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Best Places to Get Money Orders Near Me (Full Guide)

The Benefits Of Money Orders

Are you looking for a quick and secure way to send funds to someone you know or a company

Money orders date back to the Civil War and are a fast and reliable way of paying people. They are more secure than a personal check and guarantee the receiver will get their cash. This is a great way of giving funds if you do not have a checking account. While a number of companies offer this service, the fee you will be charged and the availability can vary widely. 

So, if you are wondering, ‘what are the best places to get money orders near me?’, then it’s time to find out…

Money Orders Near You

The Benefits Of Money Orders

The Benefits Of Money Orders

Transferring money using Money Orders is a great way to pay someone. You can do this remotely without having to visit the person you owe cash to. Let’s take a closer look at the main benefits of using this method of transferring.

Guaranteed funds

If you have ever had a check bounce, you will know that it is cause for concern. This will never happen when you purchase a money order. You need to pay in cash or use a credit card to pay for the money order before it is issued. The transaction is backed by a third party like Western Union to ensure the receiver will get paid. 


When you give someone a check, it features a certain amount of bank information on the paper. This can make people who regularly use checks to pay for goods and services vulnerable to fraud. However, money orders do not feature any bank or account information


It is very quick and easy to arrange this transfer of funds. You do not need to have a bank account or line up in a branch of your local bank. The number of companies that offer this service is increasing, making it even more convenient. 


You will receive a receipt when you purchase a money order that includes tracking information. You can use this to cancel the transfer if the money order is lost or stolen. Once it has been canceled, it is very easy to replace a money order. This makes them much safer than carrying a large amount of cash around. 

Best Places To Get Money Orders Near Me? – Who Offers This Service…

A large number of companies in the United States offer Money Orders. It is important to note that the fee for the service can vary and is typically between $0.70 and $1.60. Here are some of the best places to arrange the service, along with the associated fees and other details. 


Which Walmart Stores Have ATM Machines?

If you are planning on doing some shopping, you can arrange a Money Order at the same time. Walmart has partnered with MoneyGram to offer this and other types of financial services. The standard fee is just $1, although some locations may charge slightly more.

You can use a Walmart money card, debit card, or cash to pay. While the usual limit is $1,000, you can transfer more if you have some form of government-issued photo ID. However, it should be noted that Walmart only allows you to cash money orders if they were created at a Walmart location.  


You can transfer up to $500 at your local Publix store, and the usual fee is $0.89. You can pay by debit card or cash, and the service is provided through a partnership with Western Union. However, it is not possible to cash a money order in Publix stores. 

CVS Drugstore

CVS is one of the main pharmacy chains that offer this financial service. You can arrange it at a cash register in any of the company’s stores. The fee is $0.99, and you can transfer up to $500, and you will be asked to show your photo ID. 


This convenience store chain offers a wide range of counter services. Customers can pay their bills, book flights, pay for concert tickets, and top up their cell phones. 7-Elevens are available around the clock, making them great places to use. 

They work in partnership with MoneyGram to provide this special financial service. The maximum amount you can purchase in a single transaction is $500, and you will be charged between $1 and $3. The exact fee for the service varies between locations, and you can pay using cash or a debit card. 


How Much Does Kroger Pay? - How To Apply 

This grocery retailer allows you to do your shopping and arrange financial services in a single trip. You will be charged $.84 if you have a Kroger card. If you do not, the fee is $0.88. The purchase limit is $1,000, and you can pay using cash or a debit card. 


Most locations charge just $.070, making it a very affordable Money Order option. While all K-Mart stores offer the service, the catch is that you can only pay in cash. You can transfer up to $500 at a time, and the retailer is in partnership with Western Union. 


This company offers one of the cheapest ways of purchasing money orders, and the service costs just $0.65. One of the main advantages of choosing Meijer is that you can transfer up to $3,000 per day. You can make the transfer and pay the fee using a debit card or cash. 


Your local Rite-Aid drugstore allows you to transfer up to $500 in a single transaction. Although you cannot cash money orders there, the fee for the transfer is just $0.99. This is a good option if you need to purchase over-the-counter medications at the same time. 

Local Banks

A large number of banks offer this type of service. This includes branches of Wells Fargo, Regions Bank, Chase, Bank of America, and US Bank. You can purchase up to $1,000 in a single transaction.

However, the lines at banks tend to be longer than those at convenience stores. The limited operating hours also make them far less accessible. The service charge is relatively high at $5 per transaction. Although, the exception to this is Regions Bank, which charges a fee of $1 per transaction. 

The Post Office 

Will You Get Charged For Refusing A Package?

Branches of the United States Postal Service are good places to create and cash money orders. You can send funds internationally at your local branch, and the set limit is $700. A great thing about using USPS is you can pay using traveler’s checks as well as debit cards and cash. 

You will be charged $1.30 for a transfer valued at $500 to less. The fee for transfers of between $501 and $1,000 is $1.75. You can also choose a postal military money order and will be charged just $0.45 for this service. 

How To Recognize A Fake Money Order

How To Recognize A Fake Money Order

It’s possible to purchase a money order for as little as $1. Thieves can then alter the value to make it appear larger or create a completely fake slip. Here are two simple ways to spot a fake from the real thing. 

Examine the dollar value

Look closely at the dollar amount to make sure that it has been clearly printed. If the value appears to be discolored or fuzzy, it may have been tampered with. If the value is more than $1,000, this is a clear sign that foul play is involved. 

Check the paper

Like banknotes, money orders are specially marked to make them difficult to forge. The first thing you need to do is hold the paper up to the light and look for a watermark. If there is no watermark, you can be sure that you have been given a forgery.

If the paper was issued by the United States Postal Service, it will feature an image of Ben Franklin. The vouchers that MoneyGram issues feature the company’s logo as a watermark. There will also be a heat-sensitive area that will change color when you touch it. Western Union uses special ink that runs when the voucher is tampered with, along with a special watermark. 

But What If I Lose A Money Order?

But What If I Lose A Money Order?

One of the great things about Money Orders is that they are much safer than cash. If your cash is lost and stolen, you will usually have to say goodbye to it forever. Fortunately, there are two ways of getting your funds if you lose one of these. 

1 Before Giving it to the Recipient

If the voucher has not been cashed yet, you need to cancel it as soon as possible. Contact the issuer and let them know the situation. All the information you need will be printed on your receipt.

The issuer will ask you to complete a cancellation request form and attach a copy of your receipt. They will then tell you how to return the form and the associated cancellation fee. This is likely to be somewhere between $6 and $20, although some issuers charge even more than this.

If you’ve lost your receipt…

You can choose to get a replacement voucher or have the amount refunded in cash. It can take up to two days to process your cancellation request on weekdays. You may need to allow slightly longer on weekends and public holidays. Some issuers allow you to cancel the voucher even if you do not have the receipt. However, the fee for this is quite high and typically starts at $30. 

Before issuing a refund, they will make sure the voucher has not already been cashed. If it has, the case will have to be investigated by the local authorities. Make sure you provide as much evidence as possible to help make the investigation easier. 

2 After receipt as payment

If someone has given you the voucher as payment, it is best to contact them straight away. Ideally, they should be able to give you a copy of the receipt. It is probably best for the other person to keep the original receipt for their records.

You then need to contact the issuing company and follow their instructions. The exact process is likely to vary slightly between different companies. You will usually need to provide some form of a photo ID and other documents that confirm your identity. 

Best Places To Get Money Orders Near Me – Where To Cash One

If you have received a Money Order, it is best to cash it as soon as possible. To do this, most companies will ask you to present your photo ID and sign an official document. You may also be charged a minimal fee before you are given your cash. Here are the types of places you can receive cash. 

Credit Union or bank

You need to visit a branch of the credit union or bank where you have an account. One of the advantages of choosing this method is that you can have it paid straight into your bank account. However, you can also choose to receive cash if you prefer. 

The Post Office

This is a good option if the money order was issued by the United States Postal Service. You will receive the value in cash. 

Retail stores

While many stores offer this service, the money order needs to have been issued by the same company. If you are unsure if the service is available, it is best to head to the customer service counter. Calling ahead or visiting the store’s website could also save you a fruitless trip. 

Check cashing companies

Check cashing companies

Most companies that cash checks can also process Money Orders. It is best to check out the company’s website in advance to discover if they offer this service.

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Best Places To Get Money Orders Near Me? – Final Thoughts

If you need to send someone a little cash, a money order is a good option. This can be especially useful if the person or company receiving it is a long distance away. The service is secure, and the receiver will get the funds quickly.

A large number of companies now offer this popular financial service. The largest value that you can purchase is $1,000. If you need to transfer more than this, it is probably best to use a cashier’s check.

All the best with your safe and secure money transfers.

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