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Boston Market Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

boston market application

Are you looking to get a career in the food industry and work in the home-style, family environment that makes working fun?

Then, the Boston market is your best bet, and you should apply here without any second thoughts. The Boston market corporation is also referred to as Boston Chicken. Ideally, it is an American fast-casual restaurant chain that is quite famous for its ribs, meatloaf, and turkey, besides rotisserie chicken. In December 1984, the restaurant chain was established by Steven Kolow and Arthur Cores.

Until 1995, the Boston market was known as Boston Chicken. Ideally, the company’s first store was opened in Newton, Massachusetts. The company has at least 600 restaurants across 28 states in the United States. Besides restaurants, the Boston market also offers catering services, and it also sells products that one can use at their home.

Additional Information

The Boston market is mainly hiring employees that are hardworking and fun-loving people. Besides the North-eastern United States, the company also operates in Florida, Texas, and California. Currently, the company has more than 14000 employees working under it.

The company has regular job openings so the applicants can apply whenever they wish to. The best part about working here is that the company highly values its employees, and they offer a stable job with several advancement opportunities. Additionally, the benefits provided here are of great help to almost all the employees.

Essential Information To Know Before Applying at Boston Market

Minimum eligible age of the candidate to be allowed to apply at Boston Market: The candidate needs to be a minimum of 15 years of age to apply at Boston Market.

Working hours at Boston Market: The working hours are as follows – Monday to Saturday – From 9:30 am to 10:00 pm

Employment Opportunities at Boston Market

Job hopefuls can regularly find food service jobs within the Boston market. The rotisserie-style chicken restaurants feature simple service processes besides time-tested recipes, appealing to several entry-level applicants. The positions available here include cashier and cook jobs in the restaurants while delivery driver jobs for handling several catering orders. The experienced candidates can expect to bag the leadership roles, including supervisors or managers.

the boston market application guide

On the flip side, career-oriented professionals should apply for finance and marketing-related jobs. The company also offers the best quality food besides exceptional service. The entry-level jobs are likely to feature typical food service jobs, including dispensing portions of food to clients, checking the food temperature, and ensuring the store is clean all the time. They also have to maintain basic sanitation.

Job Responsibilities

Additionally, the employee needs to greet the patrons when they arrive in-store, listen to their order accurately and ensure they get the best possible recommendations. They have to offer the receipt for the orders and ensure the guests get good change. The job hopefuls are likely to contribute mainly to the company’s standards, and they need to look for work in their proximity.

Career Opportunities at Boston Market

If one wants to get a job in the Boston market, they don’t need to stress about the age factor because the company hires even young candidates as the minimum hiring age is 15 years for some positions. However, on the flip side, the applicants must be at least 18 years old before submitting their application online for some parts, including delivery driver and managerial roles.

Crew Members

These individuals are mainly responsible for preparing food, and they have some customer responsibilities in the restaurant locations. They expressly assume the role of one in various places. The main work opportunities include meat-carving, dishwashing, operating cash registers, and preparing food. Essentially the crew jobs are entry-level jobs, but the applicants with previous work experience and high school diplomas are likely to get more preference during the hiring process. They can earn minimum wages.

boston market application guide


The catering drivers are mainly responsible for delivering orders to patrons promptly. Besides that, the employees need to set the buffet tables at drop-off locations, take stock, and offer warm and friendly help to clients. Ideally, position requirements are owning reliable transportation, valid licenses, and insurance proofs. They should also lift at least 70 lbs. the applicants should also have working cell phones. They can earn $12 per hour, and they can also get some tips.


These individuals are mainly responsible for ensuring that they offer the best quality food and a fresh menu at all times. The primary duties include preparing food, cooking, and plating the orders, aligning with specifications given. They have also to oversee the inventory besides the food storage.


The server is mainly responsible for interacting with patrons and providing the best possible help when they arrive. They have also to greet the clients and explain the menu. At times, the servers should also present samples to the clients.

Tips for Applying at Boston Market

Individuals inclined towards the food industry and who have a similar background can surely apply at Boston Market. Interviewers look for individuals who have proper communication and interpersonal skills and exhibit proper fit for the job. The job seekers must keep a ready and vigilant eye on the various job offerings as there is cut-throat competition.

boston market application tips

Perks of Working at Boston Market

They can get several incentives, including healthcare plans like life and dental insurance. The eligible employees can also get health plans. Overall, the working conditions at Boston Market are excellent, as the employers make the experience of the employees fun and full of learning.

Miscellaneous Information at Boston Market

The company mainly balances as a fast-paced environment with a friendly atmosphere. The company is famous for its rotisserie chicken. This is available in several dishes, including different sides, pies, and sandwiches.


In this article, we have tried to cover all the important Information which the candidates should know before applying for a role at Boston Market. You can read about the different jobs offered, tips for applying, salary packages offered, perks of working here, etc. This will give you a better idea of the requirements. You can also plan on how to ace the interview.

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