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15 Best Places to Sell Used Rims for Cash

Local Tire Shops

Selling used rims can be a lucrative way to make some extra cash. So, I decided to find the 15 best places to sell used rims for cash. From popular online marketplaces to local classifieds and niche platforms dedicated to wheels and tires, I will help you find the perfect place to sell your rims quickly and efficiently.

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15 Best Places to Sell Used Rims for Cash

1 Local Tire Shops

Selling your used rims to local tire shops can be a convenient and quick option. These often purchase rims to refurbish and resell, so they may be more likely to offer a fair price. However, some shops may not be interested in your specific rims, depending on their inventory and demand.

Negotiating Tips

To get the best price, call several tire shops in your area and inquire about their buying policies. Some may require you to bring the rims to their location for evaluation, while others might be willing to give a rough estimate over the phone. Be prepared to negotiate the price and consider offering a bundle deal if you have other automotive items to sell.

Local Tire Shops

2 Craigslist

Craigslist is a popular online platform that allows you to sell items locally. By posting a detailed ad with pictures and a clear description, you can attract potential buyers and negotiate the price directly. Be sure to check out similar listings for an idea of the current market price and ensure that you’re pricing your rims competitively.

Safety Tips

When using Craigslist, it’s essential to prioritize your safety. Avoid sharing personal information in your ad, such as your home address or phone number. Instead, you may use the platform’s anonymous email feature. Arrange to meet buyers in a public location, and consider bringing a friend for added security.

3 eBay Motors

eBay Motors is a dedicated section of eBay for selling automotive parts and accessories. Just like Craigslist, this platform offers a wide audience, allowing you to sell your rims to buyers across the country. To create a successful listing, include a detailed description of the rims, their condition, and any other relevant information. High-quality photos are essential, as they help buyers make informed decisions.

Shipping and Payment Options

Keep in mind that eBay charges a fee for listing and selling items, so factor this into your pricing strategy. When selling on eBay Motors, you’ll also need to consider shipping options and costs. Choose a reliable shipping carrier and ensure that the rims are packaged securely to avoid damage during transit. Offer buyers multiple payment options, including PayPal, which provides additional security for both parties.

4 Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a great way to sell your used rims locally. With a user-friendly interface and easy access to your local community, you can post your ad quickly and start receiving inquiries. To create an effective listing, provide a clear description of the rims, including their size, brand, and condition. Include multiple photos taken from different angles to showcase the rims accurately.

Facebook Marketplace

Connecting with Local Buyers

Facebook also offers the option to join local automotive enthusiast groups, where you can advertise your rims to a targeted audience. By engaging with potential buyers in these groups, you can increase your chances of making a sale and possibly get more for them.

5 OfferUp

OfferUp has both a website and a mobile app that enable users to buy and sell items locally. With a focus on user safety, OfferUp offers features such as verified profiles and in-app messaging. To sell your rims on OfferUp, download the app, create a profile, and post your listing with clear photos and descriptions. To increase the likelihood of a quick sale, respond promptly to inquiries and be open to negotiation.

Using Verified Profiles

OfferUp’s verified profile feature can help build trust with potential buyers. By verifying your identity and linking your social media accounts, you can demonstrate that you’re a reliable seller. This can make buyers more comfortable when considering your rims for purchase.

6 5Miles

5Miles has a local marketplace app that focuses on connecting buyers and sellers within a 5-mile radius. This app offers a user-friendly interface and secure transaction options. To sell your used rims on 5Miles, download the app, create an account, and post your ad with relevant details and pictures.

Benefits of Local Sales

Selling within your local community has several advantages, including the ability to meet potential buyers in person, which can help build trust and facilitate a smoother transaction. Additionally, local sales eliminate shipping costs and logistics, making the process more straightforward for both parties.

7 Car-Part.com

Car-Part.com is an online marketplace for used auto parts. This platform connects buyers and sellers of automotive components, including rims. To list your rims on Car-Part.com, create an account, enter the required information about your rims, and set a price. Be sure to include important details such as size, brand, model, and condition to help potential buyers make an informed decision.

Reaching a Wide Audience

By listing your rims on Car-Part.com, you can reach a wide audience of automotive enthusiasts and individuals searching for replacement parts. This platform provides a convenient way to connect with buyers who are specifically interested in rims, increasing the likelihood of a successful sale.

8 Auto Salvage Yards

Auto salvage yards often purchase used rims, as they are in constant demand for replacement parts. Contact local salvage yards to inquire about their buying policies and pricing. If they are interested in your rims, you may need to bring them to the yard for inspection before finalizing the sale.

Preparing Your Rims for Sale

Before approaching auto salvage yards, clean and inspect your rims thoroughly. Make a note of any damage or defects, as this information will be important when negotiating a price with the salvage yard. Additionally, be prepared to provide proof of ownership, as some salvage yards may require this documentation.

Auto Salvage Yards

9 Wheel and Tire Forums

Next, in my rundown of the 15 Best Places to Sell Used Rims for Cash, online forums dedicated to wheels and tires can be an excellent place to sell your used rims. Enthusiasts and collectors frequent these forums, providing a targeted audience for your listing. To sell on one of these, create an account, follow the posting guidelines, and provide a detailed description and images of your rims.

Engaging with Enthusiasts

When participating in online forums, engage with fellow enthusiasts by responding to comments and inquiries about your rims. This can help build trust with potential buyers and demonstrate your knowledge and passion for the subject, making your listing more appealing.

10 Classified Ads in Local Newspapers

Placing a classified ad in your local newspaper can be an effective way to reach potential buyers in your community. Although this method may require a small fee, it can help you sell your rims to someone nearby. When creating your ad, be sure to include a concise description, price, and contact information. Use clear, descriptive language to convey the condition and features of your rims.

Reaching Local Buyers

Local newspaper ads can be especially helpful in reaching an older demographic that may not frequently use online platforms. This can expand your pool of potential buyers and increase the likelihood of a successful sale.

11 Garage Sales

Hosting a garage sale is another way to sell your used rims locally. Advertise your sale on social media, community bulletin boards, or with signs in your neighborhood to attract potential buyers. Be sure to highlight your rims as a featured item to draw attention to them and increase interest.

Garage Sales

Haggling Tips

Be prepared to negotiate prices, as garage sale shoppers often expect to haggle. Determine the lowest price you’re willing to accept for your rims before the sale, and be prepared to counter any lowball offers. Remember that selling at a garage sale means you avoid shipping costs and online fees, which may justify accepting a slightly lower price.

12 Amazon Automotive

Amazon Automotive is a section of the popular online marketplace specifically for auto parts and accessories. You can list your used rims for sale and reach a wide audience of potential buyers. Keep in mind that Amazon charges fees for listing and selling items, so consider this when pricing your rims.

Optimizing Your Listing

To create a successful listing on Amazon Automotive, provide a detailed description of your rims and include high-quality images. Use relevant keywords in your listing title and description to help potential buyers find your rims through search. Additionally, consider offering free shipping or a competitive price to make your listing more attractive to buyers.

13 WheelSwap.Forumotion.com

WheelSwap.com is a niche marketplace dedicated to buying, selling, and swapping wheels and tires. This platform connects you with fellow wheel enthusiasts who may be interested in your used rims. To sell on WheelSwap.com, create an account, upload images of your rims, and provide a detailed description.

Reaching a Targeted Audience

One of the main advantages of selling on WheelSwap.com is the targeted audience. Since the platform is specifically designed for wheel and tire enthusiasts, your listing will be visible to buyers who are actively searching for rims. This can increase the likelihood of a successful sale and potentially lead to a higher selling price.

14 Wheels America

Wheels America is another specialized online platform for selling wheels and rims. The website offers a user-friendly interface and allows you to simply take a photo of your rims, send it to the Wheels America team, and get a quote for it. Then you will need to ship it to a nearby Wheels America location and get paid. You may also drop it off yourself if you are able to do so.

Benefits of this Specialized Platform

By using a platform like Wheels America, you can get a quote without the hassle of creating quality listings or having to interact with buyers. While the price you sell at may be lower, this can lead to a quicker sale and a lot less hassle when compared to more general online marketplaces. 

15 Tire Retread Shops

Tire retread shops specialize in giving new life to used tires through the retreading process. These businesses may also be interested in purchasing used rims to complement their tire offerings. To sell your used rims to a tire retread shop, research local businesses in your area and inquire about their interest in purchasing your rims.

Tire Retread Shops

Negotiating and Payment

When selling to tire retread shops, be prepared to negotiate the price of your used rims. Keep in mind that these businesses may have different pricing expectations than private buyers, as they may consider the value of the rims from a different angle. Be sure to have a clear understanding of the payment terms and any applicable fees before finalizing the sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine the value of my used rims?

Consider factors such as brand, size, material, condition, and demand. Research similar listings on various platforms to gauge the current market price for comparable rims. Additionally, you can consult online price guides or seek advice from automotive professionals to help determine a fair asking price.

Should I clean and refurbish my rims before selling them?

Cleaning your rims is essential before selling them, as it helps showcase their condition accurately and can make them more appealing to potential buyers. However, while refurbishing your rims may increase their value, consider the cost of refurbishment and whether the potential return on investment is worth it.

How do I package my rims for shipping?

If you need to ship your rims, package them securely to prevent damage during transit. Use sturdy boxes that are large enough to accommodate the rims without bending or crushing. Wrap each rim in bubble wrap or a similar protective material and secure it with packing tape. Fill any empty spaces in the box with packing peanuts or crumpled newspaper to prevent the rims from shifting during shipping.

How do I package my rims for shipping

What information should I include in my listing?

Your listing should include all the essential information about your rims, such as size, brand, model, and material (e.g., aluminum or steel). Also include details about their condition, such as any scratches, dents, or other imperfections. High-quality photos from different angles will help potential buyers assess the rims accurately.

How can I ensure a safe and secure transaction when selling my rims?

This is particularly important when using online platforms or meeting potential buyers in person. Use anonymous communication features when available and avoid sharing personal information, such as your home address. When meeting buyers, choose a public location and consider bringing a friend for added security, if need be. For online transactions, use secure payment methods such as PayPal, which offers protection for both buyers and sellers.

Can I sell my used rims as a set or individually?

Either, depending on your preference and the demand for your specific rims. Selling them as a set may be more appealing to buyers who need a complete set of matching rims. However, selling individually may be suitable if you have rare or unique rims that are in high demand.

What if my rims have minor damage, like scratches or dents?

If your rims have minor damage, be transparent about it in your listing. Provide clear photos and descriptions of any imperfections. Buyers may still be interested in purchasing your rims, especially if they are rare, desirable, or competitively priced.

How do I determine the right platform to sell my used rims?

Choose the platform that best suits your needs by considering factors such as fees, audience reach, and convenience. If you prefer selling locally, consider using Facebook Marketplace, 5Miles, or hosting a garage sale. For a wider audience, platforms like eBay, Amazon Automotive, or niche marketplaces like WheelSwap.Forumotion.com may be more suitable.

How can I make my listing stand out from the competition?

To make your listing stand out, provide detailed information about your rims, including any unique features or characteristics. Use high-quality images that clearly showcase their condition and highlight any special attributes. Competitive pricing and offering incentives such as free shipping or bundled accessories can also make your listing more attractive to potential buyers.

Can I sell my used rims internationally?

Yes, it is possible, but be prepared to face additional challenges, such as higher shipping costs, longer shipping times, and potential customs fees. If you decide to sell internationally, research the regulations and requirements for shipping auto parts to the buyer’s country and adjust your listing accordingly. Be sure to factor in international shipping costs when pricing your rims.

However, on the whole, the shipping costs associated with sending rims overseas will make the process uneconomic for the buyer.

Can I sell my used rims internationally

What should I do if a buyer wants to return the rims after the sale?

Establish a clear return policy before selling your used rims. This should outline the conditions under which returns are accepted, any applicable restocking fees, and the time frame for returns. If a buyer wishes to return the rims, refer to your return policy and handle the situation accordingly. Communicate openly and professionally with the buyer to resolve any issues.

Should I include the tires when selling my used rims?

Whether to include the tires with your rims depends on their condition and the preferences of potential buyers. If the tires are in good condition and compatible with the rims, you may choose to sell them as a package, which could be more appealing to some buyers. However, if the tires are worn or damaged, it may be more practical to sell the rims separately.

How long does it typically take to sell used rims?

This varies depending on the platform you choose, the demand for your specific rims, and the effectiveness of your listing. To speed up the selling process, create a compelling listing with accurate descriptions and high-quality images. Consider using multiple platforms to reach a larger audience and increase your chances of a quick sale.

What should I do if I receive multiple offers for my used rims?

If you are in this lucky position, evaluate each offer based on factors such as price, payment method, and the buyer’s location. You may choose to accept the highest offer or negotiate with multiple buyers to see if you can secure a better deal. Be respectful and professional when communicating with potential buyers, and keep them informed about the status of their offer.

Can I trade my used rims for another set of rims or other automotive parts?

Yes, this is an option, particularly on online platforms such as forums. When listing your rims, specify that you are open to trades and provide details about the type of rims or parts you are looking for. Be prepared to negotiate the terms of the trade, and ensure that both parties are satisfied with the exchange.

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Final Thoughts

There are numerous excellent options for selling your used rims, catering to a wide range of potential buyers. From popular online marketplaces and local classifieds to specialized platforms and tire retread shops, each option has its own benefits that can help you find the right buyer and get the best deal.

By utilizing and following the tips I’ve shared, you can navigate the selling process with ease, ensuring a smooth and successful transaction. 

All the best with a quick sale and a great price for your rims!

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