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Business Development Manager Job Description

business development manager job description

When a new potential client makes inquiries about a company’s products and services, the BDM or Business Development Managers are usually the first contact point. In addition, the BDM responds to tenders and RFPs, and developing sales in new sales areas. Negotiating sales terms, identifying new markets, creating contacts, and making connections are all tasks that Business Development Managers do to help a company grow.

Candidates that are proactive, analytical, and resourceful will be successful. Business Development Managers are usually hired for several businesses, including telecommunications, manufacturing, IT, healthcare, finance, education, construction, and many more sectors.

Job Description of Business Development Manager

Many businesses are looking for a business development manager to oversee a combination of existing accounts and new sales areas. A compelling sales personality, active listening skills, and a desire to close and chase new business from warm inbound leads and cold calls are required for this position.

Business Development Managers usually develop the marketing strategy and business sales. They also assist in sales campaigns and create a sales pipeline. In a few cases, they also negotiate the price with suppliers and customers and boost the sales of businesses and organizations. Business Development Managers also carry out sales analysis and forecast and offer their findings to the board of directors or senior management.

Responsibilities of Business Development Manager

  • Business Development Managers are responsible for establishing rapport with potential clients to set up meetings.
  • New marketing strategies are also planned and overseen by these candidates.
  • These candidates also research individuals and organizations to discover the latest marketing initiatives.
  • They are also responsible for increasing current customers’ value and drawing the attention of new ones.
  • Their duties also include identifying and expanding new markets and increasing revenues.
  • These candidates also attend industry events, meetings, and conferences.
  • Business Development Managers also develop proposals and quotes for consumers.
  • Business Development Managers are also responsible for setting and achieving goals for the development team and the company’s growth.
  • These managers also provide staff training and assistance in the development of team members’ skills.

Requirements for Business Development Manager

  • A Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, or related field is required to apply as a Business Development Managers.
  • This role also requires previous experience in marketing, sales, or a similar sector.
  • The candidate also must have excellent communication skills and IT fluency.
  • They should also be able to multi-task and manage complex projects.
  • This professional responsibility also necessitates strong organizational skills.
  • Business Development Managers must also prosper with minimum supervision, be proactive, and deal with unpredictability.
  • It is an advantage if the candidate also knows using Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook.
  • Candidates must also be able to do several tasks on the computer.

Interview Questions for Business Development Manager

1 How can you transform a lead into a long-term partnership? How would you conclude about the leads that are worth following up? Back up your response.

Ans. This response will reflect the candidate’s ability to develop relationships.

2 How do you go about analyzing trends and identifying new opportunities? Describe your procedure.

Ans. It demonstrates the candidate’s ability to close sales.

3 Describe how you strike a balance between attracting new clients and preserving current ones.

Ans. It will demonstrate the job applicant’s task management abilities.

4 How do you deal with buyer’s resistance? Describe your procedure.

Ans. This response will put the applicant’s sales talents to the test.

5 Tell me about a moment when you lost a customer or a sale. What made you lose it? What did you realize?

Ans. It demonstrates the candidate’s ability to cope with rejection.

Future Scope as a Business Development Manager

Business Development Management is a broad sector, and various options can develop and shape candidate’s careers according to their ambition and interests. There are several possibilities for career advancement for these candidates.

First, they could specialize in a specific sector, including healthcare, IT, or a specific area, such as marketing or sales. They may grow in their career as a Senior Business Development Manager, being in charge of higher targets, more extensive departments, or teams. With experience and expertise, these candidates may reach a director-level position. Business Development Manager may also get career opportunities to move to the consultancy sector, extending advice to various organizations or companies.


BDM or Business Development Manager provides information about the company’s products and services to others and serves as a point of contact for prospective and existing clients. These candidates are responsible for establishing and developing relationships with suppliers, consumers, and other business partners to improve and expand the company.

The candidates holding the Business Development Manager position will discover new business prospects to generate more profitability and revenue and help with expanding the company. These candidates’ duties may comprise careful strategic positioning and planning in the right markets or improving the business’s reputation, position, or functioning, in a particular form. They can play a single position in the business or supervise a group of employees. Their work usually touches many areas of the company.

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