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Best Ways To Say “It Was A Pleasure Working With You”

best ways to say it was a pleasure working with you

Most of us spend a lot of our lives at work. Some of those times will be happy; other times maybe not so. To a certain extent, it will depend on us and our attitude towards the work.

We will meet and work with all kinds of people, and we should be appreciative of them all. Therefore, it can be an advantage and gratifying for us to know the Best Ways To Say “It Was A Pleasure Working With You”.

This can help create a productive working environment as well as build great working relationships.

So, let’s get started!

best ways to say it was a pleasure working with you

It Is Always More Than Just Earning Money

Going to work shouldn’t be just about earning money. As an adult, you may spend a third of your life there. You want to make the most of it. What do I mean by that? Here are some things to consider about why you are going to work and what it means other than money:

  • Developing your career.
  • Learning new skills.
  • Making yourself a better employee.
  • Helping others to achieve.

But there is one thing, possibly the most important thing I have left off of that list. That is the relationship you share with your co-workers. If you work on it, it can have benefits to you, your career, and your life that you may never have considered.

Your relationships at work will color your work experience

There are two types of relationships you might want to consider. Relationships with those in the workplace and those you may have with clients of the company. The “A Pleasure Working With You” situation can apply to both.

Relationships In The Company You Work For

The relationships you develop at work can have far-reaching effects. There will always be some you get on with, and others, perhaps you don’t. But it is important not to deal with them differently, especially if they are senior to you.

You will likely work as part of a team. Or if not, there will be those you report to and those who report to you. It will be necessary to convey your feelings about working with someone at times.

The expression “It Was A Pleasure Working With You” can only be used a relatively few number of times. In fact, internally, it would not have been something I may ever have used. Working closely with your superior might be one occasion. But in my opinion, only mine, there are more appropriate things to say to those who report to you.

  • We’ve done well there.
  • Thanks for your effort and contribution.
  • Good job.
  • You helped to make a big difference.

As you can see, just a simple everyday conversation. But you are putting forward the thanks that build relationships in the workplace by showing appreciation. And doing it informally and within an almost friendly feel to it.

Appreciation Builds Relationships

And it is those relationships that will color your working day, as I said earlier. If you are appreciated and respected by those who report to you, then that will be noticed by those you report to.

To Use An Example

Many years ago I worked for probably the largest computer company in the world. It was the 80’s so you can probably guess who. Internally they encouraged a policy of internal competition and rivalry. Everyone was fighting everyone else for ‘the glory.’

Needless to say, the relationships that were developed through mutual appreciation didn’t exist. Was it successful? From being the ‘self-appointed big shots’ in the 80s to where they are now, almost nobodies in I.T. Do you think it worked?

Giving praise instead of criticism or helping others has its benefits.

best ways to say it was the pleasure working with you

External Relationships

Now, this won’t apply to everyone because not every job means you might work with other businesses. However, if you do, then the expression of appreciation demonstrated by saying “It’s A Pleasure Working With You” is more than acceptable.

It is formal and appreciative and will build a relationship with an individual. It might even possibly build a relationship with the external company. That could bear fruit one day.

It Isn’t Rocket Science

Some people like to make more of this than it is. I suppose it might sell books or places on seminars. But it really isn’t that difficult. Developing relationships in the workplace is important if you value your future in the company. If people can’t, or in extreme cases won’t work with you, then that is a problem that will not go unnoticed further up the hierarchy. You can sum it up in two words ‘Be Professional.’

But don’t think, as some do, that being professional means you cannot be nice along with it. And that applies to your attitude and your relationships with others.

With The Outsiders

If you happen to be working with another company on an external project, it isn’t a battle to see ‘who can look best.’ Two companies working together on the same project for another company is sometimes a difficult situation. And it is made worse by the lack of personal relationships.

Those personal relationships will not exist without mutual respect. It isn’t a competition; you are both trying to do the best you can for a client you both work for.

Mutual respect…

If after the project both teams can say “It Was A Pleasure Working With You,” that is a positive result. And that is a perfectly acceptable way to say it. Rather formal, but needs to be in that circumstance. It might go further and have the two companies who sent the project teams saying the same thing to each other. Mutual respect. Professionalism.

Social Occasions

There will sometimes be occasions when departments or even smaller companies get together for a specific reason. One of these could be when someone may be retiring or just leaving the company. This is an occasion that might be considered both formal and in some ways informal at the same time. Informal because these occasions are usually conducted as a party-type event.

But formal because it is an occasion when senior management or, in some cases, CEOs and owners might be there. In that circumstance, a single sentence might not be enough.

An Expression Of Thanks Suitable For All Occasions

Expressions of thanks and appreciation on these occasions vary. But telling someone, it was a pleasure working with them is one that is suitable on one level. But there are some other things you could say depending on your relationship with the individual.

Relationships at work can go deep at times. We can develop a real working bond with someone. You might respect them, even admire them. In those cases, “It was a pleasure” is hardly enough. But even though it might be quite an emotional moment, words should be chosen carefully.

Let’s look at a few options:

  • I am grateful for the time we worked together, as I learned so much from you.
  • I want to celebrate the time we worked together.
  • Thank you for helping me become better.
  • You have been an inspiration and a guide not only to me but to many others.
  • Your contribution has been immeasurable.

The chance to offer a public goodwill message is a nice thing. It should make you feel good inside. Being a little more expressive is a good thing, but providing it doesn’t go too far. Gratitude and appreciation are what you are trying to convey.

best way to say it was pleasure working with you

What About in a One on One Situation where someone is leaving?

This can be awkward for some people. For those people, it can be much harder to convey feelings. Just saying “It Was A Pleasure Working With You” is going to sound rather distant and a little bit forced. The best advice, though, is really to make it an easy conversation. Some things you could say are:

  • Thanks For Everything.
  • We are all going to miss you.
  • I learned a lot from you.

But What About if They Are Not Leaving?

Possibly you have just finished an assignment working with someone else. After its completion, you might want to do the courteous thing and thank them. This could be in either of two situations.

Firstly where you have been working with someone senior to yourself. In that case, you could say:

  • I appreciate the opportunity to work with you.
  • Thanks for all the advice and help you gave me.
  • Working with you has been a great experience; I hope we can work together again.
  • Working with you has taught me a lot, thank you.

Quite formal levels of appreciation. And in this circumstance, it might be appropriate to say, “It Was A Pleasure Working With You.” That is providing you haven’t said it to them before. As well as making sure you don’t use it again.

With A Colleague Who Is Junior To You

In some ways dealing with a colleague who is senior is easier for some. But just remember, if you were the junior, wouldn’t you hope to hear a bit of thanks? Of course, you would. So if your colleague who you have worked with is junior to you. They will be hoping to hear it as well.

This is a bit less formal from your side. You can be a little relaxed with your comments and make them very informal. It can be brief; it doesn’t need to be lengthy; just a few brief words of thanks and praise will go a long way:

  • Thanks for your help.
  • You did a good job.
  • Thanks for your important contribution.
  • I enjoyed working with you.
  • Your input was impressive.
  • I enjoyed our little chats over coffee.

Casual and easy-going, but they will be significant to another member of staff who may already look up to you.

Keep A Balance

This is an important aspect of thanking and or praising people. You can’t just repeat saying “It Was A Pleasure Working With You” every time you need to do it. And in any case, that phrase, as we have seen, is not always appropriate. The balance between ensuring your message gets across and not going ‘over the top’ is a fine balance at times. And one temptation is to keep going after you have made your point.

Be Prepared

It isn’t a bad idea to be prepared to make the right comment in the right circumstances. I don’t mean work something out and just repeat it ‘parrot’ fashion. Have an outline of what you are going to say, and then leave it at that. As long as the recipient gets the message, you have done your bit.

Let me go back to an earlier point. We go to work every day, and as adults, many of us spend forty hours a week there, or more. How much better is the experience if we can appreciate others’ efforts. And also to know that they appreciate us.

Working relationships can be tricky…

Building working relationships can be a tricky thing. We are all different. What irritates one is fine with another. But we can go a long way to improving relationships by using the right words and some thanks when the time is right.

The Working Environment

This will be different for everybody. Some work in offices that may be considered low-key. Some work in pressure situations that can at times be tense. And what about those really at the frontline, the Health workers, Fire Brigade, etc. A kind word is going to be gratefully received by those people.

Making sure you don’t forget to thank someone is important. Sometimes we just need to write things down to remind us. The COSSINI Premium Business Portfolio might help. Notepads and planners are still useful even in our ‘high-tech’ age, so get yourself the 60 Sheets Daily Planner Notepad or the Simplified To Do List Planner Notebook.

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Final Thoughts

Keeping a proper balance isn’t that hard. It is like most things. When you practice it, you just get better at it. You will learn to sense what to say and, importantly, when to say it. You will learn how formal or informal you should be. It is a part of our working life and as such is something we should all be aware of.

But it all needs to start somewhere. Why don’t you say “It Was A Pleasure Working With You” or something similar today? You never know where it might lead.

All the very best in building your relationships!

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