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Can A Felon Become a Bail Bondsman?

Felons face many challenges to secure a good job and it becomes difficult for them to return to society. Various resources are also available to support them to find a job. The question here is felons are willing to learn a new trait or profession.

can felon become a bail bondsman

The article addresses felons can become bail bondsmen.

  • What is The Role of a Bail Bondsman?
  • Education and Training for Bail Bondsman
  • Earnings for a Bail Bondsman
  • Career Opportunity for Felons
  • Support Felons to Become a Bail Bondsman

What is The Role of a Bail Bondsman?

  • A Bail Bondsman is a person who puts personal assets to underwrite a bail.
  • They bail felons who cannot afford bail.
  • A bondsman also earns a percentage for posting bail.
  • It is a bail bondsman’s duty of finding, arresting, and also returning a felon for a court date.
  • There are different kinds of a bond which a bondsman deals with.
  • One of the most common bonds relates to driving offenses that lead to murder.
  • Bail Bondsmen also act as a guarantor for their client and assures the accused will appear in court on the specified date and time.

can felons become a bail bondsman

  • 10% to 20% of commission is the earning for Bail Bondsman. This gets retrieved from the bail amount.
  • Real estate and properties in the names of felons are also necessary for the bondsman to prepare a strong case.
  • A federal bail gets issued when a felon is charged with a crime.
  • A federal bondsman acts as a guarantor and also ensures that felons comply with court and pre–trial conditions.
  • These conditions also include restricted travel, business activities, and drug testing.
  • Very few bondsmen take cases with federal bonds since they are aware that a defendant doesn’t comply with all court demands.
  • Felons get detained in an immigration detention facility.
  • This requires a bondsman intervention to ensure the accused reaches court on time and doesn’t flee.

Education and Training for Bail Bondsman

1 Bail Bondsman requires a high school diploma.

2 The age requirement with a valid driver’s license is 18 years.

3 All states like Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Illinois have certification programs to become Bail Bondsman.

4 The certification program takes 12 months to complete with an internship under a licensed bondsman.

5 Every felon enrolled in this program must complete all tasks for a bondsman.

6 The training program involves 8 to 20 hours of classroom training to study criminal law and a bail bondsman.

7 To apply and become a certified bail bondsman, the application must have the following details:

    • Name, Age and Address
    • Company’s Name
    • Official Address
    • List of Non – exempt real properties
    • A sound financial statement
    • Declaration of Compliance
    • Recommendation letters from 3 reputed people
    • Fingerprints, passport photo, and filing fee.

can felons become bail bondsman

Earnings for a Bail Bondsman

  • The bail bondsman count is 15,000 as per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • The average salary of a bail bondsman is 30,000 dollars annually.
  • The top-notch bail bondsman earns 80,000 dollars approximately.
  • Geographical location, certification, and also experience with specialization impact these earnings.
  • Bail Bondsman earns higher salaries on the West Coast.

Career Opportunity for Felons

1 Honesty and Integrity plays a critical role for felons to become a bail bondsman.

2 Honesty in filling application for the certification must have all criminal convictions disclosed to process the same smoothly.

3 Non-disclosure of this information leads to a punishable fraud.

4 Felons require legal assistance to resolve their case.

5 Felons can get back to jail.

6 Bail bondsman requires honesty and integrity to follow directions from authoritative figures.

7 Felony record requires to get expunged to open new opportunities for felons.

8 Serious offenses do not get an opportunity to apply for this role.

Support Felons to Become a Bail Bondsman

The family of felons creates a supportive network to encourage felons to become bail bondsmen. This helps them to lead an honest life and achieve their career aspirations. Previous mistakes can have consequences on their past actions. This doesn’t define their character through crime.

Felons can move ahead and prove a good employee to lead an honest life. Families and friends encourage felons to put sincerity and dedication into becoming bail bondsmen. Felons require to complete the following duties for becoming a successful bail bondsman.

can felon become bail bondsman

Patience is an essential attribute for felons to deal with people who want to get out of jail. Making them believe that they shouldn’t be there in the first place. Felons must pay proper attention to every detail in a specific place. Communication and interpersonal skills are necessary to deal with a difficult legal situation.

Felons must understand crimes, laws, and possible punishment in detail. They should have the ability to multitask and prioritize their work. Bail bondsmen serve important public safety and financial service roles. They provide specific funds for bail which allow defendants to come out of prison before a court trial. Bail bondsmen can prepare strong cases for the defense. They can also act as guarantors to ensure they reach court on time and not miss any court date.

Bottom Line

Bail bondsmen need to pass a state licensing program to acquire a valid license for this role. The fees of this exam are between 4200 dollars. Many independent institutions provide this exam to felons. Felons can take multiple attempts to clear the exam. Felons acquire the necessary certificates which state that this exam is completed. They can apply for a state license by submitting appropriate documentation attached with an application form and the state license exam scores must get submitted with the application form along with an application fee.

Felons hold a fair chance to become bail bondsmen with the required certification and training program which are necessary for this job role. They undergo strict background verification checks before they become eligible to apply for this role.

Felons with serious convictions cannot apply for this role. Felons who become bail bondsmen require a clear understanding of crimes, state laws, punishments for each crime. When criminal convictions get expunged, felons hold a better chance to excel in this job role. This helps a felon to establish a successful career. It also helps them get a fresh start.


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