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Body Shop Application: Jobs & Careers Online

body shop application

Do you want to work for one of the world’s leading ethical cosmetics companies?

If so, then it’s time to consider filling out a Body Shop application. The Body Shop was established in England in 1976 and focused on using only ethically sourced and naturally-based ingredients.

Today, nearly three thousand branches of Body Shop can be found around the world. The popularity of the Body Shop continues to grow, and employees of all types are hired throughout the year.

So, let’s take an in-depth look at how to make sure your Body Shop Application: Jobs & Careers Online has an impact on hiring managers.

body shop application

Facts About Working At Body Shop

You need to be eighteen years old to work at Body Shop. The Body Shop stores are usually open from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm from Monday to Saturday and 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm on Sundays. Students who have an interest in retail and cosmetics can take on part-time weekend and evening shifts.

Branches of Body Shop can be found all over the world, including countries like Thailand, Spain, and Canada. When new branches open, experienced employees are often offered the chance to lead them. This is the perfect way for employees to take their careers to the next level while getting to know a new location.

Body Shop Job Opportunities

There is a wide range of opportunities for entry-level employees at Body Shop. The company is committed to training new employees and providing advancement opportunities. However, experienced employees with specialist skills can also take on leadership roles. Here are some of the key roles at the Body Shop and the typical duties that go with them.

Customer Consultant

This role involves interacting with customers in a Body Shop store and helping them find the perfect products. Customer consultants give customers product information as well as demonstrations. They need to go the extra mile to satisfy customers, including ordering special products and being polite and friendly at all times.

It is also necessary to have basic math skills to ring up purchases and provide the correct change. New customer consultants usually need to work evenings and weekends until they complete their training. The starting salary for this role is around $10 per hour.

the body shop application guide

Shift Manager

Customer consultants who perform well have the chance to take on this low-level managerial role. Shift managers are responsible for training new employees and making sure they perform well. They also develop lasting relationships with Body Shop customers and have detailed product knowledge. Shift managers usually start on $12 per hour and receive performance-related bonuses.

Store Manager

Store managers are responsible for making sure a single Body Shop store runs smoothly. Duties include interviewing and hiring new employees when necessary. Store managers also design promotional campaigns to bring new customers into the store and maximize profits.

When new Body Shop products are launched, store managers go over sales points with store employees. They also perform inventory and order new stock, as well as create payroll and employee reports. Store managers usually start at $55,000 per year and can make considerably more over time.

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Beauty Blogger

Body Shop boasts a popular online blog that showcases the company’s latest products. People who have a love for writing and beauty products are sure to excel in this role. It mainly involves creating engaging and inspiring posts for the company’s loyal fans.

Beauty bloggers usually have the option of working from home and can choose part-time or full-time hours. They need to have strong communication skills and have a good understanding of the interests of readers. The typical salary for a Body Shop beauty blogger is $20 per hour.

Warehouse Worker

A large number of employees are needed to work in the Body Shop warehouses around the world. The main duty of this role is packing orders to ship to stores and website customers. It is necessary to be able to locate products in the warehouse quickly and fill orders exactly.

Warehouse workers also load and secure products on Body shop trucks for delivery. You must follow safety practices in the warehouse at all times and be physically fit. The average salary for this role is $11 per hour.

Additional Benefits of Working at Body Shop

All Body Shop employees receive impressive discounts on company products as well as free uniforms and paid training. Managers and other full-time professionals receive a special benefits package that includes paid time off. Other benefits include medical, vision, and dental plans, life insurance, loyalty bonuses, and enrollment in company retirement plans.

How To Apply?

The Body Shop website features a careers section, where all the latest vacancies can be found. You can narrow the search by typing keywords or a location in the spaces provided. Click on a job title from the list to read the full job description, which includes the required skills.

Before you can apply, you will need to create a user account. Simply provide your name, email address, and your country of residence. Your profile will be visible to Body Shop recruiters, and you can log back into it at any time.

Long-term career opportunity…

It should only take a few minutes to complete the Body Shop application form. Make sure you fill out all the sections and check your application for errors. If you meet the requirements, a hiring manager should reach out to arrange an interview.

Hiring managers search for candidates who are committed to embarking on a long-term career with Body Shop. Sending the hiring manager a personalized email can help to grab their attention. You can also visit your nearest Body Shop store and ask to speak with the manager.

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Final Thoughts

The interview process will depend on the type of role you are applying for. If you want to work in a Body Shop store, you need to have strong customer service skills.

It is also important to be able to work well as part of a team and have strong product knowledge. We recommend you research Body Shop before the interview, paying attention to the company’s mission statement. Try talking about some of your favorite Body Shop products and what makes the brand special.

Get ready to answer questions that prove you meet the job requirements and are prepared to work hard.

All the very best with your Body Shop Online Application!

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