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Best Questions to Ask in an Interview

best questions to ask in an interview

Are you preparing for an important job interview?

It is no secret that most interviewers have standard questions that they tend to ask. By now, you are likely to have prepared your answers to these typical interview questions.

However, being able to answer the interviewer’s questions well is only half the battle. The interviewer will also open up the floor for you to be able to ask your own questions.

So, here are some of the best questions to ask in an interview.

Why it is Important to Ask the Interviewer Questions?

At some point in the interview, usually near the end, you will usually be asked if you have any questions. Even if the interviewer does not directly invite you to ask questions, it is still a good idea. At the very least, asking questions can demonstrate that you are genuinely interested in the job and making sure it is an appropriate fit.

Making the best impression…

Asking insightful questions shows the interviewer that you have done your research and are already preparing yourself in advance. If your interviewer invites you to ask questions and you do not have any, you may come across as indifferent. Asking insightful questions in an interview helps to illustrate your knowledge of the company and your interest in finding out more.

Preparing your Questions to Ask in an Interview

It is a good idea to prepare between five and ten interview questions ahead of time. Make sure you practice your questions ahead of time and write them out. Bring the questions with you so that you can refer to them in case you become nervous.

So, what kind of questions?

Make sure you carefully check the job description before the interview. Highlight anything that appears to be unclear or you would like more detail on. Pay attention to any required skills and specific job responsibilities.

Questions about the Job

It is a good idea to ask several questions that are directly related to the job you are applying for. This shows that you’re interested in the specific job and how you will perform within the structure. Here are some job-related questions that you can adapt according to the job description.

Can you tell me more about the day to day responsibilities of this job?

This question highlights the fact that you want to be able to picture yourself in the role more clearly. It’s only natural to want to ensure that the job is the right fit for you. As you respond positively to the outlined daily talks, the interviewer will be able to see you in the role.

What are the characteristics you are looking for from candidates?

This question reveals the qualities that the hiring manager is looking for in the perfect candidate. It gives you the opportunity to highlight and demonstrate those skills in yourself.

best questions to ask in interview

What are some of the main challenges of this job?

No job is without its challenges and hurdles, and it is good to get an idea of the main challenges. Listen carefully as the interviewer describes areas of the job that some people may find challenging. If possible, you can then demonstrate how you have the necessary skills to overcome these challenges.

How would my performance be measured?

This question indicates your desire to succeed in the job. Understanding how you are likely to be assessed helps you to know which attributes the company values.

What is the career path for somebody in this role?

Most employers appreciate staff who are willing to take on new challenges and develop their skills. Picturing the potential career path demonstrates that you are keen to advance within the company.

Which other departments does this team work with most often?

If you are applying to work in a large organization, smooth and successful collaboration is vital. This question demonstrates that you are a team player who works well with other people. It also gives the interviewer the chance to talk more about the company structure.

What would my first week at work be like?

Many people are nervous about starting working at a new company and want things to be as smooth as possible. This question helps you to discover the type of support you are likely to receive. It also indicates that you are excited about starting work and are already picturing yourself there.

How does this role contribute towards the organization’s success?

This question allows you to demonstrate what you already know about the company and its success. It shows a willingness to help the company grow and operate in the best possible way. The implication is that you are sure to be an asset to the company if you are hired.

Can you tell me about the team I would be working with?

Most jobs require you to work closely with several other people. The interviewer is likely to be judging your personality to make sure you are a good fit. This question indicates that you are a team player who has also given this point some consideration.

Questions about the Company

Asking your interviewer questions about the company gives you the opportunity to reveal the research you have done. Asking questions about the company and industry also makes it clear that you are interested. So, let’s take a closer look at some of the specific questions that you could ask.

What do you like most about working here?

If the interview has been rather formal up until this point, this is an excellent way to engage the interviewer. It will allow you to understand what the interviewer values while learning more about the company’s working environment. If possible, provide positive examples of how this working environment would be perfect for your working style and personality.

Who is your biggest competitor, and why?

If you have done your research, you are already likely to know the answer to this question. This is another excellent opportunity to highlight the research you have done. You may be able to give examples of how you can help the company to outperform its main competitor.

best questions to ask in the interview

What challenges do you anticipate in these coming years?

If you are interviewing with a manager or senior leader, this is one of the very Best Questions to Ask in an Interview. The question highlights your interest in the performance of the company and your ability to look ahead. You may be able to give examples of how you could help the company to overcome future challenges.

What changes in the industry are you the most excited about?

If you are knowledgeable about the industry, this question gives you the chance to prove it. After listening to the interviewer’s answer, you can provide your own answer to this question.

How are employees recognized for outstanding performance?

If you have gained significant awards and accolades at work, this question gives you the chance to mention them. Most employers will appreciate employees who are willing to go the extra mile to get the job done well. Your interest in recognition will show that you are a performance-driven employee.

Questions about the Company Culture

The interview is the perfect time to discover if the company culture is in alignment with your personal values. It’s a good idea to find out anything about the company culture you can before the interview. You can then tailor your questions towards demonstrating how you would be the perfect fit.

How would you describe the company culture?

This straightforward question allows the interviewer to talk about the company culture from their point of view. The interviewer is likely to speak passionately about certain aspects of the company culture. This will help to break the ice while providing opportunities for follow-up questions.

What elements of the company’s culture do you like best?

This semi-personal question helps you to establish rapport with your interviewer. This is especially important if the person interviewing you is likely to become your manager. It also demonstrates that you have done your research and understand the different elements of the company culture.

What are your company’s most important values?

Most companies have mission statements or highlighted values that drive their goals and decisions. Employees who want to be successful in a company need to align themselves with those values. This question lets you explain how you hold the same or similar values as the company.

What sort of events does the company organize?

This gives you an insight into how the company promotes teamwork and camaraderie. A company that puts value on team-building events clearly values teamwork. If you have experience in leading team-building events or exercises, this is the perfect opportunity to mention it.

How would you describe the office environment?

You are likely to spend a large part of your life in the office, and it is essential to understand the office environment. This includes how the office is laid out and how the employees interact with each other. Ideally, you should be able to highlight how you would be the perfect fit for the company’s office environment.

What is your telecommuting policy?

If you are someone who values flexibility, the opportunity to telecommute may help you to perform better. If there is a telecommuting policy, you can demonstrate how this would allow you to work better. This gives the interviewer insight into your working style.

What benefits and perks does the company provide?

Most companies offer employees various different benefits packages in addition to their salary. While you may be reluctant to ask outright about vacation time, this question is likely to outline it. If there are impressive benefits available, you may be able to bond over them with the interviewer.

Have You Prepared for the Questions They Will Ask You?

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Interviewing with large US companies…

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Back to today’s topic…

Final Thoughts

When asking your interviewer questions in an interview, body language is critical. You want to maintain eye contact with the interviewer without staring at them. This will help you to come across as confident and ready to work for the company.

Preparation is the key to being calm and confident in a job interview. Therefore, it is a good idea to go over your questions and answers several times so that they sound natural. If possible, practice with a trusted friend or family member in a role play and listen to their feedback.

The very best of luck in your next interview.

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