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Burlington Coat Factory Application Online: Jobs & Career Info

burlington coat factory application

We have often mentioned that online portals are the best for the candidates looking out for vacancies in various companies. The best part of these portals is finding all the related information on the pages and looking out or searching for the same. Also, these portals are reliable and will not give any misleading information to their users.

Burlington Coat Factory also posted their vacancies on the platform, looking out for eligible, enthusiastic, and confident candidates. It is an American off-price retailer with around 740 stores in the states, and its headquarters are located in New Jersey. It is the third-largest retail store, with off-priced products.

The company was founded back in 1972 and had been operating successfully for 49 years. Since it is a fast-growing company, they are on the lookout for eligible candidates all the time. Please scroll down to know the facts related to its posts and workings.

Work Requirement and Scheduling at Burlington Coat Factory

  • The company has mentioned that candidates of above 18 years can apply for the post.
  • Operational Working Hours at the store are- Monday to Saturday- 10.00 AM-9.00 PM and Sunday- 11.00 AM to 7.00 PM.
  • There are various job positions available at the store, for sales associate, assistant manager, store manager, cashier, and customer service associate.

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Job Opportunities Provided at Burlington Coat Factory

The workers or employees assisted with Burlington Coat Factory have access to various job opportunities. These opportunities are segregated as per the candidate’s skills and eligibility.

  • The company has been working with around 30,000 employees, divided into home décor and clothing sectors.
  • Most of the job positions at the company are to be filled by entry-level candidates.
  • Candidates with some past experiences are favored, though they do not necessarily need to have some.

burlington coat factory application tip

  • The candidates applying for the post must be friendly and have outgoing personalities.
  • People looking for jobs have found out the vacancies at Burlington Coat Factory for temporary roles, pat time, and full tie roles, to be filled out urgently.
  • Interested candidates for managerial vacancies must have customer service or retail experience.

Job Positions At Burlington Coat Factory

The company’s various posts to be filled out by the eligible candidates being the third-largest off-price department store. They are hiring candidates above the age of 18 and do not demand any experience for some of their posts. Most of their jobs are ideal for freshers.

  • Cashiers: The candidate applying for this job needs to provide customer services, complete return, and exchange formalities, and also check on the patrons. This post is hired looking at their professionalism, following the given instructions, and positive attitudes. The employee may earn the minimum hourly wage rate.

the burlington coat factory application

  • Assistant Managers: The assistant manager’s roles at the store are to oversee associate tasks, work on teamwork amongst the employees, and also solve customer queries. The manager may earn up to $10.00 per hour, depending on their roles.
  • Retails Sales Associates: Candidates applying for this post need to perform the duties like cleaning the sections, making them orderly, arranged, and also appealing. They need to have organizational skills and also must possess any misdemeanors. The candidate applying for this post also needs to know that they will have to carry the store’s specific apparel.

These were some of the posts and vacancies the store is looking to fill.

What Are The Tips for Applying at Burlington Coat Factory?

Candidates can choose to apply online and offline for jobs. They can apply for the desired posts as per their feasibilities. Those looking to apply online need to follow the mentioned steps:

  • They will find the application form or the link to careers at the company’s website.
  • Candidates can search for job vacancies, posts and also check out the details.
  • They need to create an account to apply for the vacancies.
  • The candidates need to fill out the given tabs for contact information and personal information.
  • They need to complete the assessment and check it out twice before applying.

The candidate who wishes to apply offline can go to the stores and have a word with the manager regarding the details.

burlington coat factory application guide

What Are The Benefits of Working at Burlington Coat Factory?

The company values its employees, and as already mentioned, they try out their best to provide their employees with the ideal working environment. The employees working with the company are eligible for store discounts and many other generous benefits.

  • The employees also have access to life insurance, medical insurance, 401k retirement plans, and pet insurances based on their job positions.
  • Burlington Coat Factory also provides paid vacations and time-offs to the workers.

How to Check the Application Status for The Applied Jobs?

Now that you have applied for the post, you will get revert back in a maximum of two weeks from the applied stores. The candidate will either receive an email or a call from hiring personnel.

Those who have submitted their application forms online can check out the status after logging in to their accounts and viewing the messages. If you have not received and revert, you can also call the manager regarding the status update.

Additional Benefits and Job Features at Burlington Coat Factory

The company has also linked itself with some charitable funds, working for the betterment of society and helping the needy ones. One of the firms is Warm Coats and Warm Hearts. As the name itself suggests, they provide winter wear and clothing to the needy ones. Burlington Coat Factory is linked with the Lymphoma Society, The Leukaemia, and Women Heart.


Now that you have scrolled down to all the facts related to the job vacancies and posts available at Burlington Coat Factory, you might have gained some clarity about their providing and environments.

If you are looking out for more related information, you can also head over to the official store website. Here you will find all the tabs and also links for the information. The job vacancies offered by the company are many. They are perfect options for people looking out for the best pay rates and ideal working environments.

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