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Bright Horizons Application: Jobs & Careers Online

Are you looking for a role in childcare that allows you to truly make a difference?

Bright Horizons is one of the leading childcare providers in the world. The company was established in 1986. There are more than six hundred centers in the USA alone.

The popularity of Bright Horizons means that new centers are regularly opened in a range of locations. The company is always on the lookout for passionate and qualified employees to work with children in various capacities.

So, let’s take an in-depth look at the Bright Horizons Application: Jobs & Careers Online process and the available positions.

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Facts About Working At Bright Horizons

It is necessary to be at least eighteen years old to work at Bright Horizons. Certain positions require elevated minimum ages as well as special certifications. The company’s child care centers are typically open from 6:15 am to 6:30 pm from Monday to Friday.

Bright Horizons also boasts more than two hundred child care centers in the UK, Ireland, India, Canada, and the Netherlands. From time to time, experienced professionals are offered the opportunity to head an international branch. This is a good opportunity to gain enhanced experience and status while discovering a different part of the world.

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Bright Horizons Job Opportunities

Bright Horizons regularly searches for employees with a range of specialist skills and experience in the child care field. Employees are provided with ongoing paid training. This keeps them up to date with the latest trends in child care. Here are some of the key roles at Bright Horizon and the typical duties that go with them.

Assistant Infant Teacher

This role involves working directly with young children in one of the Bright Horizons child care centers. Assistant infant teachers work closely with childcare professionals and parents to design activities for individual children. They need to be passionate about education and helping children to learn new skills through richly rewarding activities.

This role is often open to students who are completing training in the education sphere. It is usually necessary to either hold or be working towards a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in childcare and education. The typical salary for an assistant infant teacher at Bright Horizons is $12 per hour.

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Preschool Teacher

This role involves caring for children during the day while parents are at work. Preschool teachers need to make sure that all children in their group are fully engaged and feel safe at all times. They need to be familiar with a range of techniques to engage with children and support their growth needs.

Preschool teachers at Bright Horizons need to hold an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in early childhood education. They also need to have at least a year of formal teaching experience and be able to work as part of a team. On average, the salary for this role is around $15 per hour.

Child Care Associate

These professionals work closely with teachers, children, and their parents. They talk with children and make sure that their needs are being met. The environment needs to be safe and nurturing. It may be necessary to work with parents and teachers to make sure the unique needs of certain children are met. On average, child care associates make around $10 per hour.

Administrative Assistant

This is basically an office role that involves keeping all files and records up to date. Administrative assistants need to produce detailed reports on students upon request. It is necessary to have excellent organizational and computer skills, and the role typically pays up to $18 per hour.

the bright horizons application guide

Education Coordinator

These talented professionals work closely with teachers to develop the curriculum for child care centers. They need to have a deep understanding of the needs of children by age group and various teaching techniques. It is essential to keep up to date with the latest academic trends, and the typical salary is $33,000 per year.

Additional Bright Horizons Job Benefits

Eligible full-time employees at Bright Horizons are provided with a comprehensive benefits package. This includes medical insurance complete with healthcare coverage, company retirement plans, and life insurance. Other benefits include access to onsite fitness centers, cell phone plan discounts, and annual paid vacation days.

How To Apply?

To start the Bright Horizons application process, it is necessary to visit the company’s website. Rather than applying for a specific position, candidates need to sign up to join the company’s talent community. This involves submitting contact information and selecting an area of interest from the dropdown menu.

Hiring managers will then review applications and reach out to candidates to request more information. It is necessary to submit a resume as well as any special licenses and other relevant documents. Hiring managers will then contact suitable applications to begin the interview process.

Short screening phone interview…

The hiring process usually begins with a short screening interview over the phone. Candidates need to submit to a criminal background check and complete other specific checks. This takes two weeks. If you pass the checks, you will have an in-person interview.

Looking To Become a Preschool Teacher?

Well, it is a very rewarding occupation molding children’s minds and a very brave one at that.

So, we found an amazing selection of online childcare guides such as The CDA Prep Guide: The Complete Review Manual for the Child Development Associate Credential, the Palliative Care for Infants, Children, and Adolescents: A Practical Handbook, the Developing and Administering a Child Care and Education Program, All About Child Care and Early Education: A Comprehensive Resource for Child Care Professionals to get you started.

As well as for preschool teachers with the Training Teachers: A Harvest of Theory and Practice, Skills for Preschool Teachers, the PRAXIS 5691 Special Education Preschool/Early, the Unpacking the Pyramid Model: A Practical Guide for Preschool Teachers, and Making Preschool Inclusion Work: Strategies for Supporting Children, Teachers, and Programs all available online today.

Also, why not try the 101 Answers for New Teachers and Their Mentors: Effective Teaching Tips for Daily Classroom Use, Hacking School Discipline: 9 Ways to Create a Culture of Empathy and Responsibility Using Restorative Justice, and the Motivating Students Who Don’t Care: Proven Strategies to Engage All Learners, Second Edition (Proven Strategies to Motivate Struggling Students and Spark an Enthusiasm for if older students are better suited to you.

I’ve also put together a few childcare job descriptions you might be interested in, for example, my Childcare Teacher Job Description, Child Care Provider Job Description, and my Childcare Assistant Job Description to help you decide where your niche lies.

Final Thoughts

Bright Horizons hiring managers actively seek candidates who are enthusiastic about working with children. It is necessary to understand and fully embrace the company’s values.

Therefore, it is important to do background research into Bright Horizons before attending an interview. The interview process usually consists of several stages to make sure that candidates have the necessary skills and attitudes.

If you are applying for a teaching role, you need to give a short teaching demonstration. It is important to remain confident and professional throughout the interview process and prepare questions for the interviewer that highlight skills and knowledge.

All the very best with your Bright Horizons Online Application!

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