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Best Resume Introduction Examples

best resume introduction examples

As you finetune the naming of your resume for each position you apply for, you should also adjust your intro.

Of course, a resume is a summary of your overall career, simplified with bullet points and basic statements. However, your introduction is your first point of contact once your resume has been opened. It needs to be just as good as your first impression in an interview.

So, let’s take a look at resume introduction examples to see what you can improve on!

best resume introduction examples

Key Features

The best resume introductions will describe some of the following aspects:

  • Desired position
  • Experience
  • Achievements
  • First and secondary passion
  • Educational background
  • Affiliation
  • Positive workplace and personality traits

Best Resume Introduction Examples

Example 1

“Award-winning content writer (achievement) with a passion for marketing and corporate communications (first and secondary passion) and a master’s degree in languages (educational background) seeking a position in a writing and editorial capacity. With ten years of experience (experience) in a creative position with Coca-Cola (affiliation), exceptional knowledge of copy pertaining to advertorial and educational materials is guaranteed, with meticulous attention to detail, creative thinking, and a strong value on both individual and team efforts (Positive work-place and personality traits).”

Now, you can simply switch these aspects to what suits you, as you may be an architect, math teacher, chef, or whatever?

What comes first, and what should be highlighted?

The order in which they are placed is up to you; it depends on what you want them to know first. You may also highlight aspects you feel are most pertinent to the role by making them a bold font. If you have a summary of the job description and what the company views as beneficial, it will give you some indication as to what you should prioritize when using this function as well.

No achievements, higher education, or lots of experience?

Not everyone has all of the big drawing cards, so you will have to improvise and use what you have. Perhaps you are looking for an entry-level position or an internship – in which case you need to prove yourself in different ways.

Example 2

An ambitious and aspiring writer, with exceptional reading, writing, and communicative skills looking for an internship or entry-level capacity. Recently graduated from high school and eager to learn from mentors, with a focus on content and copywriting in marketing and corporate communications.”

resume introduction example

After Your Introduction

Now that you have made an introduction, you have to make sure that you elaborate on the features mentioned. You can’t simply make a statement without supporting it; otherwise, it would be irrelevant.

Examples of this would naturally fall into subsections regarding your education, achievements, personal interests, and your job experiences:


The state where you attended university/school, which university/school you attended, and which majors/classes you took.


Name the award you won, as well as who granted it. School/university achievements are beneficial if you don’t have any in your career yet. (valedictorian, sports, mathletes, etc.)

Personal interests

Reiterate what inspires you about marketing and communications, and add one or two that pertain to your personal life, such as fitness or art.

Job experience

List all the places you have worked, starting at the latest and moving backward in time. Consider leaving the ones that will not be useful to your position out if your resume gets too long. Highlight the ones particularly important by changing the font to bold, and explain how your positive workplace and personality traits have featured in each position.

If you lack job experience, mention any activities that may contribute to your life skills, such as scouts, hobby clubs, or charitable causes.

Make Your Resume Immaculate!

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Final Thoughts

This is the one aspect of your life where you get to brag about yourself. You can adapt it however you like, but it may feel a bit awkward to write in this way about yourself if you are not very confident in general. If you have trouble with this, ask three people to write an introduction based on the key factors – they are likely able to see your strong suits and best qualities differently.

You can ask a co-worker, a former employer, a former mentor, coach, or even your favorite high school teacher. Once you have their view of you, you can combine the three and come up with the best introduction for your resume yet!

Good luck in writing your new improved Resume!

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