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Bob Evans Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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Bob Evans is a restaurant chain based out in Ohio. During the mid-1940s, it began its restaurant chain as a sausage manufacturer. Gradually it grew as a large regional enterprise with more than 600 restaurant chain locations across the Atlantic and Midwest regions. As it expands and gains popularity with a massive expansion, it hired candidates to add them to its workforce. In addition, it opens for full-time and part-time capacities for smooth operations of its restaurant chain.

This article will inform you about the complete working schedule and environment at Bob Evans with the job vacancies, career advancement opportunities, salary and schedule options, jobs and responsibilities, and benefits to its employees when they join this expansive and successful restaurant chain.

Operational Hours and Work Schedule at Bob Evans

Bob Evans offers employment options to job seekers at least 16 years while submitting their job application form for this restaurant chain location. The schedule and operational hours at Bob Evans are as follows:

Monday to Sunday: 06:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Job Prospects at Bob Evans

The chain provides sound opportunities for the applicant applying for entry-level posts. It helps them work with a family-oriented company, along with some other working experiences. Work Ethic Importance’s related to family sentiments and traditional sentiments are also provided by them. The applicants have to be friendly, courteous, and attentive and must maintain positive attitudes while their hiring process. It will allow for easy job considerations.

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Workers can choose from around six employment areas, ranging from dishwashing, hosting, serving, food prep, and other tasks. They also have career-oriented jobs in managerial posts, but this required general public experiences. Candidates with formal experiences can gain employment opportunities at entry-level positions.

The Job Positions Available at Bob Evans

Bob Evans opens career opportunities for job seekers to join its restaurant chain as Restaurant Managers, Assistant Managers, Dishwashers, Cooks, Hostesses, Hosts, Servers, and Cashiers. The frequent job titles available at Bob Evans are as follows:


  • The candidate needs to assist the guests with seating and greeting policies.
  • They are entitled to receive the minimum hourly wages for the post.
  • Patience and strong personal skills are the requirements of the post.


  • They need to serve the food and drinks order at the tables and bear heavy workloads at the time of rush.
  • Their pay rate may vary as per the selected location, but they can earn around $5.00 per hour on average.

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  • They need to handle the tasks at the kitchen premises, including the preparation for drinks and food meals.
  • The candidate may seek an additional advantage over having prior experience in the field.
  • They can earn around $9.00 per hour.

The Online Job Application process of Bob Evans

The job seekers finding job positions at Bob Evans should check out the below-mentioned instructions and apply for a job position at Bob Evans.

  • The candidates looking for a job position at Bob Evans can visit its official job portal and open its career page.
  • Scroll down this career page to go to the search form and fill up the required selection in the input fields, such as job category, locations, etc., from the drop-down list.
  • Tap on the “Search” tab after entering the preferred choices and tap on the job title you want to apply for at Bob Evans.
  • Go through the job details and tap on the “Apply” tab after you are satisfied with the role offered by Bob Evans.
  • Enter the required blank sections, including your personal and contact information, and submit your job application for Bob Evans.

the bob evans application tips

Checking Job Application Status for Bob Evans

The chain gives its applicants an option for filling out the application forms available at the portals. Also, they are likely to hear the responses with the managers within a few days, and the hiring processes are wrapped up within a week. The hiring process also depends on the store vacancies. They accept the application when in need of the applicants.

Also, if the candidate has not received any callback or response from the store within the given time, they may call the hiring managers. Also, if the vacancies are filled out after submitting the applications, then the forms will be kept for over a month for future considerations.

Benefits and Perks While Working at Bob Evans

Bob Evans offers family-oriented work settings to enrich its workers’ lives and provides initiative blocks for entry-level employees. Employees at Bob Evans receive various job benefits, including the following:

  • Bob Evans’ employees usually benefit from opportunities for promotion, paid training, competitive pay scale, professional growth, supportive and personally-centered work environments.
  • Qualified Bob Evans employees also receive medical and dental insurant while working for this restaurant chain.
  • They also get educational assistance, annual bonuses, and holiday pay from Bob Evans.
  • Employees at Bob Evans also get stock purchase programs and 401 (K) retirement plans while working at Bob Evans’ restaurant chain locations.

Additional Details of Bob Evans

The company has mentioned that their workings are carried out and based on the five main pillars: Sales, Execution, Team Work, Improves Margins and Increased returns. Employees assisted with the chain, and those desiring to work with them need to complete all five pillars daily.

Team Work benefits them to motivate each other for easy accomplishments and take up the managerial assignments when in need. Family values are thus the foundation of all five pillars, helpful in the daily tasks’ executions. The candidate must follow them regularly to stand for the company values.


The American chain of restaurants, Bob Evans, is based out in New Albany Ohio. The well-known restaurant chain has over 600 restaurant locations across the United States and hires more than 46,000 individuals to run its locations smoothly. The majority of its restaurant chain locations are across the Midwestern, Southern, and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. Candidates passionate about joining the restaurant industry can explore and find various job openings.

This is updated at Bob Evans’s online career platform. They can apply for management, manufacturing, plant, transportation, corporate, hourly, and restaurant careers at Bob Evans. The guide to fill up the online job application form is provided above. The candidates should read it carefully and fill up the application forms accordingly. This will help them apply for a career opportunity at Bob Evans.

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