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Buying Cakes From Walmart Bakery (Full Guide)

buying cakes from walmart bakery

So many occasions these days call for a great cake, whether it is a sheet cake for a graduation party, a fun-themed cake for a kid’s party, or even a tiered beauty for a loved one’s wedding! With Walmart being the largest company in the world, they stock pretty much everything your heart desires! When it comes to cakes, it’s no different! They’ve got you covered in the bakery department!

Want to learn more about Buying Cakes From Walmart Bakery? Then let’s get started with a look at…

The Bakery Department At Walmart

The Bakery Department At Walmart

…is overflowing with cookies, muffins, loaves of bread, and dinner rolls. Plus a great selection of simple or decorated cakes and cupcakes. You can pop in and buy something ready to go. However, if you want something a little more special or personally customized, then the Walmart bakery can do this for you.

The Customization Of Your Cake

The Customization Of Your Cake

There are two ways to go about this. Firstly, you can head to your local Walmart (most Americans are within a 5-mile radius of one) and talk to the bakery associates about creating your cake. Or there’s the ever-convenient option to shop online for those who prefer it. Plus, online, you can see every single design of cake available, and oh boy, is there a lot!

There are three types of fully customizable cakes; these include sheet cakes, round cakes, and cupcakes. These all come in a range of sizes, from six cupcakes that serve six people right up to a full-size sheet cake that can serve 96 people!

Whatever you want!

The super fun thing about opting for a fully customizable cake is that you get to choose everything! From the color and type of frosting, any embellishments including icing roses or balloons, sprinkles or sanding sugar, and colorful, frosted borders as well!

Not to mention the flavor of the cake. Did you know that there are two delicious fillings you can pick as well? For the pre-existing designs, you also get to choose everything that goes along with them aside from the design itself! This includes the size, flavor, and filling, plus any handwritten note that you’d like.

Cake Types At Walmart

Let’s take a look at the different styles of cake.

Sheet Cakes

Sheet Cakes

The mighty Walmart sheet cake – The sheet cake is rectangular and comes in four different sizes. You can see the basic price for each size plus the number of servings:

  • ⅛ – 12 servings – $10.98
  • ¼ – 24 servings – $19.96
  • ½ – 48 servings – $29.98
  • Full – 96 servings – $42.98

It’s the biggest of the lot, so if you are feeding the masses, this is a great option as it is big, tasty, and will feed many! 

Round Cakes 

Moving on to the round option. These are great classic-style cakes with the added bonus of being able to have more than one tier, depending on the look you want or how many people you need to feed. 

  • 6” – 12 servings – $9.98 
  • 8” – 16 servings – $12.98
  • 10” – 24 servings – $29.98

Many of the pre-designed cakes are a 10” cake with a 6” on top and are priced accordingly. Although Walmart doesn’t currently have a tiered option available to order online. However, if you head to your local Walmart store and talk to the team in the bakery, they would be more than happy to help you design the perfect cake!



Last but definitely not least is the customizable cupcakes. The base price for frosting, decorations, and a message is:

  • 6 pieces – $4.48 
  • 12 pieces – $7.68
  • 24 pieces – $13.28

Want to know a really cool thing about cupcakes?

You can either have them as individual little cakes, or they can be made into one big cupcake cake! It will look like a big cake, as the frosting will cover them and connect each cupcake together. However, when it’s time to eat, it’s super fun and easy to pull off your very own cupcake! No cutting required! It’s a bit like a 2-in-1 style cake, the best of both worlds!

Cookie Cakes

A unique little addition to the cakes on offer are Chocolate Candy Cookie and Chocolate Chunk Cookie cakes! These are 10.5 x 10.5-inch square cookie cakes with some customizable icing decorations. You get to decide the color and style of the border and if you want to add any flowers, balloons, or sprinkle embellishments.

Cake Flavors And Fillings

Cake Flavors And Fillings

There are three different flavors to choose from, Chocolate, White, and Yellow. Walmart cakes actually have two layers, and you can mix up the flavor of each! Get creative with some half/half combinations, and you can even decide which flavor you’d prefer to be on the top or bottom.

That’s pretty awesome!

Want to add extra flavor to your personalized cake? That’s easy; simply add a filling. It’ll cost another $3.00 to do so, no matter the size of cake or cupcakes you are buying. Two tasty choices will be in the middle of the two cake layers – either Strawberry or Bavarian Creme, which is delicious thick vanilla custard. 

Frosting, Colours, And Extras

You have a choice of two styles of frosting for your cake. The first is buttercream, which is rich and creamy with a thick texture. Whereas whipped is light and fluffy with much more of a delicate texture compared to the buttercream. 

The whipped frosting comes with 11 color choices which are:

  • White
  • Light Pink
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Light Blue
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Brown Chocolate 

While the buttercream has 15 choices, the above 11 as well as:

  • Bright Green
  • Teal
  • Black
  • Grey 

As for the design element, you can decide to decorate your cake with colored icing borders in the same colors as mentioned above, either shells or beads for the top and/or bottom border designs, (or nothing at all), plus some awesome icing flowers or balloons. 

The 7 different flower designs include:

  • Daisies
  • Roses
  • Closed Mums
  • Open Mums
  • Tropical Flowers
  • Buttons Roses
  • Rosettes

Sprinkles galore!

Lastly, you can embellish your cake with four types of sprinkles (long sprinkles, nonpareils, quins, sanding sugar) in a range of colors, including a fun bright or pastel multi-color. If you decide to go with the sheet, round, or cookie cake, you can include a message of up to 50 characters that will be handwritten on your cake. The cupcakes allow for 25.

Buying Cakes From Walmart Bakery – How Much Notice Should I Give?

You’ll want to give a few days’ notice for customized cakes. This allows the bakers plenty of time to decorate the cake to perfection! To be honest, the longer, the better. We suggest giving the bakery at least three to five days’ notice for small to medium cakes, although they can be ordered with just 24 hours notice. 

If you are getting your wedding cake or something fairly large and detailed, we highly suggest ordering with a minimum of two and three weeks’ notice. This allows the team plenty of time to chat with you about the specifics and get everything exactly how you want it.

What Themed Cakes Can You Buy At Walmart?

What Themed Cakes Can You Buy At Walmart?

Licensed themes

Walmart offers a HUGE range of character cakes from Disney, Sony Pics, Nickelodeon, and more. These are great for kids’ birthdays and special occasions, as well as those of us who are big kids at heart! 

Some of the 25 licensed designs include:

Then there are countless other designs for kids and adults. Plus, particular types of celebrations like engagementsweddingsbirthdays, and gender reveals.

Smash Cake For Baby’s First Birthday!

Smash Cake For Baby's First Birthday!

Walmart also does a very cool thing for a baby’s birthday… Smash cakes have become a rite of passage for babies celebrating their first birthday. Getting to smoosh cake between their fingers and explore the inside of it with their fists or even faces is beyond fun!

Walmart is totally behind the tradition!

Simply order your 1-year-old birthday cake to the value of $14.98 or more, and they will include a free mini version of the custom or signature design. Perfect for little ones to get stuck into on their big day without compromising the integrity of the big cake!

Does Walmart Make Allergen-Free Cakes?

Does Walmart Make Allergen-Free Cakes?

It’s unfortunate, but currently, Walmart does not offer any allergy-free options like gluten or dairy-free for their cakes. According to Walmart’s website, each cake, no matter the style, flavor, or design, contains milk, coconut, eggs, wheat & soy.

Nuts and other allergens…

Also, each cake may have come into contact with or may contain peanuts, eggs, soy, tree nuts, sesame, wheat, dairy products, fish, and/or shellfish. Even if these are not listed on the ingredient label, it’s crucial to be aware that cakes from the bakery may have come in contact with these ingredients.

So if you or someone you know has an allergy to any of these listed items, that’s something to take into consideration when arranging their special cake. 

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Buying Cakes From Walmart Bakery – Final Thoughts 

No matter what the occasion, you simply can’t go wrong with Walmart’s fully customizable options for sheet, round, cookie cakes, and cupcakes. 

They are tasty and fun, with countless designs, colors, and customizable features. With prices starting under $5, right up to $163, for a stunning wedding cake. There really is something for everyone to be found (or created) with the customized cake service at Walmart bakery.

Congratulations, and enjoy your delicious cake from Walmart!

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