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BJ’s Wholesale Club Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

bj's wholesale club application

BJ’s wholesale club is a membership-only warehouse club store chain based mainly on the East Coast of the United States and Ohio. Applicants search for entry-level positions and also career-driven opportunities in store management may find this an amazing store to work in. They are currently operating in around 200 locations.

If you want to make your career in the field of store management, you can search for vacant positions in BJs. The minimum age limit is just 16. The stores are open for 12 hours (9 am to 9 pm) from Monday to Saturday, and on Sunday, it is from 9 am to 7 pm. There are also various positions for a job seeker at BJ’s Wholesale Club. The positions are Clerk, Stock Clerk, Assistant Manager, Store Manager, and sales associate. No offline application however is accepted.

Job Opportunities by BJs

BJs appoint entry-level job seekers for their stores in different places. There are various positions for which they hire new candidates. Just be flexible to work with them. When you have completed your high school education, you can apply for vacant positions to build a promising career with BJs.

Develop Your Job -oriented Skills with BJs

If you look for a well-to-do career, you can apply for entry-level positions. At BJs, the staffs enjoy reasonable salaries, flexible schedules, and also improved working environments. You have to also be enthusiastic, outgoing, and team-oriented to work with BJs stores.

Employees should have basic math skills, pay attention to detail, and also be flexible in their scheduling. While entry-level positions require only a high school diploma or equivalent and little working experience. Simultaneously, the warehouse retailer requires at least a high school diploma or equivalent and some experience working with the public.

bjs wholesale club application tip

Working at BJ’s demands strong interpersonal skills and a commitment to the company’s priorities and philosophy. Applicants seeking jobs in the retail industry who loves to take the initiative can lead from the front, and outstanding customer service skills should apply to the wholesale retailer.

To provide reliable, consumer-oriented, and goal-driven operations, BJs hires entire management teams regularly. Managers should have at least one to three years of previous retail experience and a high school diploma, but having an additional qualification is a distinct benefit.

Vacant Positions in BJs Wholesale Club

BJs always prioritize customer satisfaction in everything. For most of the entry-level positions, the minimum age of the candidate should be 16. But it is good if you are 18 years old to apply for other positions. The hiring process may take a few days to few weeks. Just keep calm and look forward to a promising career. You can join BJs as part-time and full-time employees. Currently, they have the following positions vacant for career-driven candidates.


  • The responsibilities of a stock clerk are to move products from stockrooms and storage to shelves. They are also responsible for assembling product displays, guiding customers to products, and keeping the store clean.
  • They should have the ability to lift a significant amount of weight and stand for quite some time.

bjs wholesale club application tips

  • The aspirants should have friendly nature, willingness to work in a flexible schedule, willingness to cooperate with team members, and professional manners can be added advantage while being hired for BJs.
  • The remuneration of Stock Clerks is a minimum of $10.00 per hour depending on experience and performance.
  • Your performance can lead you to better positions like a store manager or supervisory posts.


  • Job responsibilities for cashier include welcoming customers, take up calls, and answering queries about products and services.
  • You need to stand in stores for an extended period and interact with customers in an approachable manner.
  • No experience is needed to get hired in this position. You have to complete your primary schooling.
  • The average salary of a Cashier at BJs starts from $10.00 per hour. But who show exemplary performance can get promoted to higher positions with lucrative salary and added benefits like healthcare options, retirement plans, and others.

Member Services

BJ’s is a members-only supermarket chain that employs membership sales agents to encourage customers to shop there.

  • The primary responsibility of a member services associate is to sell BJ’s Wholesale Club Memberships. They need to talk with customers about policies, products, and membership rates and respond to queries in the best possible manner.
  • You should have excellent interpersonal skills and prior experience in sales to get hired as a member service associate at BJs.

the bjs wholesale club application

  • Depending upon location, added qualifications may be required.
  • Membership sales associate salary starts from $12.00 per hour. When you get experienced, BJs management may promote you to full-time supervisory posts.
  • The full-time Membership sales associate also avails of annual pay hikes and other job benefits.


At BJs, there are different managerial posts available.

  • The primary responsibility of managers is to organize and handle entry-level staff and make their work schedules. Other duties are solving customer disputes and employee conflicts, appointing and training new hires, and ensuring customer loyalty.
  • Managers at BJs are also responsible for placing orders and manage product shipping and inventory maintenance.
  • They should have operational delegation and excellent communication skills. Need to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Promotion from entry-level to managerial positions happens regularly, and it can result in a pay raise and access to job benefits.
  • BJ’s managers’ typical compensation ranges from about $9.00 per hour for department supervisor positions to nearly $100,000 a year for general managers.

Apart from these mentioned positions, there is a position vacant for ticketer as well. Tickets work as stock associates, restocking, facing, and displaying products as required. Employees keep parts of the store clean by doing general housekeeping, making sure displays are spick and span and packed, and making sure appropriate signage is clear and up to date. The hourly remuneration starts from $9.00.

Benefits to Working for BJ’s Wholesale Membership Club

BJs’ staffs enjoy different services such as special in-store discounts, flexible work environment, career growth potential, and so on. Apart from these, they get

  • Paid time off
  • Paid vacation
  • Amazing paid training opportunities
  • Paid personal days and sick time
  • Employee stock options
  • Life insurance and other insurance plans
  • 401 k plan

the bjs wholesale club application guide

More Information about BJs

BJ Wholesale Club has supported numerous schools in 15 states through its “Adopt-A-School” initiative since 1996. The program’s mission involves assisting adopted schools in supplementing current academic and extracurricular programs and goals. Since its formation, the wholesale retailer has contributed nearly $2 million to help provide low-cost, high-quality supplies and support activities that inspire leadership and citizenship skill development. The retail department store chain funded about 200 public elementary schools in 2013.

How To Apply at BJs?

Job seekers must create accounts to apply for vacant positions. You need to apply online through the company’s official job portal. You can save your funds and submit them later.

  • At first, browse through the online job portal of BJs.
  • Then you need to select the position to apply for,
  • After that, you need to answer a few questions that come on screen,
  • Fill up the application form correctly.
  • Put education qualification
  • Fill up the working experience if you have
  • You need to also put information about your preferences.
  • Then you need to upload your resume to add extra information that improves hiring prospects.

Review Application Status

Calling or visiting the preferred employing venue are the easiest ways to follow up on submitted applications. Employment managers usually take one to two weeks to review and also call prospective interviewees after submitting an online application.

If the time passes without getting any call, then you can contact hiring staff to acquaint yourself with standard hiring timelines and the next steps in the process. To satisfy and validate appreciation for supervisor roles, applicants should also be aware of the best times to contact managers to avoid peak store hours.


So what are you waiting for? If you seek a lucrative career, grab the opportunity and join BJs to achieve your career goal.

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