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Can A Felon Adopt A Child?

Can A Felon Adopt A Child

A felon’s ability when adopting a child is often questioned. The responsibility of raising a child is immense. People often mistrust a person who has been guilty of a felony. Nurturing a child is one of the purest things on earth.

People often go through some doubts and confusion before entrusting a felon with the responsibilities of a child.

Adopting A Child

Now the most important question is can a felon adopt a child. It usually depends on the number of felonies committed by the felon, the intensity of the felonies, and whether or not the felon has been punished by the court of law for his felonies. If the felon had committed crimes or felonies against children, then the answer is no.

The following felonies prohibit a felon from adopting a child:

  • Child abuse
  • Spousal abuse
  • Neglecting a child
  • Any crime against children

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This also includes involvement in:

  • Child pornography
  • Any kind of sexual abuse
  • Rape
  • Homicide

If a felon is guilty of the aforementioned felonies, then they are not eligible to adopt a child. Bringing up a child is one of the most beautiful things. A person who has earlier committed a crime against a child or woman can never be trusted with the responsibilities of a child.

The requirements for the adoption of a child by a felon also depends from one state to another. It also differs from one region to another. Each region or state has its different rules and regulations regarding the adoption of a child by a felon. A child is like clay which takes the shape according to your will. The authorities must ensure that the child does not go into the wrong hands.

Adoption Criteria

There are several criteria’s that a felon has to fulfill before being completely entrusted with the responsibilities of a child. One of the primary things that are looked for before giving a felon the responsibilities of a child is how long ago the felon had committed a felony.

If it is found that the felonies are recent, then the possibility of giving a child to the felon becomes less. One of the main things that are taken into consideration is whether or not the person guilty of a felony is financially stable to nurture a child.

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As a felon, the opportunities to explore both financially and professionally becomes less for a person. Hence, before giving him a child the authorities check whether he is financially able and strong to nurture a child.

Type Of Felonies

A child is like a ray of hope in one’s life. This is why felons who have not been found guilty of violence or felonies against children should be given a chance to live their life with positivity and hope. Entrusting a felon with the responsibilities of a child will help him to live with a positive outlook towards life.

It will also help to ensure or decrease the possibilities of that person committing a felony again or repeating any of his felonies in the future. For that to happen however a thorough investigation should be made to ensure that the future of the child is in safe hands.

Adoption Procedure

1 A face to face interaction and conversation is held between the felon and the child to see if the child can bond with the felon or not.

2 The authority also conducts medical examinations to find out whether the felon is physically fit and can put in the right effort to nurture a child. Emphasis is made on the mental stability of the felon.

3 Some tests like a personality test are conducted to find out whether the felon is mentally stable to take on the responsibilities of a child.

The agency takes on more responsibilities to ensure the child is safe.

1 Monitoring

In some cases, even if it is found that the felon is legally able to adopt a child, the adoption agency still declines to adoption. This is because the adoption agency has to safeguard its reputation and image. People may not trust the agency if they are found guilty of handing over a child to an irresponsible felon. This is why they take no risks when processing the adoption.

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Even if the agency trusts a felon with a child, they continuously keep a watch on the felon’s activities. Sometimes they stay in touch with the felon and the child to ensure that the home in which the child is placed is safe. The agency also conducts some sessions to ensure that the temperament, maturity, and emotional balance of both the child and the felon is healthy.

2 Home Environment

Once that is done, the agency also checks whether the home in which the child is placed is good for the child to stay. It checks whether the environment of and around the home is safe and healthy for the child. It also checks the ability of the felon to take care of a child. The felon needs to discuss the plans for the child in terms of education, marriage, etc. with the agency. If the plans are found practical, the agency goes ahead and gives the responsibilities of a child to the felon.

3 Psychological Evaluation

Sometimes, the agencies conduct sessions with the felon to ensure that he is psychologically fine to adopt a child. The bonding between the felon and the child is also evaluated. Many times the agencies while running the background investigation, speak with at least two responsible persons who know the felon in person and can give information about him before allowing the felon to adopt a child.

If it is found that it is worthwhile for the person who has committed a felony to adopt a child then, the agency goes ahead to permit the felon to adopt a child.


Every person should be given a chance to live his life in an optimistic and hopeful way. A child brings the biggest hope in life. This is why if after all the background investigation is complete the adoption process is complete. The background check includes:

  • Cross-checking the felon’s character
  • Determining whether the felon is financially stable to adopt a child
  • Checking whether the atmosphere of and around the home of the child is safe
  • Finding out whether the child and felon can bond with each other

If the felon is found to be capable of adopting a child then the adoption agency allows the felon to take on the responsibilities of the child. As discussed previously, this is approved if the felon was not convicted of violence against children or has not been involved in any kind of sexual, spousal, or child abuse.

Involvement in child pornography can also hinder a felon’s ability to adopt a child. If the felon clears all the tests and requirements, then the adoption process is approved. A child can bring a felon to the right path in life and eliminate all his worries. This enables the felon to live a happy and prosperous life.

Once a felon takes the right step in life, there are many positives changes that happen. Accepting these changes and moving forward is something a felon should do. Adopting a child can change a persons life and this is why felons look forward to do it.

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