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Buffalo Wild Wings Interview Questions

buffalo wild wings interview questions

You have finally been shortlisted for an interview with Buffalo Wild Wings. Use your presence of mind to tactfully answer interview questions for the organization to secure yourself a decent and well-paying job with Buffalo Wild Wings with an appropriate pay scale. You require basic interview preparation to crack this interview successfully.

buffalo wild wings interview questions

You must make a note that without interview preparation, interviews become a painful and stressful exercise. The interview questionnaire facilitates you to answer questions related to all kinds of positions offered at Buffalo Wild Wings. You can use this interview tool effectively to rehearse your answers and perform well at the interview.


Basic Job Interview Questions for Buffalo Wild Wings

Q – 1. Explain details about your previous work history?


  • You require relevant experience in the restaurant industry to work for Buffalo Wild Wings.
  • You must talk about the relevant customer experience that you have.
  • If you are a fresh graduate, you must yourself as a suitable candidate for the workforce of Buffalo Wild Wings.

Q – 2. Highlight the key features of Buffalo Wild Wings?


  • Buffalo Wild Wings is famous for selling Buffalo Wings to customers.
  • The restaurant was launched in 1981 in Columbia Ohio by 2 owners; Jim Disbro and Scott Lowery.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings is spread across various locations such as the USA, Canada, India, Mexico, Oman, Panama, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings has its headquarters in Sandy Springs, Georgia, USA.
  • The parent company of this restaurant is Inspire Brands.

Career Opportunities with Buffalo Wild Wings

Q – 1. Why do you choose to work with Buffalo Wild Wings?


  • You must mention the various products and services offered by Buffalo Wild Wings.
  • You should also mention that you are happy to represent different products and services by Buffalo Wild Wings.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings helps you to pay for your education fee at college.
  • It is a good summer or winter job to earn some pocket money.

Q – 2. Why should the hiring manager at Buffalo Wild Wings hire you?


  • Demonstrate confidence and positively state your abilities.
  • You must highlight why you are a suitable candidate for the current position.
  • Demonstrate enthusiasm for the job.
  • Demonstrate hard work, determination, and dedication to perform the job well.

buffalo wild wings interview question

Q – 3. Where would you reach professionally 5 years from now?


  • You must logically answer this question.
  • Always try and state-specific skills required for growth within the organization.
  • You must clearly state a definite career path if you are a fresh graduate who has just finished college. This will help you focus in life and also achieve success sooner.
  • Answering this question helps the interviewer to know your level of commitment towards the work organization.

Q – 4. What do you understand about competitors of Buffalo Wild Wings?

Ans: The various competitors of Buffalo Wild Wings Are Hooters, Chili’s, TGI Friday, Apple Bees.

Q – 5. How will your previous reporting manager describe you?

Ans: You must state your ability to work under pressure and paying attention to detail, adopting strategies to increase revenue and increase customer satisfaction. You must also mention how you handled difficult situations and how you came out on top. Your customer handling skills are of utmost importance to your interviewing manager and you should make sure you mentioned those skills. These attributes help you secure a better job with Buffalo Wild Wings.

Q – 6. Describe your work experience as a server?


  • State your previous work experience as a restaurant server and state real-life examples wherein you tackled difficult situations.
  • You must state relevant team experience and customer service experience so that you can use this kind of experience to secure a job of your choice.
  • You must also use this opportunity to prove your skillset at work if you are a fresh graduate.

the buffalo wild wings interview questions ans

Q – 7. What motivates you to become a server?


  • You should state you enjoy working with customers and you have good communication skills.
  • Make sure you excel in your work as a server.
  • You can also talk about your interest in sports since Buffalo Wild Wings is a sports bar.

Q – 8. What are the basic skills required to become a server?


  • You must have good communication skills.
  • Always try and demonstrate teamwork.
  • You should have the ability to handle and work under pressure.
  • You must have attention to detail.

Q – 9. What is the reason for becoming a hostess?


  • You enjoy meeting new customers.
  • Always prioritize your work to work under pressure.
  • You should have the ability to greet customers and good communication skills.

Q – 10. What is the skill set required for becoming a host/hostess?


  • You must ensure customers feel welcomed to the restaurant.
  • The host/hostess must ensure every server has an adequate number of tables to serve.
  • You should be able to accommodate special needs for customers such as providing a high chair for young children to enjoy their meal with their family.

Q – 11. What are the key requirements to get hired at Buffalo Wild Wings?


  • You must state relevant years of experience of working in a restaurant.
  • You should demonstrate that you are a team player.
  • Manage your customers and team members well.
  • You must adapt to the changing environment well.

buffalo wild wings interview questions tips

Q – 12. Describe your formal training as a cook?


  • You must discuss relevant work experience and demonstrate specific skills which make you an excellent cook.
  • You don’t require relevant educational papers since you are a cook and not a chef.

Q – 13. What are the basic skills you require to become a cook?


  • You need to be active as a cook and work in a rapidly changing and challenging environment.
  • One should also have the ability to handle work pressure.
  • You should demonstrate your passion for cooking.

Q – 14. Are you comfortable working for a long number of hours?

Ans: You should demonstrate flexibility to work under pressure and for a long number of hours.

Q – 15. How will your supervisor describe you?


  • He would say that you are punctual at work.
  • The supervisor would also mention that you prioritize your work and work as a team player.
  • He would say you work well under pressure.
  • You organize your workstation well during rush hour.
  • Be honest while answering this question and provide a reference number or contact details of your supervisor.

Q – 16. A guest has returned a meal that you prepared, how will you tackle the situation?


  • You can make a note of the mistake that took place in the dish you prepared.
  • To delight the customer, you can prepare the dish once again to match the taste of the customer.
  • You must focus on word of mouth to promote your restaurant in a positive light.

Q – 17. What are the reasons to leave your previous job?


  • To look for new opportunities and career challenges.
  • Wanting to develop your skills further.
  • To raise the career ladder.
  • You should never mention anything bad about your organization.
  • You should also talk about training opportunities and specific projects in the new organization.
  • This way you can get a better job with Buffalo Wild Wings.

Q – 18. Explain your culinary skills?


  • You must emphasize the way you cut vegetables and meat.
  • You must focus on presentation skills for a dish.
  • Make your meals tasteful and appetizing.
  • You must emphasize how you tackle tough situations at work while preparing your food.

Q – 19. What is the importance to deliver food on time?

Ans: Timely food delivery ensures customers return happy and stay loyal to the restaurant. As a cook, you must ensure no allergic food components get used to preparing the food.

Q – 20. Are you comfortable working on Weekends and Holidays?

Ans: Your work flexibility towards this question helps you to secure a better job with Buffalo Wild Wings.

Strengths and Weaknesses for Buffalo Wild Wings

Q – 1. State your core strengths as a restaurant employee?


  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Punctuality
  • Culinary Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Customer Handling Skills
  • You must have a combination of all these skills to develop your strength areas for working in a restaurant.

buffalo wild wings interview questions guide

Q – 2. What are your specific weaknesses?

Ans: You must attempt to identify your core weaknesses that can hinder your professional career growth. You must focus on improving your weaknesses to grow on a professional front. Never say you do not have any weaknesses. This increases your chance of securing a good job with Buffalo Wild Wings.

Q – 3. What are the factors which motivate you to perform well at your job?


  • Learn new skills.
  • Develop your team members.
  • Serve your customers on time.
  • Maintain proper stock inventory.
  • You must focus on prioritizing your work to achieve success in your job.
  • You must focus on handling customers effectively to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Ensure you deliver qualitative service at the restaurant.

Customer Handling Skills at Buffalo Wild Wings:

Q – 1. How will you deal with an angry customer?


  • You must focus on empathizing with your customer.
  • Ensure you try and understand the exact problem your customer is facing.
  • You must ensure customers receive the timely delivery of their food.
  • They should avoid long queues.
  • You must ensure how to satisfy customer needs by delighting them.
  • You should also focus on how to tackle difficult demands made by customers.
  • Always show customers you care.
  • Provide them your ear to listen.
  • Use problem-solving skills to solve their problems.
  • You can inform your immediate supervisor to solve customer problems if you can’t solve them.
  • You must educate customers about the policies and procedures of the restaurant which help them achieve satisfaction at the restaurant.

Interview and Attire

Q – 1. What is the specific interview attire for Buffalo Wild Wings?

Ans: You can wear business casuals or dress up formally for your interview. Please ensure you maintain proper standards of grooming to work at the restaurant. This helps you to create a long-lasting impression in the minds of your interviewer.

Q – 2. What are specific interview tips for Buffalo Wild Wings?


  • Ensure you arrive 10 minutes early before your interview.
  • You must ensure your smartphone has been switched off.
  • You should focus on developing your product knowledge.
  • Speak confidently and in a clear voice.
  • Do not strike a boring conversation.
  • You must ensure that you are maintaining proper eye contact with your hiring manager.
  • Use appropriate body language and posture during your interview.
  • Carry your certificates with extra copies of your updated Resume.

Q – 3. What are the specific questions you can ask your hiring manager?


  • What kind of promotions do top-performing employees receive?
  • Define the kind of training do employees receive?
  • What are specific attributes for an ideal candidate for any position with Buffalo Wild Wings?
  • What is the most enjoyable part of the work culture here?
  • Define the specific skills or career strategies you should adopt?
  • How will you achieve your learning curve with a proper speed?
  • What are different learning and growth opportunities at Buffalo Wild Wings?
  • What are the different attributes for excelling in work?

Q – 4. What are your specific accomplishments for your previous job?


  • You must talk about specific awards and recognitions that you received during your job.
  • Try and also mention the specific skills required for this job.
  • You can talk about the various training program which helped you to achieve success in your job.
  • Your accomplishment allows you to create a long-lasting impression in the minds of the interviewer.
  • This increases your chance to secure a decent job with Buffalo Wild Wings.

Bottom Line

Buffalo Wild Wings offers ample opportunities to servers and cooks who work with this restaurant. The restaurant looks for a hardworking, dedicated, and reliable set of employees who can serve customers. There are various skills one can acquire through this interview tool to handle difficult situations at work in a tactful manner. Servers and cooks must use confidence and their presence of mind to answer each question tactfully.

Every skill you learn helps you secure a better job with Buffalo Wild Wings. This restaurant is known for hiring the right kind of talent to serve its customers. As an interviewee, you can use this interview tool effectively to answer questions appropriately and tactfully handle tricky interview questions.

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