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Best Seasonal Jobs

best seasonal jobs

There was a time when a seasonal job meant getting some work for the summer. But today, these aren’t the only times that seasonal workers are employed. The best seasonal jobs are not limited to the summer holidays; they can be found all year round.

There are peaks and troughs and busy months for hiring. And they can, in many ways, vary, just like the weather. In fact, in some ways, it is the weather that can determine the hiring schedule.

best seasonal job

All-Year-Round Options

Today you have the opportunity of working during any of the seasons. And if you want to be brave, the seasons and holiday terms in other parts of the world also use seasonal workers. In other places, like the Far East, the busy holiday seasons can be different from those in the West. That throws up a lot of interesting options.


If you can be flexible in your schedule and the hours you work, it can be an even more attractive proposition. While most seasonal jobs tend to be part-time, there are also full-time options to consider.

You can create your schedule to fit in with what you want. But the more flexible you are, then it helps with the available work. Some people spend a couple of years just working seasonal jobs all around the world. Is there a better way to travel and see the world than that?

But Why Work Seasonal Jobs?

Well, we have already discussed the freedom it offers in being able to work when you want, where you want. But there are sometimes some practical reasons as well.

Here are some other reasons that might make you consider some seasonal work:

  • To travel and be paid for it.
  • Make money to pay for school or university.
  • Fund a shopping trip.
  • Buy a car or another major purchase.
  • Gain work experience for your CV.
  • Just to take a break from the same daily routine.

Here is The Good News

Statistics show that more and more companies are hiring on a part-time or seasonal basis. The financial impact over the last few years has been enormous. Some businesses need to trade, but the risk of full-time workers can be too much. Therefore part-time seasonal staff are the answer.

It also makes more sense in some industries to hire short-term staff. This helps to cover sudden surges in business.

When Is The Best Time to Apply?

You will appreciate that there may well be a lot of people applying for seasonal work. This applies especially in periods of school and university holidays. So what are the best courses of action and the best time to apply?

These are probably a good set of guidelines:

  • Decide whether to work in your own country or overseas, more on that soon.
  • Decide what sort of work you would like to do.
  • Don’t choose just one but have a first, second, and even third choice of work options.
  • Identify the dates you would prefer to work but build in some flexibility.
  • Identify prospective employers in all three working categories.
  • Compose a brief resume outlining your strengths.
  • Send out your CV.
  • If you get positive offers, don’t wait too long to accept one, even if it might be a second choice.

Working Overseas

Having decided you fancy a bit of globe-trotting, then you will need to apply much earlier. Positions in your own country can happen quite quickly, but overseas for obvious reasons might take longer.

There should be some considerations when applying to work overseas. These should be:

  • Only apply for jobs in countries where there is an embassy from your country.
  • Always work in highly populated areas.
  • Make sure you have got a signed contract including arrangements for accommodation.
  • Check out the company or the individuals if the work is as an Au Pair.
  • If possible, find people who have already worked there.
  • Applications should be sent months in advance to allow you to get a visa and any documentation etc., if necessary.

So let’s take a look at the sort of jobs that might be available.

Summer Camp Assistant

Let’s start with an obvious one. These can be a lot of fun for both kids and employees. If you have ever been, you will know what I mean. The nature of the ‘summer camp’ of Alan Sherman some years back has changed dramatically.

These days there are residential as well as non-residential camps. It might therefore be possible to work in a summer camp and even live at home if your city is big enough. And of course, that is your preference.

seasonal jobs


Another added plus is that there are also some camps specific to certain activities and sports. These usually only last for one week at a time. But your engagement might be for the full six or eight-week term or the length of the holiday.

These specialized camps might be for Tennis, Football, or any other sport. So if you have a specific skill and are aiming to pursue a teaching or coaching career, this is an ideal experience.

Team Leader

If you choose a residential camp, it is quite likely you may be assigned as a team leader. This will look good on your CV and demonstrates you have been given leadership experience.

A Tutor

It might be you are still at college or university, and tutoring is the last thing you want to do in your break. But if your career plans involve teaching in any way, then this would be a good experience. It will also look good on any CV that pertains to the particular subject.

Various Options

It might not have to be an academic subject. If you are studying a specialized subject, then using that knowledge is no bad thing. It will also help to reinforce that knowledge in your mind better than any revision process.

But possibly you have another set of skills or subjects you could use. Sports is an obvious one. There may be opportunities to work at sports clubs involving your extra skills for the holiday. Most sports clubs at holiday time are only too pleased to get some extra assistant help with the influx of extra participants.

the seasonal jobs

Using Your Studies

Having said that, one-to-one tutoring, using what you are studying yourself, could be something to consider. If it is a popular subject, there is likely to be no shortage of takers. Some parents encourage their children to make the most of part of the holidays in terms of their studies. They may see you as an ideal candidate to help with their child’s education.

Delivery Companies

Companies responsible for delivering packages and parcels have a big demand for holiday help, especially at Christmas time. They usually require two types of temporary help in the form of drivers and warehouse helpers.

Drivers, of course, will be required for deliveries, and you will need the correct driving license. If you have experience driving certain forms of trucks, that is an added advantage.

Be physically fit…

In the warehouse, they will need dispatch and delivery checking people. The only requirement for those people is that they can lift heavy items and are physically fit.

In both cases, they will require flexible hours working as they will operate a busy round-the-clock schedule. You will likely be able to apply online by going to the companies website, where they will display any requirements they may have. If they happen to be hiring or preparing for a holiday ‘rush,’ it is likely you will hear back quite quickly.

Retail Sales

On the subject of the Christmas rush, shops and other retail outlets usually recruit extra help for store work. But the summer is also a busy time so you may find they also need help then. Hours will be long, and you may be expected to fill a variety of roles. In food shops and supermarkets, the food needs to be transferred from storage to the shelves and stacked.

Customers also need to be helped, and that may mean packing and carrying purchases to a vehicle. Physical fitness will therefore be important. And a nice smile wouldn’t hurt and might even get you a tip.

the best seasonal jobs

Discounts at Christmas…

A bonus to working in retail is that they often offer their staff, permanent and temporary, discounts. That is going to help at Christmas, whatever they sell. You may see signs of advertising requirements in-store. But it is probably better to check out the company websites to apply.

Dog Walker or Pet Sitter

If you love animals, then this is an ideal job. Some people have created a whole industry out of it. Some people’s lives have become busy with work and other responsibilities. They, therefore, need to arrange for someone to walk their dog. This could be once or twice a day.

Walking The Dog

To my knowledge, it’s people that love dogs that do this. They might take up to half a dozen of them out altogether. It is funny when they let them off the leash over the park, and they all run off in different directions.

It is almost like the dogs planned it on the way there. I don’t recommend you do that. Nevertheless, it can be quite a lucrative business that allows a lot of free time for other things, like study.

best seasonal job guide

A foster to a pet?

Pet Sitting is another variant but often means you are looking after a pet while the owners are away. This could be for a couple of days or maybe two weeks’ holiday. You may be required to stay at the owner’s house or apartment, or you may be asked to take it home with you.

If it is the latter, you will need suitable accommodation depending on the animal and its size. Sharing a one-roomed bedsit with a Great Dane might not work so well. You will be responsible for feeding and watering and possibly ensuring they take any medications.

Festival Help

Now here is something that is going to appeal to plenty of people. No queuing up for Glastonbury and being at the back of 200,000 people with this one. You could be right at the front.

Festivals are usually held between April and September or October. They could be music festivals, or beer or wine festivals. They could be classical music concerts, fairs, dance, yoga and food festivals, or a wide range of other options.

Music and food websites…

Everyone seems to hold a festival for something, no bad thing. But they always need some help and usually lots of it. It is not the sort of thing you will see advertised. But by looking at music and food and drink websites, you may find out the necessary information.

Resort Opportunities

How about spending the summer helping out on the beach or in a tropical hideaway. Or at wintertime on the ski slopes. If you live too far away, there are plenty of opportunities to get a job at a resort for the holiday period. You don’t need to be an expert skier for the slopes.

There are plenty of jobs in the shops, the food halls, the hotels, and marketing. The same applies if you substitute the snow for the sun, for beach destinations.

It may become a full-time job…

Something to consider is that both of these settings are busy during holiday periods. But they are actually open all year round. You may find yourself auditioning for a full-time job without realizing it. Do well, and there could be an offer in the post.


And while we are on the subject of the beach, many popular beaches recruit some lifeguard help during the summer. You will require a certificate to say you are qualified. But if you are a good swimmer, there are plenty of courses that are quick to pass. And, of course, it may help you to save a life or at least give Jaws a good slap if it comes too close.

Beaches aren’t the only places that use lifeguards; the Pool is another place. These can get busy during holiday periods. And while the numbers required are not excessive, the requirement of certification narrows the field somewhat.

seasonal job guide

If you are a bit of a fish…

If you like swimming it is an ideal option. And you may find it becomes an annual offer you receive. There is also the added benefit that it looks good on a CV, especially where leadership and responsibility may be relevant to any job you apply for.

But you do need to be aware that it’s not all lazing by the pool or the beach ’catching some rays.’ If you are called into action, it is likely to be bad news and could end up in a life or death situation. You do need to be able to handle that.


Some of us just love to spend time outdoors. Working in gardens can either be on a self-employed basis, or it can be working for a Local Authority.

Approaching the summer months, some authorities hire people to begin making the gardens and roadsides look nice. And during the summer months, they are used to maintain them in good order.

Self-employed basis…

Working on a self-employed basis will probably require you to make contact with potential customers. There might be a bit of preparation work required there. The success of that might depend on the area in which you live. The work can be quite hard, and at times laborious, so you will need to be physically fit.

However, you will be getting paid for getting what will probably be quite a nice tan.

Food Services

Our final look is in the area of food services. This could be anything from a fast-food chain to a small local kiosk, from a street corner to a large Mall.

During the winter and the summer breaks, there is always an increase in customers for these outlets. And it doesn’t matter whether they are small or large. People out Christmas shopping or customers from out of town in the summer all add to the numbers that need to be served.

best seasonal job guide

Advertising for seasonal jobs…

These jobs are likely to be advertised in a variety of places, so you need to be aware. If you are ‘going seasonal,’ here are some things that may be of interest.

If you fancy going on the road and working seasonal jobs to pay for it, here’s how:

Seasonal Workamping for a Living


Or working on a farm or in the outdoors:

A Year at Clove Brook Farm


And if you want to give Jaws a slap, you will need this first:

American Red Cross Lifeguard Exam: Lifesaver Certification


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Final Thoughts

People once worked seasonal jobs for a couple of weeks a year. Now it has become a much bigger industry with plenty of choices. But the important thing is to decide what and where and start looking early.

Working and traveling is a very attractive option and an amazing opportunity to meet new people along the way. Or maybe even learn a new language. So, don’t be afraid to be adventurous and look into all your choices near or far!

All the very best with your work and travel!

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