons can choose which sector they’d prefer to work in.
  • Ziprecruiter.com: This is another site felons can check. They have a couple of listings that will suit them. Also, they can streamline their search to “felon-friendly.” The results will only show jobs that hire felons.
  • Temp agencies: Temp agencies offer great help. What’s unique is, they submit applications to different employers. There are also a wide array of part-time jobs available. Felons automatically increase their chances by submitting through temp agencies.

List Of Part-time Jobs For Felons

Here are a few part-time jobs for felons:

Package Delivery

Large corporations are always on the look-out for part-time time workers. For instance, Walmart and Amazon. Felons can apply to deliver packages. Many online shopping websites will also need package delivery workers. There are also delivery companies that hire felons.

best part time job for felon

Some of them are:

1  FedEx


3 R+ L Carriers


Usually, the working hours are divided into shifts. The pay is around $10-13 per hour.


Felons can also work as part-time drivers. Ride-sharing services is a growing business. Also, they hire part-time drivers. The pay is around $12-15 per hour. Felons can work for Uber or Lyft. One pro of this job is flexibility. However, there are a few things felons should be ready for.

best part time jobs for a felon

Some of these include:

  • Felons with violent or sexual crimes might be denied. Employers might not feel comfortable letting their customers drive with felons who’ve committed such crimes.
  • There might be more expenses because of the wear and tear of the vehicle. Uber won’t take care of the driver’s car for the most part.
  • Insurance policies may not cover the driver’s safety and car.

Food Delivery

Felons can work part-time for restaurants and caterers. This is also a great option. It’s somewhat similar to delivering packages. One difference is the work hours. Food delivery workers may have to work at night. For this reason, some employers may have reservations about hiring felons. Regardless, most restaurants are willing to hire, even with a criminal background. The pay food delivery workers get is about $9-11 per hour.

Food Server/Waiter

Another part-time job in the food sector is a food server. Felons can work in coffee shops and restaurants. They can help serve food. This job is also felon-friendly. Food servers will earn about $12-15.

Online Freelancer

This is the most diverse part-time job. Felons can work as anything. For instance, writer, graphic designer, app developer, and so on. One advantage is the ability to work from home. Some freelance jobs may require more technical skills. For instance, app development. For this, felons might need to acquire some skills. That is, if they don’t have already.

the best part time job for felon

Here are some sites for freelancers to work:

1 Upwork.com

2 Freelancer.com

3 PeoplePerHour.com

4 FreelanceWritinggigs.com

5 SimplyHired.com

Earnings will vary greatly according to the job. Also, it depends on the number of jobs done. Felons can earn as high as they want. But, it will require effort. Also, they need to hone their skills. On these sites, they will have to bid for jobs along with their competitors.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants are like personal and administrative assistants that work from home. Here is a list of things they do:

  • Manage social media accounts. For instance, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Book meetings and organise online events.
  • Keep online calendars.
  • Chat online with customers. They respond to complaints and resolve issues.

Most virtual assistants earn about $10-13 per hour. Virtual assistants can manage multiple clients. Their business could graduate from part-time to full-time.

Sales Associate

This is probably the easiest part-time job for a felon to get. Even though they get rejected in one compartment of the store, another may hire them. Many stores hire felons as sale associates. Large chain stores like Walmart, Costco and Macy’s are examples. Felons don’t need special skills to qualify for this job. Still, they must be very presentable and friendly. The employer needs to see that they are willing to work hard.

part time jobs for a felon

Warehouse Associate

Walmart and Amazon are examples of corporations that’ll hire felons as warehouse associates. Thing is, this is for those who don’t mind manual labor. This job is usually seasonal or part-time. Warehouse associates earn $9-11 per hours.

Construction Worker

Felons can work part-time time for construction companies. It could be roofing, gardening, masonry, or general construction. They are always in need of seasonal or part-time workers.


Felons can also apply as part-time receptionists. This position usually requires a formal background check. During the interview, it’s important to mention their criminal history. It’s better to be upfront than the employer finding out later.

Other part-time jobs for felons are:

  • Pet Groomer
  • Pet Sitter
  • Truck Driver
  • Cleaning Services

Why You Should Get A Part-time Job As A Felon?

 Some felons might not want to jump at the idea of working part-time. They might be discouraged by the nature of the work. Moreover, the pay is not as high as full-time jobs. Notwithstanding, having a part-time job can be beneficial to felons. They should consider getting one.

Here are a couple of reasons:

1 Felons can enrol into college during this time. Because of more free time, felons can get a degree. They’ll also be earning in the process. There are many online degrees they can get while working part-time. After a couple of years, they’ll be more qualified to apply for high-paying jobs.

part time job for a felon

2 There could be attractive promotions. A part-time job could be a way for felons to get their foot in the door. It’s possible to work their way up. If they’re diligent, they could get promotions. With time, they would be receiving higher pay.

3 It’s a good way to adjust into society. Working part-time is an honest way to earn. Also, the feeling of working gives the ex-con confidence. As a result, they will have a smooth transition back into society. Moreover, the money they earn can allow then apply for certain grants. These grants will help them get good housing. Ultimately, getting a part-time job might just be a way to start the integration back into society.


Felons need a source of income. With this, they could adjust easily after prison. It’s also difficult to get good housing. They need a job to support them while they wait for something bigger. Part-time jobs are usually felon friendly. Moreover, there are diverse options to choose from. Felons can check local shops and stores for vacancies. Also, they should ask family and friends for possible recommendations. Plus, there are sites they can go to. For instance, Craigslist and Ziprecruiter.

Felons can work in the food sector as food servers. They can also deliver packages during the day or at night. For those who don’t mind manual labor, construction and warehousing are good options. There are also white-collar part-time jobs. Examples include receptionist and administrative assistant. If they wish to work from home, they can work as online freelancers or virtual assistants. Other part-time jobs are cleaning services, pet grooming, and pet sitting.

There are many benefits of working part-time time. During this time, felons can enrol in college. Later on, there could be job promotions. No matter how one looks at it, getting a part-time job is never a bad idea.

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