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Best Temp Agencies That Hire Felons

Best Temp Agencies That Hire Felons

The career path of a felon is a mystery especially after they complete their prison sentence. Most felons don’t get adequate opportunities of choosing suitable job options for themselves and this situation will not change anytime soon. Felons, however, require stable jobs to feed themselves and their families every day.

Most companies, industries, and firms reject a felon. The US government however is considerate enough about the careers and future of ex-felons. The government hasn’t applied any hard and fast rule that a company can’t hire ex-felons as employees.

Still, most reputed organizations and firms hold back themselves when it comes to hiring a person with a criminal record.

Anyway, most leading brands and companies are changing their hiring policies and hiring ex-felons and offenders in present times. Contacting such companies directly for recruitment becomes a bit troublesome for a felon. Most felons don’t speak about their criminal records when they apply for job opportunities with famous brands and organizations.

In such cases, temp agencies become friendly options for such felon applicants. Contacting a well-connected temp agency can be a complete solution for a felon who needs a job.

While looking for temp agencies, you might come across multiple famous agencies as well as new and unrecognized agencies. In this article, you will get to know all the details about the best temp agencies all over the US.

What Is A Temp Agency?

Temp agencies are hiring agencies that function as bridges between job-seeking felons and different companies. Several companies don’t want to conduct the hectic procedure of candidate screening by themselves, and such companies hire temp agencies.

One of the major functions of a temp agency is to offer decent placement solutions to felons who are interested in different jobs. If a felon registers himself with a temp agency, the agency provides suitable job opportunities to the candidate.

best temp agencies that hire felon

As the name suggests, a temp agency is an ideal choice for felons who are seeking temporary jobs. The majority of companies in the US hire felon candidates for temporary positions. There are medium temp agencies and big and reputed temp agencies that connect felon candidates with relevant companies for job positions.

Companies from different sectors hire felons with the help of temp agencies. Most temp agencies screen thousands of felon candidates and select the candidates who are eligible for relevant job positions.

What Kinds Of Jobs Can You Expect From Temp Agencies?

As per the US government regulations, felons cannot be appointed in numerous positions. Specifically, the jobs that require interaction with children, women and require candidates to socialize are not favorable for felon candidates.

There are however a lot of positions that are available for felon candidates. Ex-felons become able to ensure stable incomes from such jobs. Every temp agency changes a certain amount from every candidate for offering employment solutions.

temp agencies that hire the felon

The following list includes the job positions that an ex-felon can expect to get from temp agencies.

  • Several temp agencies appoint felons for positions of car mechanics in different garages and car companies. The role of a car mechanic doesn’t demand socialization from a candidate, and that’s why thousands of felons get car mechanic jobs through temp agencies.
  • Temp agencies assist felon candidates in getting hired for the posts of construction workers as well.
  • Being an ex-felon, you can expect to get a job as a package handler or production worker in different industries through a temp agency.
  • Some temp agencies have tie-ups with big organizations, and they appoint candidates in positions of warehouse executives in those companies.

Besides the job positions mentioned above, temp agencies also hire felon candidates for different in-house positions, delivery jobs, and other administrative jobs in famous companies.

How Do Temp Agencies Work?

Generally, temp agencies have contracts with companies, and these agencies hire candidates on behalf of eminent companies. The workers hired by temp agencies however are not paid remunerations directly under the payrolls of respective companies.

Instead, the companies pay certain amounts to the agencies for hiring candidates, and the candidates receive monthly payments from the agencies.

temp agencies that hire felon

Let’s assume an ex-felon gets a job in a reputed company through a temp agency, here is what happens.

1 The agency receives a specified payment from the company directly for that candidate every month.

2 The agency keeps a certain percentage of the entire amount as commission. The agency pays the rest of the amount to the candidate.

3 Felons who get a job through a temp agency get no chance to interact with the company authorities anyway. In such a case, the temp agency determines your remuneration, and that’s how the entire process works.

Though getting a job through a temp agency deprives an ex-felon of getting the actual remuneration he deserves, it’s a great option for him. An ex-felon finds it difficult to get convenient job opportunities without assistance. That’s why most felons and offenders register themselves with different temp agencies to get a job after coming out of jail.

Which Are The Best Options Among All Temp Agencies Across The United States?

1 Adecco

It’s impossible to start the list without mentioning the name of Adecco. This temp agency has been in the industry for a long and the services of this agency are beyond questions.

The wide network of this temp agency is spread all over the country, and the organization has contracts with numerous multinational companies, factories, and firms from different sectors.

best temp agency that hire felons 2023

If you’re an ex-felon and you’re in a desperate search for jobs, contacting this agency will be a helpful choice for you. The efficient HR team of Adecco will evaluate your candidature as an ex-felon, and the team will find out suitable positions for you.

2 Dillard and Associates Staffing

This company is specifically dedicated to hiring felons and ex-convicted criminals. This company holds an excellent record in terms of arranging favorable jobs for felons. This agency offers jobs to millions of felons in all the states of the US. No matter in which state you are in the US, you can avail of the services of Dillard and Associate Staffing.

3 Artisan Talent

Artisan Talent is a great agency that assists a huge number of felons for different positions in the marketing field. This company is the finest choice for you if you’re looking for a job in the marketing sector. From the positions of business analysts to sales management posts, Artisan Talent offers different roles related to sales and marketing to the felons.

temp agencies that hire a felon

Besides jobs related to marketing, the agency also provides jobs in other sectors like software development, management, healthcare, finance, etc.

4 Careerco

Regardless of the location and experience of a felon, Caeerco offers customized job solutions to the candidate. The best thing about the company is that they have launched a dedicated job matching software for helping candidates. A felon candidate needs to input his details in the software, and that software finds out suitable job options for him automatically.

Apart from that, candidates get preferred jobs with the help of the companies huge in-house team. The company introduces candidates to open opportunities in different sectors, and the company does so for affordable commissions. An ex-felon must consider this company as a trustworthy helping hand in terms of job search.

5 ExpressPros

The reliable services of this temp agency are extended across the whole globe. Being a global company, ExpressPros has around 800 branches in different major cities and locations around the world. This agency is a complete one-stop solution for all convicted job seekers. A candidate needs to inform the agency about his job preferences, and the professionals of the agency look for similar jobs accordingly.

6 Frontline Source Group

This is another great name that has been considered as one of the leading temp agencies in the US. This agency is carrying out the responsibility of appointing millions of felon candidates in different companies. This company is pretty efficient in serving its clients.

The company offers job opportunities in different locations and different states of the US. No matter what kind of job opening you’re looking for, this company can provide the best job solution to you.

7 Manpower

Manpower is a constant name that has always been in an advanced position when it comes to offering temp job solutions. Anyway, this company is pretty strict about the entire recruitment process. The management of this agency doesn’t allow felon candidates who haven’t crossed seven years after committing crimes.

Also, the agency takes every candidate through a tough selection process. The company offers different jobs, including- delivery jobs, hospitality, and management services, product handling and material handling jobs, molding jobs, etc.

8 Nesco Resource

Nesco resource hires ex-felons for both temporary and permanent positions and provides job opportunities in vivid sectors. The company is most convenient in recruiting candidates for industries like- IT, mechanical, and many other sectors. The company is well-known as it offers stable and long-lasting jobs. The felons who got jobs through this agency have rated this agency with higher points.

These are the leading names among all temp agencies across the whole country. Besides these, there is a lot of agencies around the country that offer job solutions to candidates. Though most agencies hire felons and ex-offenders for temporary and part-time positions, some felons also get permanent jobs through these agencies.

best temp agencies that hire a felon

Most renowned companies and organizations hire temp agencies for recruiting candidates, including felons. These companies however prefer hiring felons for seasonal positions. If you’re an ex-con, however, you can still expect to have a permanent job through a reputed temp agency.

There are big agencies that offer job solutions regardless of locations and other criteria. Small and local temp agencies however are only good for offering local job opportunities.

Does A Temp Agency Conduct Background Check?

Like every other company, a temp agency is also liable to conduct thorough background checks of candidates before recruiting them on behalf of the partner companies.

Such temp agencies however have more liabilities than an in-house HR team of a company as they function as hiring partners. A temp agency cannot recruit candidates with a violent criminal record. They do not accept applications from such candidates.

temp agency that hire felons

As the government has strict rules regarding the hiring procedure of ex-felons, every temp agency is supposed to carry out all those rules and restrictions. Though the main aim of a temp agency is to recruit as many candidates as possible for their profit, they can’t hire whomever they want.

Apart from that, there are standard guidelines related to hiring processes, and every temp agency has to maintain those guidelines.

The following guidelines are mandatory to maintain for a temp agency that hires felons for different companies-

  • When an agency hires a felon, they do not enquire about the details of the candidate’s felony in the application form. Instead, the company enquires about those details in personal interview rounds. This helps the candidate open up and speak honestly.
  • The hiring policies of a temp agency shouldn’t consist of exclusion regulations that directly disqualify candidates.
  • Every felon needs to be given a chance to state and explain his felony, and a temp agency is bound to give that chance to a candidate while hiring.
  • Everyone judges a felon candidature. A temp agency however is not likely to judge a candidate only by his criminal records.

In case if any agency violates these regulations and complaints get lodged against the agency, the license of that particular hiring agency will get canceled.


You have come across the names of the best temp agencies in the market in this article. If you’re an ex-felon or you have a past conviction, consider contacting any of those agencies for getting jobs. These reliable agencies will help you get a job according to your preferences.

Additionally, with the help of a professional temp agency, you can get a stable and permanent job to bear your monthly expenses. Also, if anyone in your family is convicted of a criminal offense, you should recommend these agencies to him to help him get a job.

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