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BI-LO Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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About BI-LO Application

This is a grocery retailer which enjoys steady growth and offers employment to 15,000 applicants or more. It offers many work opportunities to employees who want to grow and learn, this is a supermarket chain for new employees who want to serve customers in the long run. It offers dynamic and rewarding careers to associates at attractive salaries. The employment benefits cater to job excellence and provide a supportive work environment for employees who want to excel at work. Every employee must handle their designated areas of merchandise.

Application Process for BI-LO

For all entry-level jobs, the candidate must have relevant work experience in grocery retail. They should complete the online application form of BI-LO’s supermarkets. Applicants can work as a cashier, at a clerk position, or as a bagger. The supermarket hires people for part-time jobs at entry-level positions. There are many specialized positions like meat specialist, cake decorator, and manager.

These require specialized skills and more work experience to qualify for such roles. These applicants can apply for managerial positions, or start at entry-level positions. In addition to this, internal training help in the growth and development of employees at the store. They also receive promotional opportunities to grow.

Application Status at BI-LO’s

Employees can check the application status of BI-LO’s by logging in to the official account on the career website. If the application status doesn’t change they can call the Store Manager or the Hiring team at BI-LO’s. BI-LO focuses on conducting an interview process for shortlisted applicants. Once they clear the interview process at BI-LO’s, they can get a suitable job opportunity with the store. BI-LO conducts a drug test for applicants randomly before hiring them.

Hourly Pays for Various Career Positions

  • BI-LO pays the cashier 8.47 dollars hourly.
  • It pays the bagger 7.82 dollars hourly.
  • Grocery store manager earns 42,000 to 89,000 dollars annually.
  • Pharmacists earn between 90,000 dollars to 1,27,000 dollars annually.
  • Assistant Store Manager earns 42,000 dollars to 68,000 dollars.

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Hiring Process for BI-LO’s

The hiring process conducts interviews for applicants at BI-LO’s which lasts 15 minutes to an hour for all entry-level positions and this is conducted by hiring managers at the store. It takes approximately a week for the application status to change. The entire hiring process lasts for 3 weeks at least. The training process which is a part of the hiring process takes 3 weeks for the induction to complete.

Essential Requirement to Work at BI-LO’s

What is the minimum age requirement to work for BI-LO’s?

The minimum age requirement to work at BI-LO’s is 16 years for entry-level jobs.

What are the hours of operation at BI-LO’s?

The hours of operation at BI-LO’s are Monday to Saturday 6 am to 12 am, Sunday 6 am to 11 pm.

What are the available positions at BI-LO’s?

The positions are Cashier, Courtesy Clerk, Stock Clerk, Department Manager, and Assistant Manager or Store Manager.

How will an applicant apply for a job with BI-LO’s?

The applicants can apply online by searching for the job opening on the official website.

Career Positions and Salary at BI-LO’s


  • The first-time job seekers can work as a bagger.
  • The bagger also works with the cashier to bag items.
  • Their main job is also to organize shopping carts.
  • Baggers are also responsible to ensure large grocery loads reach customer vehicles safely.
  • They should also have a friendly approach and a pleasing personality.
  • The hourly rates for Baggers depend on the minimum wage offered by BI-LO.

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  • This position has several job responsibilities and duties.
  • Their responsibility is also to look after stock rooms and storage areas.
  • They will replenish store shelves when they run out of stock.
  • They offer customer assistance and also make relevant product recommendations to customers.
  • The minimum age requirement for this position is 18 years.
  • They earn between 8 dollars to 10 dollars every hour.


  • The cashier is a part-time position that also interacts with customers.
  • Cashier also ensures sales are recorded through an automated scanning system.
  • They are also responsible for special promotions at BI-LO.
  • It is also their responsibility to restock racks and shelves available in the checkout aisle.
  • They earn 9 dollars per hour.

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  • They are responsible for the company’s success at BI-LO’s supermarket.
  • Management comprises team leaders, department managers, and also assistant store directors.
  • Managers are also responsible to interview new hires and delegate tasks to supervisors.
  • Managers should also hold a high school diploma.
  • They should also have prior experience in the management of the store.
  • The pay scale ranges from 10 to 12 dollars.
  • They earn 60,000 dollars annually.

Benefits of Working for BI-LO’s

The prominent grocery store rewards the hard work of young talented employees. They employ eligible workers and provide them job benefits. Employee discounts are offered to employees along with paid time off and flexible spending accounts. The tuition reimbursement plans are important for attending school or college degree programs.

bi lo application tips

Employee recognition programs also offer various discounts to retailers. There are also various benefits that BI-LO offers senior employees. These benefits help the employees take care of their families and also secures their future. Employees consider BI-LO a great place to work with excellent employee satisfaction.

Additional Information for BI-LO’s

This company was formed in 1961 as a supermarket chain called Windixcy. This is a chain of supermarkets rooted in the Southern region of California. This store offers groceries to various communities. It offers meat, seafood, and other products. The regional grocery retailer contributes to a local charity and provides environment-friendly activities at the store. The electric systems and products recycle 30,000 tons of cardboard annually.


BI-LO offers a very simple application process for applicants to apply for multiple roles. Dedicated and hardworking employees also get a good job opportunity with BI-LO’s. They should also be willing to work in flexible work schedules. They should also avail every training opportunity which helps them to make a rewarding career. There are also various positions at the entry-level where applicants can work full-time or part-time.

Applicants require a steady career graph and avail work benefits at BI-LO’s. Applicants require to undergo a stringent interview process which helps applicants to secure a job of their choice with BI-LO’s. The applicants should also research the company and learn about the job before stepping in for the interview.

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