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British Airways Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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British Airways is one of the country’s most well-known airlines. The airline, which IAG owns, has more than 270 planes and serves nearly 180 destinations. Over 30,000 individuals work for the company.

British Airways offers various employment opportunities for people looking to join the airline industry. The job roles available at British Airways with their summary, salary and job benefits provided, shift schedules, and various other career advancement options available at this leading airline.

Operational Hours and Work Schedule at British Airways

British Airways offers jobs to candidates only if they are 18-years-old. British Airways operates and provides shift schedules for all seven days and twenty-four hours every day. It is open on all weekdays and is operational 24*7.

Job Prospects at British Airways

Impactful results at British Airways by candidates can expect performance-based pay increases and salary options. In addition, British Airways looks for people who have a passion for working in a social work setting. The candidates who want to start a career in the business can apply online through British Airways’ job portal.

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Previous customer service experience is not required, although it is advantageous to new workers at British Airways. A worker who can quickly adapt to different situations is ideal for a British Airways position. Part-time or full-time entry-level job positions are expected at this one of the most prominent airlines.

Job applicants for a few British Airways jobs must meet specified requirements. When applying for Ground Operations, job applicants must have a valid UK driver’s license. Cabin crew members may be required to relocate closer to their place of employment in specific instances.

The Job Positions Available at British Airways

British Airways offers various job roles, including Inspector, Reservations Clerk, Facilities Technician, and Sales Representative. It also provides Aircraft Mechanic, Maintenance Technician, Cabin Crew Member, and Ground Operations Agent positions.

In addition, Air Traffic Controller, Security Officer, Ramp Agent, and Ticket Agent positions are available. Pilot, Flight Attendant, Airline Administrative Support, and Customer Service Host positions are also available at British Airways. Job applicants interested in applying for a job with British Airways can do so for the following positions.

The following are the job roles that are most likely to require filling at British Airways:

Cabin Crew Members

  • Cabin Crew Members are responsible for assisting passengers with safety instructions and in-flight needs at British Airways.
  • These members should be open to flexible work schedules at British Airways.
  • Cabin Crew Members are offered approximately £23k to £28k per annum at British Airways.

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Customer Service Hosts

  • Customer Service Associates is the ideal job position at British Airways for candidates who passionately work with the general public.
  • Hosts are also responsible for helping customers, selling tickets, and answering phone calls.
  • British Airways usually offer approximately £22k to Customer Service Hosts.

Ground Operations Agents

  • Ground Operations Agents are responsible for transporting luggage to and from the aircraft at British Airways.
  • They should also excel in fast-paced work settings and heavy lifting during their shift schedules at British Airways.
  • Ground Operations Agents are usually offered an average salary of approximately £19k per annum at British Airways.

The Online Job Application Process of British Airways

If you want to join one of the leading airlines, you can check the official website of British Airways and check for the available job role that fits you the most.

In addition, British Airways accepts online job applications, the process of which is as follows:

  • The candidates can go through the official online platform of British Airways and look out for the career webpage.
  • Scroll down to view various available career opportunities, including cabin crew, pilots, ground, and emerging talent job positions.
  • Tap on the “search jobs” or “Browse jobs” tab after entering the location and keyword in the search bar and hit the “Go” or “Profile job match” tab.

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  • You should then tap on the job type you want to apply for at British Airways, go through the job details that appeared here, and hit the “Apply” or “Save Job” tab.
  • Tap on the “Start your Application” tab to answer a few questions that appeared here and hit the “Next” tab.
  • Sign in or register with your e-mail address for a new British Airways account or create it using the Indeed, Google, Facebook, or Windows button.
  • Complete the remaining sections and subsections and submit your job application form to British Airways after reviewing it.

Checking Job Application Status for British Airways

To monitor the status of a British Airways job application form, the candidates can send an e-mail or a phone call. Then, within a few weeks, the airlines’ recruiting personal will contact successful job applicants to schedule a job interview. It may, however, take a little longer depending on the job position at British Airways.

Benefits and Perks While Working at British Airways

British Airways usually provide the following comprehensive job benefits to its employees:

  • British Airways provides paid time off and competitive hourly wages to its employees.
  • They also receive wellness options, medical insurance, and healthcare coverage from British Airways.
  • Employees also benefit from paid vacation and 401 (K) retirement plans while working at British Airways.

Additional Details of British Airways

The corporation, British Airways, donates to various charities and fundraising activities regularly. For example, it collaborates with Comic Relief, a UK-based charity dedicated to alleviating poverty. British Airways also provide emergency assistance to victims of natural calamities.


One of the most prominent airlines in the United Kingdom, British Airways, operates primarily from London airports of Gatwick and Heathrow. Check out the details above if you want to find out how to apply for a job position at British Airways.

Those interested in working for British Airways can apply online via the company’s job page. Every potential staff must answer multiple-choice questions and view a series of videos as part of the employment application. Before choosing a response, job applicants must give particular attention to the materials provided. Besides, job applicants may look through the above article and know the complete job application procedure of British Airways.

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