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Build A Bear Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

build a bear application

All of us are inspired to have fun and create something nice at Build-A-Bear Workshop by immersing our hearts and souls in it. Parents can bring their little ones along to make a furry friend. The company is located in Overland, Missouri, but it is present in at least 400 locations across the globe.

The company’s motto is Where Best Friends Are Made,” and the same appeals to several people globally every year. In the toy industry, the company is one of the largest chains as it is pretty unique. The guests need to go through a process of creating self–designed stuffed animals and teddy bears they wish to.

Additional Information

The company is famous for its fun, quality working environment, especially for applicants starting to work in the retail chain. The store is likely to promote a better level of interaction among clients, merchandise, and staff. The company started its operation in 1997, and its founder Maxine Clark in Missouri, and its first store was started in Saint Louis Galleria. The company’s founder, Maxine, had received several recognitions, including 25 Most Influential People in Retailing in 2008. It was mainly due to her modernizing aspect in the toy industry.

Job Activities

Thanks to the creativity, the store especially has a hefty brand tag that describes several activities and tasks from the company. Besides offering a fun cultured work atmosphere, the company strives on some incredible values like reach, learn, diversity, collaborate, give, and calibrate. Suppose candidates work where they can bring a smile to millions of people every day.

the build a bear application

For fours in a row, build a bear has been voted one of Fortune magazine’s 100 best companies to work. The building and personalization process is all about using different scents, sounds, besides dressing the soft toys and using various accessories.

Here kids can get an opportunity to make the most of their creativity and create their dream toy. The company also offers several favorite characters, gifts, and clothes. The stores are present in countries including Australia, Middle Eastern countries, most of Europe, and Asian countries. The company offers both entry-level and professional jobs. The retail chain also allows applicants to fill, the application easily online.

Important Information To Know About Build A Bear Before Applying For The Same

Minimum age required of the candidate to be eligible to apply at Build A Bear: The candidate needs to be a minimum of 16 years of age.

Working hours: The working hours are form:

  • Monday – Friday:10:30 am to 8:30 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Employment Opportunities at Build A Bear

The company mainly focuses on creating stuffed teddy bears animals. Some of the introductory positions are likely to include sales associates, or Bear Builders, that help patrons to choose stuff and accessories for each purchase. The crew members are also responsible for ringing up purchases that lead to store parties and ensure clients have a fantastic shopping experience every time they head to the store. Typically, entry-level applicants need to have friendly dispositions, stellar interpersonal skills, besides optimistic team-oriented attitudes.

the build a bear application guide

Minimum Requirements

The career-oriented applicants need to have at least two years of experience if they want to work here. The managers are likely to face a rigorous application process. They need to possess a little more than general hiring requirements, including extended working backgrounds, retail experience, and recruitment awareness. The employees need to act in a supervisory role for both full and part-time jobs. The managers feature specialty retail chain also has general salary options and employment perks.

Career Opportunities at Build A Bear

The candidates need to be at least 18 years old for the positions having some specialty retail chain. The entry-level applicants can qualify for jobs with high school qualifications, and they should have a positive attitude to work here, and they should enjoy working with kids regularly.

Sales Associate

The employees are also known as bear builders, and they are mainly responsible for interacting with patrons besides providing fantastic customer service and delivering fun and memorable experience. Besides that, they also need to help clients make purchases, ring out the final sections and take other payments. The employees must have some patience as they have to deal with kids besides being cheerful. They can earn $8 per hour initially, but with experience, they can make $9 per hour.

build a bear application guide


Ideally, the direction breaks down at the specialty retail chain, and it includes both part and full-time assistant managers besides store managers. Ideally, the assistant managers tend to work in leadership roles when the store managers are absent.

Some of the primary duties include hiring and training new employees, opening and closing the stores regularly, ensuring excellent communications with patrons, managing payroll, and maintaining the stock. They also need to market the campaigns successfully. Additionally, to get the job, the applicants should possess at least two years of experience in the retail chain. They can earn $50000 per year.

Tips for Applying at Build A Bear

This giant retail chain gives the potential candidates a very easy process of applying here. The interested candidates can apply online by visiting the official website of the company. The candidates are expected to attach their updated resumes and cover letter while applying. However, job seekers are also given an option to apply offline.

To apply offline, they will have to submit their application form and the documents to the nearby location. The management prefers candidates with relevant experience in this field. Interested candidates, through their application, should exhibit a strong passion for working in the industry.

Perks of Working at Build A Bear

Both full-time and part-time employees can avail several work opportunities, including paid leaves, paid training besides flexible scheduling. The eligible employees can get 401 k retirement plans.

Miscellaneous Information about Build A Bear

The company supports an ID program that helps return the missing bears to children that would be lost.


Build A Bear is one of the most leading retail chains to work at. Every year the company hires plenty of individuals. This article mentioned the various job roles offered, tips for applying, perks for applying, and how to apply.

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