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Best Professional Resume Writing Services (2023 Updated)

best professional resume writing services

Presenting your resume professionally is as important as dressing up for your interview.

Your resume needs to be well put together, feature your best hard and soft skills, and be tailored specifically for each job you apply to. This is especially important when you are applying for different kinds of jobs that make use of your different skill sets.

It goes without saying that proper writing and design skills are not everyone’s forte. However, this simply means that you can outsource it to someone that will know how to sell “you” on paper!

You could hire companies that provide resume writing services or follow my top tips on creating a resume, but more on that later. 

The Best Professional Resume Writing Services

The Best Professional Resume Writing Services

Using Freelance Writers

Linkedin Profinder and Upwork are both great resources to find professionals who can create a proper resume template for you. The upside to using these sites is that you can find freelance resume writers who charge per hour or project, and you can generally search for someone within your budget.

The downside is that you get what you generally get what you pay for. In this instance, you can hire a freelance person for less than $50, but you are not exactly guaranteed to receive a high-quality service. 

Always check out the writer’s reviews…

Always check out the writer's reviews

To ensure you get the best deal, stay within the parameters of each site’s rules. For example, Upwork does not allow for communications outside of Upwork, and the agreement between the client and the freelancer is protected within the bounds of the website. This means that they will help to refund you if you are unsatisfied with the work, etc. 

You should also pay close attention to your chosen freelancer’s profile. Freelancers who do well will often have plenty of positive reviews. This will give you an indication of which freelancers have the desired experience you need. 

Using Professional Websites

Using Professional Websites

There are a few professional resume-writing websites such as:

  1. Resumeble
  2. TopStack Resume
  3. ResumeZest
  4. Find My Profession
  5. ZipJob

These are probably your best bet at having the perfect resume created. However, they usually have an expensive subscription fee that will either deduct once or over a few months. The upside is that these sites usually have a quick turnaround time and will be able to supply you with a brand-new resume within three days.  

If You Want To Do It Yourself

This is the free option, so of course, this may be the best option to suit your wallet. There are, however, some important aspects to remember when you are drafting your resume:

1 Choosing the best font for a resume

  • Choose a clean, modern font with a size between 12 and 14, and a line spacing of 1.5.
  • Popular fonts include Arial, Calibri, Garamond, Helvetica, Verdana, Tahoma, Century Gothic, and Trebuchet.
  • Use the Bold or Italics functions for headings rather than choosing a radically different font.

2 Compelling intro for your resume

Write a compelling intro that explains who you are, what your desired position is, what experience you have, any professional accomplishments you have made, your educational background, your professional passions, and possible affiliations you may have. 

Finish it off with positive workplace and personality traits that will be an asset to the position you wish to fill. 

3 Your hard and soft skills explained

Your hard and soft skills explained

After writing your intro, you can elaborate on your hard and soft skills. Hard skills refer to the specific skills you have that are part of performing tasks within your desired position. For example, if you are an IT professional, you can list all the software systems you are familiar with, and the various duties you may be able to perform as a result of having the “know-how.” 

Soft skills refer to your learned social development skills. Examples of these include your ability to negotiate, communication capabilities, listening to others, and working effectively within a team. 

4 Your experience

Your experience

List your experience in the workplace in reverse chronological order. Be sure to list the company, your relevant duties, how long you worked there, and, if possible, someone that your prospective employers may call for a character and work-ethic reference. 

5 Attention to detail 

You can choose a sleek design template with contrasting colors in most applications. This will give your resume that “wow factor” to let it stand out above the boring old Word Document default. If you are feeling adventurous, try the free version of the online-based design program, Canva.

You should also take care not to let any spelling or grammatical issues sully your hard work. You can avoid this by checking your text using Grammarly.  

Name your file adequately!

Finish off your specialized version of your resume by naming it properly. It should have your name, your chosen job title, and the year in the document name. You can add additional info, such as the company you are applying to, but that may be too long. 

Ideally, your resume document name will look like this:

  • Jane Joe_IT Specialist Resume_2022

Our Top Resume Writing Guides!

You’ll be happy to know we’ve done extensive research, and our top choices are the Ladders Resume Guide – Best Practices & Advice from the Leaders in $100K+ Careers, as well as The Resume Writing Guide -A Step-by-Step Workbook for Writing a Winning Resume, and Resume 101 – How to Write an Effective Resume, LinkedIn Profile, & Cover Letter.

In addition, we found The Resume Handbook – How to Write Outstanding Resumes & Cover Letters for Every Situation, the Knock ’em Dead Resumes – A Killer Resume Gets MORE Job Interviews!, along with the Knock ’em Dead Cover Letters – Cover Letters & Strategies to Get the Job You Want, all available online in 2023.

Finally, we also recommend reading The Damn Good Resume Guide, or perhaps the Resumes For Dummies, the all-in-one DIY Résumé and Cover Letter Kit: Everything You Need to Create Your Own Professional-Quality Résume, and how to write One-Page Resumes That Get Results!: An Uncomplicated and Quick Guide.

Best Professional Resume Writing Services – Final Thoughts

When you have a proper template to work from, you can always recreate numerous versions of your resume based on that.

It may be worth paying the required fee once every few years for a proper update, just to keep up with relevant designs and current do’s and don’ts.

Good luck in creating your Professional Resume!

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