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Call Center Representative Job Description

the call center representative job description

Call Center Representatives work as callers and assist different customers. They are responsible to resolve customer queries regarding various products and services the organization offers. The representatives also handle customer complaints and brief them about the policies within the organization telephonically. They also understand the customer requirements and provide appropriate solutions accordingly.

call center representative job description

Job Description – Call Center Representative

Candidates who apply for the position of call center representative should demonstrate a polite and friendly attitude when they deal with customers. They are responsible to provide excellent customer service by answering all queries of the customers systematically. The representatives are also responsible to escalate customer complaints and troubleshoot different issues to the management of the organization. Call center representatives must be comfortable handling a high volume of calls efficiently. They should also create a positive experience for every caller. They should be active listeners to provide a decent solution to all customers.

Skills Required – Call Center Representative

  • They should be quick and responsive towards customers.
  • They should also be active listeners.
  • The representatives also require excellent customer service skills to handle customers.
  • They should also be updated with knowledge of products and services.
  • They should also be polite and friendly towards the customers.
  • The representatives should also adapt to a fast-changing environment.
  • They should also be reliable employees.
  • They should also develop a good rapport with customers.
  • The representatives should also use their problem-solving skills to resolve customer queries effectively.
  • They should also handle each customer with a positive attitude.

Job Responsibilities – Call Center Representative

  • They answer the calls of different customers.
  • They also call customers to understand their requirements in a better way.
  • The representatives also handle customer complaints and issues related to various products and services effectively.
  • They also provide quick and accurate solutions to all customer problems or queries.
  • They also provide valuable support to clients.
  • The representatives can also handle angry customers efficiently by using a polite and positive approach.
  • They are also responsible to build a long-term and sound customer base for the organization.
  • They also build a trust factor for different customers.
  • The representatives should also have complete knowledge about databases, software, and different tools.
  • They should also be consistent in providing customer service in the best possible way.

Job Requirements – Call Center Representative

  • They need a high school diploma for this role.
  • They should also have a good educational qualification and relevant experience in the same field.
  • The representatives should always answer phone calls in a professional tone.
  • They should also have basic computer literacy and knowledge about CRM software.
  • They should also ask appropriate questions to diffuse tough and tricky situations.
  • The representatives should also have strong time management skills.
  • They should also have strong decision-making skills.
  • They should also adapt well to the environment.
  • Fluency in multiple languages is also an added advantage.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What does a call center representative do?

Ans. A call center representative handles customer inquiries related to various products and services offered by the organization. They make appropriate recommendations for selling products and services telephonically. It is their responsibility to ensure a positive experience gets created for each caller.

2 List down various skills a call center representative requires?


  • Ensures every customer feels valued.
  • Follows all policies and processes to deal with customers.
  • Demonstrates active listening skills.
  • Focuses on providing quick and effective solutions to resolve each problem.
  • Adapts well to a rapidly changing business environment.
  • Creates a positive experience for each caller.
  • Uses professional, polite, and friendly tone to speak to customers.
  • Ensures angry customers become happy ones once again.
  • Builds a loyal customers base.
  • They should be fluent in various languages.

3 Can employers customize the job description of a call center representative?

Ans. Customers are the most important aspect of any business. As per the relevant business requirement, employers can customize job descriptions for a call center representative. This helps call center representatives to understand the expectations of the organization from any employee working in this role.

4 From where do employers recruit call center representatives?

Ans. This is an entry-level position, employers advertise about this role on free job sites, the career page of their official website, they also hire call center representatives through the employee referral scheme within the organization. The call center representative can develop making skills by receiving on-the-job training for this position.

5 Why is it important for a call center representative to be adaptable and flexible for this role?

Ans. Many customer service teams work on a 24*7 framework. Therefore, call center representatives should be open to work rotational shifts and adapt to a flexible work schedule. Exceptional call center representatives get many growth opportunities within the organization during their tenure.

6 How does a call center representative handle angry customers?

Ans. They should use their active listening skills and a polite attitude to deal with angry customers. They should always empathize with angry customers so that they can resolve their queries quickly and efficiently. Dealing with such customers helps to increase customer satisfaction in the long run and thus enhances the customer base.

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