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Best Sites to Find A Job in New York City


New York City (NYC), also known as the Big Apple, is a big and vibrant city that has many things to offer job seekers.

Home to the Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of startups businesses, this populous metropolis is one of the most visited destinations worldwide. If you’re inspired to work in NYC but not sure where to start, then look no further.

Here are the Best Sites to Find A Job in New York City to save you time and boost your online job search!

best sites to find a job in new york city

The Top 10 Best Job Search Engines NYC

Listed below are the top 10 best search engines in New York City. The first five websites provide broad and general job vacancies for many industries and occupations so everyone can apply. Or, if you’re looking for a job related to a specific industry, then the websites listed 6-10 are for you. Want to know other ways to find work in NYC? More on that later…

Zip Recruiter

This has been voted the best job search engine overall. Zip Recruiter is the most highly rated job site in the US and has many satisfied reviews from job seekers. Here you can find a list of available job titles (A-Z) for different industries and occupations. It’s highly recommended to browse and apply for jobs using this site.

best site to find a job in new york city


This is a popular job board that enables you to search for thousands of jobs. Indeed is a great overall website for many job listings in different sectors. You can also build and upload your resume (CV) to this website and use it to apply for vacancies.

Recruiters also have the option of contacting you if your profile matches their job description. To find local jobs in your area, just type NYC in the location bar on the homepage.

New York Jobs

This is a useful website to use if you’re searching for local work in NYC. There are thousands of jobs available from different industries, and you can browse the top-listed job categories too. New York Jobs also lets you upload and edit your resume and gives the option for recruiters to search and reach out to your profile.

Linkedin Jobs

This is the most popular online professional network and has a high referral job success rate. This is a useful and interactive website that connects you with different recruiters across many industries. LinkedIn has unique profile features that can attract many recruiters to your page. You can opt to use an ‘open for work’ tool which notifies recruiters you’re seeking a job.

best site to find job in new york city

NY Times

This is a great search engine to explore many career opportunities in New York. You can build and upload your resume to this site which also enables your profile to be found by recruiters and matched to relevant jobs. Registering with New York Times is a convenient way to find the latest local vacancies.

New York City Government Jobs

Looking for a government job in New York? This website offers many opportunities for job seekers. You can find jobs based on your career interest or specific jobs with the government. This job search engine also has the option to browse internships and fellowships.

Monster Jobs NYC

Monster is a highly rated website to find jobs. You can also upload your resume and apply with your Monster profile. Not only can you browse the latest vacancies, but this site provides helpful tips, resume help, and career advice too. Find job vacancies by filtering your skill, industry, role, or the company name that you want to apply.

Simply Hired

This site offers a range of job opportunities across different sectors. Simply Hired has thousands of customer service, retail, and hospitality roles available. This job site also has featured tools to help you find jobs. You can use the resume builder to enhance your profile and even calculate expected living costs or your salary in NYC. If you’re also interested in remote work opportunities, then Simply Hired has many vacancies.

Media Bistro

This has many job listings for those seeking work in the marketing and media industry. If this is your niche, then this website offers many relevant jobs to search from. You can find career options for graphic designers, content writers, editors, and lots more!

best site to find jobs in new york city

Built-In NYC

This is a specific tech industry job website for those seeking work opportunities in New York tech start-up companies. This site gives you the option to build a profile and resume to apply for the latest jobs. On Built-in NYC, you can browse the companies that share your niche interest in this vast technology industry. This makes it easier to refine the vast search results that are specific to the roles you’re looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Find a High-Paying Job in NYC?

New York offers many high-paying jobs and is the highest average paid city in the US. To find a high-paying job in most major cities, it’s usually essential to have the right experience and qualifications. Before applying for a high-paying role in NYC, make sure you meet the essential job requirements. You can find out more about what you’ll need to apply for a role in the job description.

How Much Does It Cost To Live In NYC?

New York is an expensive city to live in, so you’ll need to earn enough money to live comfortably. It’s estimated that to live in NYC costs 80% higher compared to the national average in the US. So, it’s worth calculating how much you’ll need to live and pay for expenses when applying for roles. Interested to know the average paid salary in NYC? More on this next…

How Much Is The Average Salary In NY?

The amount of money you earn in New York will depend on the job type, your experience level, and the location you choose. It’s estimated that the average paid salary is $40,000 – $60,000 a year which is above the national average. To calculate your salary, search your job title and use this Salary Estimator for a better idea of what you’ll earn.

Is it Easy To Find Work in NYC?

Just like any cosmopolitan city, it can be competitive to find a suitable job. Getting hired can take time and a lot of applications, but this is part of the process! Before applying for jobs, make sure your resume is updated and looks professional. Writing a good resume may help you find the right job and also attract your ideal recruiter to reach out!

Want to learn more tips on finding work in NYC? More on this later…

best site to find the jobs in new york city

What Are Popular Jobs in NYC?

NYC is highly populated, and there’s always a demand for work. There are many jobs, career opportunities, and industries to explore. If you’re interested in popular city jobs, then search these roles: customer service, retail, hospitality, bartending, cleaning, or delivery work roles. Check out this website for an extensive list of Easy Jobs in NYC for more ideas.

Tips on How To Find Work

If you’re seeking work in NYC and not sure what to do next, here are some more tips to help you along the way.

  • Search the latest jobs using the top job search engines listed above and start applying!
  • Reach out to job recruiters on Linkedin. If you don’t have an account… create one!
  • Attend a local job fair in NYC. For more information on events, check out Career Centers.
  • Re-do your resume and make sure it’s up to scratch!
  • If you need immediate work, then take a look at In-Demand Jobs Available in New York.

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Final Thoughts

So, are you interested in working in this vibrant city that never sleeps?

There are many great reasons why this bustling city attracts many job seekers worldwide every year. New York is home to thousands of companies with exciting career opportunities.

Search the latest vacancies online and find your ideal job using the sites listed in this guide.

The very best of luck with your job search in New York!

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