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Biggest McDonald’s in the World (2023 Guide)

biggest mcdonald's in the world

Are you dreaming of a visit to the Golden Arches? If you are a fan of the fast food franchise, you will have noticed that not all branches are the same size. Some locations come with special features, while the menu items can also vary between locations.

If you believe that bigger is better, you are sure to want to check out the largest franchise possible. This can be a fun road trip that will end with a satisfying meal. So, let’s learn all about the biggest McDonald’s in the world and why you really do need to visit it.

About The Largest Entertainment Franchise

The USA is known for being larger than life, and it should come as no surprise that the franchise is located there. While there is no denying that it is huge, this location has much more to offer than just size. Let’s take a closer look at some of the things that make this massive, fast food outlet so special. 


This franchise is commonly known as Epic McD, and it can be found in Orlando, Florida. This mighty fast food restaurant also holds the title of largest Entertainment McDonald’s in the world. Part of the reason for the popularity and size of this branch is the close proximity to Walt Disney World. 

Epic McD originally opened its doors to the public in 1976. The franchise has grown extensively over the years to keep up with growing demand. Epic McD reopened in 2016 in a new building at the same location. The franchise is open around the clock, serving hungry diners throughout the day and night. 


The total size of this franchise is an impressive 19,000 square feet. This is the equivalent of a massive mansion or a castle. If you are familiar with the company’s regular franchises, you will know that this is much, much larger than average. In fact, 350 diners can be comfortably seated in the restaurant at the same time. 

The features

This branch boasts a wide range of amenities and cool features for customers to make use of. One of the most notable features is the 30-foot-tall Ronald McDonald statue that can be found outside. There is a large fish tank inside, huge counters, and self-service kiosks. The kitchen is open, so diners can sit and watch their food being prepared. 

Onsite entertainment 

There is a 2,000-square-foot arcade that is packed with games for both adults and kids to enjoy. This includes retro pinball machines and a collection of popular arcade games. The franchise also boasts a 22-foot-tall play structure for the little ones to play on.

Biggest McDonald’s In The World – What’s On The Menu?

Biggest McDonald’s In The World - What's On The Menu?

This fast food branch serves much more than just burgers and fries. Several unique menu items are just waiting to be enjoyed. The branch also offers a ‘Create Your Taste’ feature, which allows customers to customize their sandwiches and burgers. 

Pizza and pasta dishes

This location boasts a huge brick pizza oven that creates authentic pizza in just a few minutes. Diners have the chance to choose from standard toppings or have fun creating their own. There is also an extensive pasta menu, which covers all the most popular Italian-American classics. 


You will find all of the fast food franchise’s popular desserts such as the MsFlurry, Baked Apple Pie, and shakes. People with a sweet tooth will also find plenty of other desserts to tickle their taste buds. There is a fresh waffle bar where you can add your toppings to create your sweet treats.

It also features a sundae bar, where customers can have fun choosing the toppings for their sundaes. There is also a wide selection of cakes to choose from, including cheesecake and hot chocolate cake. 


The restaurant chain is famous for its breakfast staples, which can be enjoyed at franchises around the world. In addition to all the usual suspects, breakfast lovers at Epic McD can customize their own omelets. Epic McD also offers freshly made Belgian waffles with delicious fruit toppings.  

Huge International Franchises

The USA is not the only place that likes to supersize things. Several other countries also boast their massive locations that are just waiting to be visited. Here are some of the other massive locations that you can check out on your next road trip. 

Melville Store 

This branch can be found in the city of Perth in Australia and covers 6,888 square feet. The branch was opened in 2015 and is best known for its Burger Bar. Here, customers can assemble their own burgers and add a wide range of toppings. There is also a whole host of unique side dishes to choose from, such as corn fritters and avocado toast.

This branch features full table service and sleek interior décor that gives it a classy dine-in feel. Burgers and other main dishes are served on wooden paddles, while the fries come in wire baskets. There is also an on-site McCafe, complete with a children’s play area for the little ones. 

The Rock 

The Rock 

If you are planning a trip to Chicago, make sure you pay a visit to this branch. Formerly known as Rock N Roll McDonald’s, it was opened in 1983 and covers 24,000 square feet. There is space to seat up to three hundred guests, including in the large and lovely garden.

The environmentally-friendly green roof is set with solar panels that embrace the branch’s green theme. A rock and roll exhibit can be found in the restaurant in tribute to its former theme. Diners can also explore the small on-site museum and admire the world’s first two-lane drive-through


This branch is set in Pushkin Square in Moscow, and the opening in 1990 was attended by five thousand people. The branch covers 28,000 square feet and can seat up to nine hundred people. This was the first fast food restaurant to be opened in Russia, and it proved to be a big success. More than 30,000 people were served during the grand opening, which set a world record. 

Frankfurt Airport 

This huge franchise covers 43,055 square feet and can seat 650 diners. The size and location of the branch are particularly convenient for people who need to refuel after a long flight. It was renovated in 2015, and it is currently the largest McDonald’s in the world.

Diners are treated to table service and a range of special menu options. For people who are traveling with children, the on-site play area is an important feature. Parents can unwind with a cup of coffee before their flight while the kids let off some steam.

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Biggest McDonald’s In The World – Final Thoughts

Next time you are in Orlando, make sure you swing by Epic McD. This location is much more than simply a fast food franchise. It offers a wide range of entertainment options that are just waiting to be enjoyed.

You are sure to want to make time to have your picture taken with the 30-foot tall Ronald McDonald. The arcade and game floor can provide endless hours of entertainment for the whole family. Of course, you will also want to check out some of the fast food restaurant’s unique menu items.

So, what are you waiting for… go check it out!

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