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Can a 15-year-old Work at a Clothing Store?

Can a 15-year-old Work at a Clothing Store

Have you finished school early and are looking for a job?

Most people assume that you have to be 16 or over to work in a clothing store, but this is actually not the case. However, be aware that you may have to obtain a work permit first before you begin your job search, depending on your state’s laws.

Working at a young age has great benefits such as financial freedom, independence, and work experience for the future.

Therefore to answer the question, “Can a 15-year-old Work at a Clothing Store?”, it’s a… yes, although the difficulty is knowing which stores will hire you? Depending on where you live, it is likely that smaller independent shops will hire someone underage compared to mainstream stores, which have a strict job policy and rules to consider.

Fashion stores such as Zara and Macys require you to be 18 years old. Although in some states, this may differ, so do not be put off asking in your local store if it’s the place you would like to work.

can a 15 year old work at a clothing store

Minors in Employment

A minor is someone under the age of 18 and is still under the care of a parent or guardian. The FSLA (Fair Labor Standards Act) laws split minors into two categories;

  • 14-15-year-olds
  • 16-17-year-olds

Laws decide the types of jobs minors can work and determine how many hours they are permitted to work. The minimum age of employment is 14; if any companies hire children under 14, they will face fines and even a prison sentence.

When a minor is employed, their information must be stated on a certificate and proof that they can work.

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Which Stores Will Hire Me?

Good question! Several stores hire 15-year-olds, and these include some national chains and well-known names!

Forever 21

Forever 21 has been known to hire minors. It is an excellent opportunity for people interested in fashion and trends. They have over 600 stores in the US and are the go-to store for fashion, new trends and sell clothes for both men and women.

If you need some guidance, then it’s worth taking a look at my Forever 21 Application and the Forever 21 Interview Questions you are likely to be asked.


Hollister may employ someone younger than 16 with a work permit. Their website, however, states 16 and over; therefore, it is best to ask at your local store.

can a 15 year old work at clothing store


Although Kroger is a supermarket, it sells clothes and accessories; 15-year-olds can work in the store and perhaps request to join the clothing and accessories department.

These are just some suggestions of mainstream stores. However, as previously stated, do not be put off by stopping in at some independent stores and boutiques in your area. These may be more likely to hire someone underage with a work permit.

How To Get a Job at 15-years-old?

Turning up to a store will probably be more beneficial than filling in an online application. Dress appropriately and approach a manager with confidence. Explain your reasons you would like a job in that specific store and be clear to inform them of your age.

They will be able to give you an idea of whether or not you are eligible to work in that store, and if they like you, they may even put in an excellent word to HR!

You should not disregard paper resumes! Although most places hire people online, it will not harm to turn up, resume in hand, and pass it over after a conversation with a manager.

Other Jobs for 15-year-olds

Do not fret if you cannot get a job in a clothing store; here’s why…

There are plenty more employment opportunities. If the clothing store you want to work at begins hiring at 16, why not gain experience in another field and apply a year later! The following jobs include self-employment, hospitality, and general work. You can find work on websites such as Indeed and Snagajob.


Many fashion bloggers and Instagram influencers started at a young age posting their daily outfits. If you are computer savvy and enjoy writing and taking pictures, blogging could be for you! If your blog takes off, you can make money through advertisements and sponsorship.


Babysitting is a great way to earn some extra money. You must be responsible and enjoy being around children. You may be lucky and only have to stay at home while the children sleep and parents are out, or you may have to do other tasks such as playing, cooking dinner, and bathing children.

can a 15 year old work at clothing stores

Car Washer

If you are on good terms with your neighbors, a great way to earn a little extra money is by offering to wash their cars. You may also benefit from setting your salary and hours.


Fancy some free food on your shift? McDonald’s hires 15-year-olds for different roles; they even hire for nightshift if it suits you better. You must have good communication skills and be committed to working in a fast-paced environment. Even as a 15-year-old member of staff, you can earn up to $13 per hour.

Little Caesars

Little Caesars hires younger staff too! Perks of this job are meal discounts and advancement opportunities to work your way up to supervisor and manager roles. This job requires you to be confident and friendly while serving customers.

can a 15 year old work at the clothing store

Dairy Queen

The well-known ice cream chain Dairy Queen hires people who are 15 and over. It may be an excellent starter job if you are interested in food service. Cashiers are required to handle money and greet customers. They must have excellent communication skills and are required to stand for long periods.


A lifeguard is required to be vigilant and watch people closely. Lifeguarding may be more suited to a strong swimmer and someone who enjoys being in the water. If you have the necessary skills, it is a great option for a school leaver, and the salary is usually above average.

Theme Park Assistant

Another great opportunity and exciting job for a youngster is working in a theme park. Theme park operators work with the mechanical equipment and ensure guests have a wonderful experience.

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Final Thoughts

All these job options are available to you. As a 15-year-old, you will likely face more challenges than most. However, once you find employment, it opens up a window of opportunities for your future. Whether you wish to pursue a career in retail, hospitality, or, business starting young is a great way to build confidence and meet new people.

All the very best with your career.

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