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Board Member Job Description

board member job description

Do you have your sights set on becoming a board member?

If you have business experience and strong leadership skills, this could be the perfect career move. Many company managers employ board members to help guide their company in the right direction.

As a board member, you will work closely with a group of other people. You need to be able to analyze information and make persuasive statements on actions that should be taken.

So, let’s take an in-depth look at a typical board member job description as well as cover a wealth of other information.

board member job description

What is a Board Member?

Board members are an important part of the governing body of a company or organization. They meet regularly to determine business operations.

This includes approving business decisions, setting company policies, and evaluating executive performance. Board members need to understand the mission of the organization as well as their needs and policies.

Determine the needs of the company…

The board of directors consists of several members, each of which has different titles and responsibilities. Board members meet regularly to determine the needs of the organization and make sure they are achieved. They will need to prepare for board meetings and actively take part in them.

Typical Board Member Duties

Board members are responsible for advising the company on ways to achieve its goals. They need to have a deep understanding of the vision, rules, policies, regulations, and needs of the organization. Also, they have to prepare for meetings by reviewing the agenda and supplying any necessary documentation.

They are also responsible for keeping up with any issues, trends, and challenges that affect the organization. When action has to be taken, they must provide their insight into the best cause of action. This involves doing deep research into the issues and being able to provide advice and strategies.

Act as ambassadors…

Each board member is expected to read and comprehend the organization’s financial statements. They act as ambassadors for the organization and help identify new business opportunities.

Other key board member duties include:

  • Understand and track the organization’s financial matters
  • Avoid potential conflicts of interest
  • Maintain confidentiality at all times
  • Make sure the organization complies with all legal requirements
  • Evaluating the performance of the chief executive
  • Strategic and organizational planning
  • Enhancing the organization’s public image

The Average Board Member Salary

The typical salary for a board member is around $66,000 per year. Board members also receive company stocks. The combined value of the stocks and base salary can earn a board member up to $300,000 per year.

Important Board Member Skills

A successful board member needs to have a background in business and a strong understanding of the organization. They should have leadership experience as well as strong analytical skills.

They also need to have excellent communication skills and be diplomatic. Ultimately, a board member needs to work hard to make sure the objectives and goals of the organization are achieved.

Other important skills and attributes include:

  • Time management and organization skills
  • Persuasiveness and adaptability
  • Strong integrity, credibility, and passion for work
  • The ability to think quickly and make swift decisions
  • Intercultural and global awareness skills

The Different Board Members

An organization’s board of directors is composed of several different members. Each of these members has different responsibilities and duties. It is important for each member to understand their own duties and the duties of the other board members.

The President

This person is effectively the head of the board and works closely with the CEO of the organization. The President chairs meetings and sets topics for review during the meetings along with the CEO. When decisions need to be made by the board of directors, the president often has the deciding vote.

The Vice President

The Vice President takes on the president’s role when they are not available. They work closely with the president to assist them with duties and perform any duties assigned by the President. The Vice President is usually allocated a special area of responsibility like media, personnel, or membership.

The Treasurer

The Treasurer is responsible for managing the organization’s finances and providing regular financial reports. They regularly report on financial trends, raise any necessary concerns, and assess the financial health of the organization. They create an annual budget for the board to approve and assist auditors when necessary.

The Secretary

The Secretary is responsible for keeping the board’s records and managing board meeting minutes. They distribute the minutes to each board member after the meeting for their reference. The Secretary needs to have knowledge of legal documents and highlight any issues for review.

The Committee Chairperson

The Committee Chairperson is responsible for planning and overseeing committee operations and reports directly to the President. They meet regularly with committee members and present their recommendations to the board during meetings. They also run committee meetings, assign tasks to committee members, and help achieve the committee objectives.

Board Member Qualifications and Experience

Board members need to have a lot of professional experience in the business field. This usually includes holding a leadership position such as a CEO or working in the government sector.

Board members usually need to hold a degree in business management or a related field. Ideally, board members should have previous board experience and have proven leadership experience.

Have The Confidence To Be On “The Board”

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Final Thoughts

Before applying to become a board member, you need to do a lot of research into the company or organization. You should have a good understanding of exactly what they do and the areas for improvement. This will help you work out how you could use your skills and expertise to help them.

In many cases, you will be headhunted to sit on the board of the company or organization. It is a good idea to work out which board member role you would be best suited for.

This will help to make sure that you have the maximum impact while working as a board member.

All the very best in becoming a Board Member!

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