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Buckle Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

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Buckle, which is recognized for offering unique denim lines, has over 450 store locations in 43 different states, all of which are staffed by committed and customer-focused employees. Full-time and part-time workers are frequently needed to fill open jobs at this growing organization.

The candidates in some states are required to be 17 years old. But, most establishments only accept applications from people aged 18 and up for retail work. Individuals with less experience may be hired as freight coordinators or sales partners. Besides, people looking to develop their careers in retail can use their previous expertise to seek a management job with the company.

Operational Hours and Work Schedule at Buckle

Job positions are offered to candidates with a minimum of 18 years at Buckle. The operational and shift schedule of Buckle is as follows:

  • Monday to Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.
  • Sunday: 11:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.

Job Prospects at Buckle

Buckle believes strongly in its history of assisting employees in advancing their personal and professional careers. Individuals are frequently passionate when it comes to consumers, products, and their jobs. Because most salespeople are paid on commission, sales-driven attitudes frequently result in career allocation with Buckle.

To boost business loyalty, the corporation demands employee interaction with all customers visiting Buckle’s store locations. Individuals well-versed in the foundations of fashion are likely to get considered for a job role at Buckle.

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Job Requirements

The company lists guest satisfaction as a major priority in the mission statement. Buckle also rewards its staff with discounts on name-brand clothing and products, flexible scheduling, and competitive pay. There are various in-store job options available for employment searchers and corporate-level roles for suitable individuals.

Interested job applicants can get a printed application form in person at the Buckle store location where they want to work or apply online using the company’s job portal.

The Job Positions Available at Buckle

Buckle has numerous job roles for entry-level and managerial-level positions, including Manager, Assistant Manager, Management Trainee, and Sales Associate. Recruiting Staff at Buckle usually need to fill the following job positions:

Sales Teammate

  • The candidate needs to perform their duties by using the cash registers and performing cleanliness functions.
  • The candidate can earn around $4.00 to $10.00 per hour, and the full-time employees need to be available for at least 35 hours per week.

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Assistant Manager

  • The candidate supports the store manager and needs to help in developing sales, hire new members, and work on merchandising skills.
  • They need to prove to their leaders and earn around $30,000 to $40,000 annually and be available for 42-45 hours.

Freight Coordinator

  • They need to unpack the shipments and also need to work in backrooms.
  • They can earn around $8.00 to $9.00 per hour.

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  • They need to work on alteration activities.
  • They can earn around $10.00 to $13.00 per hour.

The Online Job Application Process of Buckle

The candidate who wishes to apply for the job posts needs to apply in the given process and manner:

  • They need to first search the official website over the internet.
  • They then need to look for the careers tab on the official website page.
  • The careers tab will then direct them to a different page, named buckle careers.
  • They can explore the job posts there.
  • They have mentioned the details about job posts, and all the store opportunities offered to the employees.
  • The management has also mentioned the benefits provided to their employees along with increased pay.
  • They have also attached the tabs for their social media profiles on the page so that the interested candidates can have a better idea.

the buckle application guide

Checking Job Application Status for Buckle

Within one or two weeks of submitting materials for consideration, Buckle's employment staff may contact interested applicants. Job seekers can contact or visit the Buckle location of their choice to check about the progress of their job application form.

In-person visits need the right attire and showing enthusiastic attitudes. Individuals frequently wear casual attire and there is no need for professional attire. Alternatively, candidates should dress in company-branded or similar-styled apparel.

Benefits and Perks While working at Buckle

As already mentioned, the company values its employees in the same way as they value their customers. The company believes that happy and satisfied employees lead to happy customers.

  • They reward their employees with flexible schedules and competitive wages.
  • They also provide an additional 40% discount to their employees on the purchase form brand merchandise.
  • The eligible employees also can claim the benefits for health, which further include dental, vision, and health coverages.
  • They also have the coverages for long-term and short-term disabilities and also have the covered vision plans.
  • Buckle also offers retirement plans, paid vacations, and sick days to candidates.
  • The management also rewards them with teammate referrals, loyalty, and educational bonuses.

Additional Details of Buckle

During university visits, career fairs, and other school events, the fashion house attracts interns and workers.  The company may have openings for students studying communication, entrepreneurship, management, retail, fashion, and marketing.

The management introduces participants to the fashion retail business through this opportunity.  Internships or temporary jobs might result in full-time career options. Prospective candidates should apply online through Buckle's official employment page or wait for a brand representative to visit their campus.


Job seekers can search over Buckle's employment portal and select a job role from the careers tab at the web page's end. Applicants can view a 13-part job application form by tapping the Apply Now button. The candidates might select autofill data utilizing social media accounts or previously created résumé materials to speed up the process. Besides, you can also go through Buckle’s step-by-step online job application process in the article above.

Personal information, work experience, educational backgrounds, references, and answers to job-specific questions are all required on the form. Candidates should have all of their materials ready before beginning the application process to ensure that everything goes well.

If a job seeker's internet connection or browser malfunctions, they may log back in and complete the form without penalty. Candidates should ensure there aren't too many mistakes when filling the application form. This does not create a good first impression.

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