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Buffalo Wild Wings Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

buffalo wild wings application

About Buffalo Wild Wings Application

Buffalo Wild Wings is a popular sports bar chain. This hires different job seekers who can provide a good customer experience to customers visiting the restaurant. The various entry-level positions develop a fulfilling career path for deserving applicants.

buffalo wild wings application

The organization creates jobs by motivating candidates to work passionately in the sports and service industry. Buffalo Wild Wings got its name rebranded in the year 1994. There are more than 1000 locations for this restaurant chain which are located in areas like the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Work Opportunities

A wide range of work opportunities is offered in entry-level positions or management positions. The restaurant operates new stores in the form of franchisees. The career opportunity is available for qualified professionals at the organization or corporate office as well. The employees receive lucrative salary options and career advancement opportunities to grow at an individual level.

The comprehensive benefits and generous career benefits are offered at managerial and entry-level to support the livelihood of young talent. They require high school diplomas to work in this restaurant chain. The store managers require a bachelor’s degree in the restaurant field or areas of business and finance.

Application Process for Buffalo Wild Wings

Applicants with previous bar or experience in the restaurant can find job opportunities at Buffalo Wild Wings. The organization hires applicants who are enthusiastic and passionate about customer service. Such applicants have an upbeat personality at work, they show knowledge about sports culture and current team statistics and it also improves the chance of gaining purposeful employment with this restaurant chain. The candidates can apply through the online career portal or at the B-Dubs location. The website takes 45 minutes for any job application to complete.

Following Up

Job seekers can choose to follow up with hiring managers after they complete the application process. Buffalo Wild Wings requires the staffing personnel to contact shortlisted applicants after 2 weeks of receiving the job applications. The applicants can show a keen interest in the work this organization offers. This improves the chance of following up easily with restaurants through telephone calls or emails to know more about the application status.

During slow business hours’ applicants can visit the store without any distraction and speak to the managers about the progress of their applications. Job seekers should visit the location of the restaurant during popular sports events and meal times.

Essential Requirements to Work with Buffalo Wild Wings

What is the age requirement to work at Buffalo Wild Wings?

The age requirement is 16 years to work with Buffalo Wild Wings.

What are the working hours for Buffalo Wild Wings?

The working hours for Buffalo Wild Wings are Sunday to Thursday 11 am to 12 am; Friday & Saturday 11 am to 2 am.

List the available positions for Buffalo Wild Wings?

  • Cook
  • Server
  • Cashier
  • Host
  • Bartender
  • Assistant Manager
  • Restaurant Manager

How can you apply for an interview with Buffalo Wild Wings?

Applicants can search for suitable job opportunities online through the career website.

Job Opportunities at Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings offers many work opportunities at entry-level and also at managerial levels. The popular locations for Buffalo Wild Wings are United States, Canada, and Mexico. The restaurant operates on a franchisee concept and opens new stores for creating more employment opportunities. Career opportunities are available for applicants who are qualified for working with corporate offices or restaurant operations.

buffalo wild wings application tips

There are many career advancement opportunities for the young workforce with competitive salaries and benefits. Store managers require a college degree to work in related fields such as business, operations, or finance. Full-time and part-time opportunities are available for candidates at the age of 16 years. Some opportunities require candidates to be at least 18 years of age.

Career Opportunities and Salary Information

Kitchen Team Member

  • Kitchen Team Members prepare qualitative meals for customers.
  • The daily responsibilities include cleaning, sanitizing work areas, prepping, saucing, cooking, and also plating food.
  • They also keep track of stock inventory.
  • Applicants with high school diplomas and experience in the restaurant industry however hold a chance to get a job with Buffalo Wild Wings.
  • As an hourly wage, they earn 9 dollars an hour.

buffalo wild wings application tip


  • Cashier handles payments for customers
  • Duties also include greeting customers, making changes in receipts, and accurately punches in purchases in the cash register.
  • Employees also ensure the cash deposits are proper in the cash register at the end of the shift.
  • Applicants ensure they can either use previous experience or gain new experience at the restaurant.
  • They earn a minimum wage and also get paid for overtime.


  • Bartenders are responsible for making cocktails and serving alcoholic beverages to customers.
  • Employees should also have good product knowledge about different drink options.
  • The bartender should also speak well and sport is a crucial aspect of their position.
  • They also create a personalized experience for customers.
  • Applicants must be 21 years old for this position because they are dealing with alcohol.
  • They earn minimum wages with tips.

the buffalo wild wings application guide

Work Benefits for Buffalo Wild Wings

Employees often enjoy extensive work benefits with the restaurant and bar industry. They get comprehensive insurance packages such as medical, life, dental, vision, accident, and disability coverage. Qualified associates also receive many financial work benefits and performance-based bonuses. Vacation days, holidays and paid time off are added benefits that prove eligible for workers. Discounts are given up to 50% on employee meals.

Additional Information for Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings was formed in Columbus in 1982. It also participated in many sports events for charity. It also donates 4 million dollars to the boys and girls club of America. The money also supports opportunities for many team sports for underprivileged children. The contribution also supports many initiatives like disaster relief, education, and poor families in need. The organization is headquartered in Minneapolis in the US.


Buffalo Wild Wings follows a very simple application process for applicants. It also offers many work benefits and career advancement opportunities to young applicants who develop a steady and long-lasting career with Buffalo Wild Wings. Buffalo Wild Wings also focuses on training its employees to achieve new heights for work.

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