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Best Summer Jobs for Teachers

best summer jobs for teachers

Most teachers will want to use their summer to unwind and relax, then prepare for the coming school year.

However, it is no secret that teachers can do with a bit of extra money. If you fall into this category and looking to do some side hustling this summer, then I can help!

So, here are the Best Summer Jobs for Teachers you may want to consider.

best summer jobs for teachers

What Are Your Summer Jobs Options?

Extra Coaching

Many teachers double as sports coaches or some other extra-curricular activity. This is a good time to spot the kids that would like to brush up on their skills over the summer holiday to be ready once school starts.

Some kids may have missed some training due to illness. Others just want to make it as a starter or get into the musical in the next term. Either way, offering private lessons or even group practice can be a way for you to make extra money and parents to give their kids an extra activity to attend.

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Summer Camp Counselor/Supervisor/Mentor

This is also usually a job that experienced teens and college students grab. However, someone with a good record of working with children is always preferred. This is especially important when the camp has children with disabilities, and more patience and knowledge are required, as some children may prove to be too difficult for teens to handle.

Online Classes/Tutoring

While most schools are out for the summer, there are children across the globe who are still attending school or have summer school to complete. Online classes are highly in demand. If you are an English teacher, TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) classes could be a lucrative income for you. This is also a good time to tutor students who are studying to become teachers, to prepare them for their next year.

Writing/Content creation

Depending on your specialty, you can write blogs or content regarding your subject. Some people build a wonderful passive income on their blogs, which can be about anything.

You can even do full lesson plans and sell them to parents looking to home school. However, if you have a passion for your subject and you are not camera-shy, you can look to starting a YouTube channel.

Teach through YouTube!

This may not be an immediate hit, but having the time to set up a proper channel in summer will help. Your students can refer to your videos as revision material to their course in the coming school year, and anyone struggling with the subject will be able to learn from you.

As a bonus, some teachers may find it hard to explain certain topics to children, and your content will aid them too.

best summer job for teacher

Temp Nanny

Many parents are left without child care in the summer holidays, and those who can afford it will pay good money for someone a bit older and more experienced than a teen. You can offer educational games and activities, two meals, and transportation services to sweeten the deal and up your hourly rate.


Perhaps you don’t want to do anything to do with children or school at all and just have some fun. This is a great time to learn or practice a skill, create some works of art or items that you can sell. This could be clothing, jewelry, household items, or décor, whatever floats your boat.

Who wouldn’t think of you as the coolest teacher, if you happened to have a custom-made desk with hidden compartments? The candy you hand out to students for getting an A has to be kept somewhere safe!

Freelance Jobs

You can transcribe, do online surveys, be a virtual assistant, or perform a variety of tasks to make money. If you are a decent photographer or have been doing school photography, advertise your services around town and on social media. Many couples are looking to get married in the summer and are looking for affordable wedding photographers.

This may not be the premium skill with all the fancy lenses that professional photographers can offer, but many are happy to have someone that can capture the most important moments of their lives, in focus at the very least.


Next up, in my rundown of the Best Summer Jobs for Teachers, some teachers have insane musical skills but have not caught their big break just yet. If you are aching to sing your heart out, or play an instrument, approach your local restaurants and bars and ask if you can moonlight. The tourism and hospitality industry generally pick up in the summertime, affording outlets a bit of extra cash to spend on in-house entertainment.

Uber/Food Delivery Driver

Kids are stuck at home! They either want to go somewhere, or they need food delivered to them while their parents are at work. This is self-explanatory; you can pick whichever one seems the most appealing to you.

best summer job for teachers

Life Guarding/First Aid

Depending on your fitness and first aid abilities, you could get a job as a lifeguard at your local pool, lake, or beach. Many swimmers overestimate their capabilities, especially when there are currents involved. The influx of people rushing to the water creates a demand for lifeguards and people who can perform CPR until a paramedic can take over.

Affiliate Marketing

Contact all the stationary outlets in your area, as well as book stores and sportswear shops. Ask if you can get an affiliate code. You can share these codes with your students and on your social media. Every time they buy from those stores using the code, they can receive a small discount, and you get a commission on the sales.

Let’s Go With Uber Eats!

As mentioned above, Uber is one of the easiest ways to make some extra cash!

So, check out my Uber Application and Uber Eats Application to get you started. You might want to also read up on our Lyft vs Uber Driver Income, to check out the competition, as well as Can A Felon Drive For Uber if you have a criminal record and are looking to apply.

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Final Thoughts

It is good to earn a bit of extra cash, as it can ease financial stress. Now that you know the best jobs over the summer for teachers, just remember being a teacher is an extremely stressful job on its own. Make sure to leave some downtime during the holiday to fully debrief and refresh.

You don’t want to be burnt out once the new school year starts.

Enjoy your summer and spending that extra cash!

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