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Big Boy Application: Jobs & Careers Online

If you are looking for your first job or need some part-time work to help pay the bills, why not do so at an iconic American Restaurant. There are over 200 Big Boy restaurant locations throughout the United States, and many are looking for new employees.

Big Boy restaurants offer a range of American cuisine, from burgers to steaks, and pies to shakes. It is a welcoming place for first-time job seekers and part-time employees alike.

So, let’s take a look at the Big Boy Application: Jobs & Careers Online and find out how to land a job.

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Employment Positions at Big Boy Restaurants

Big Boy restaurants are hiring for several positions. This includes first-time, entry-level employment opportunities, such as busser and dishwasher. Typically, Big Boy requires applicants to be 16 years of age or older and may require a high school diploma or equivalent to be hired.

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Crew Team Members

These are entry-level positions such as dishwasher, busser, and cashier. Team members will be responsible for maintaining a clean and friendly dining environment. You will be clearing tables, cleaning customer/dining areas, and interacting with customers in a positive and gracious manner.

These positions are open to applicants 16 years of age and older and are great part-time employment opportunities for high school and university students. Of course, Big Boy restaurants offer employment advancement from these positions to jobs like server, kitchen staff, and managerial jobs.

The starting pay for Crew Team Members is normally minimum wage. But it is not hard to get your pay raised to about $8.00 per hour. Full-time employees can expect a yearly salary of $23,000.

Kitchen Staff

For entry-level applicants, there are line cook and prep cook positions available. You will be responsible for basic food preparation tasks, baking certain items, and cooking orders that match customer requests.

As a kitchen staff employee, you will need to ensure all food items are cooked correctly, the kitchen meets health and safety requirements, and that food orders meet customer expectations.

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Since these are entry-level positions, the starting salary is also minimum wage. But again, the pay rate can easily increase to $8.00/hour by demonstrating a commitment to customer satisfaction and upholding Big Boy standards. Full-time employment can earn you between $23,000 and $25,000 a year.


A great job opportunity for people who like working with people and have demonstrated custom service and communications skills. Servers will need to take food and drink orders, respond to customer requests, and promote a fun and friendly dining experience.

Potential applicants need to be able to spend long periods on their feet, move quickly and carefully, and need to be familiar with all items on the menu. Normally, the starting salary is between $3.00 and $5.00 per hour, but you can earn more thanks to gratuity from satisfied customers. The yearly take-home pay is about $22,000.


These are not entry-level employment opportunities. So, you will need previous experience working in a managerial role when applying. Likewise, Big Boy looks for manager applicants with leadership qualities, multi-tasking skills, and the ability to track and manage schedules and financial matters.

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The manager positions at Big Boy restaurant are in tiers. The lowest is shift supervisor, followed by supervisor. From there, it’s assistant manager and general manager. Duties for all tiers will include hiring, scheduling, training, quality control, inventory tracking and ordering, and customer service.

Furthermore, these positions are reserved for full-time employees. Supervisors tend to make about $9.00 an hour. While the manager position can range between $30,000 and $70,000 annually.

How to Apply for a Job at Big Boy?

Unfortunately, there are no online application forms for Big Boy restaurants. To apply, you will need to go to the Big Boy nearest you and apply in person. You may also want to save yourself a little time and contact the Big Boy restaurant nearest you and ask about the current job openings there.

Tips for applying at Big Boy

When you apply, make sure you include any information about the skills and/or experience you have that relate to the position you are applying for. Make sure when you apply that your appearance is neat and tidy. It’s also a good idea to bring some kind of personal ID along when you do apply.

You usually only have to wait about a day or two before the hiring staff gets back to you. Having a flexible work schedule can also help you quickly get a job at Big Boy.

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One of the great things about working at Big Boy restaurants is the chance for advancement. In fact, many Big Boy managers got their start in an entry-level position like server or line cook. Also, they provide all employees with healthcare benefits, paid time off, and even 401K plans.

If you like American food and thrive in fast-paced working environments, getting hired at Big Boy could be the first step to a long and fulfilling career in the restaurant industry.

All the best with your Big Boy Application.

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